Gilmour Staying or Going?

All-Star Centre Doug Gilmour does not know his fate, but what is the fate of several other Montreal Canadiens?Gilmour will most likely retire, but it would be nice to see him continue his hall of fame career. Even at age 39 he is a better quality of hockey player than half of the players today.

Jose Theodore: Will the Habs have enough money to sign him? The answer to that question is YES, because owner George Gillett Jr. has already told the media on draft day weekend he will supply the money for any deal that seems reasonable.

Saku Koivu: Should the Canadiens of signed him? I think they should have because in this year’s playoffs he still is a powerful offensive force even with cancer.

New Players? Habs captain Koivu has been talking to his fellow countryman Teemu Sellanne on the possibility of him joining the canadiens. If Teemu should sign there is a big possibilty of a 25th Stanley Cup coming home to the Molson Centre and continue the great memories of the great Montreal Forum.

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  1. TC_4 says:

    I became a pretty big Habs fan after seeing them play in the playoffs this season. But they’ll need some more grit, and I think they will attempt to adress that issue. I heard lots of rumors of them trying to trade for the second pick in the draft to get Rick Nash, who is a power forward that they need. They should see if Buffalo would be willing to give up on a Taylor Pyatt. It’s unlikely the Sabres would trade within their division, but Pyatt has a great upside, and would fit the bill of the Habs if he were to realize his great potential.

  2. keon says:

    Sorry, but the Canadians are going to need a lot more than Teemu Selanne to win the Stanley Cup. The Habs overachieved this year, and the heart and soul of the team, Doug Gilmour, is likely going to retire. As much as I respect Saku Koivu, he just isn’t the type of guy that can carry a team like the Gary Roberts and Ron Francis’s of the world. I don’t expect the Habs to be a serious cup contender next season, with or without the Finnish Flash.

    Doug Gilmour, what a guy. I have been a huge fan of Killer since 1993 when he was captain of the Leafs. I have the utmost admiration and respect for him, and if he decides that this is the time to hang up the skates, I say congratulations on an all-star, hall of fame career. Hopefully he doesn’t retire, because there are few NHL players with the same fire and passion for the game that Gilmour has…today’s NHL youth should admire him. He’s an all around class guy and I wish him all the best.

  3. omnipotence says:

    You’re really hoping for Teemu, since you’ve posted this before. But, you are not being objective enough. Teemu has said he wants to stay on the West Coast, San Jose has been successful, and it would take alot of money to convince him to move away from home to Montreal. The problem, of course, is that Montreal is not going to spend the money to pry him away. I like Montreal, but this is just not going to happen.

  4. habs_88_4life says:

    Saku Koivu and Teemu are both from Finland and Teemu had said it would be nice to play on the same team or line as Saku. As for the money, this is not the same hab team from 2 years ago when Molson owned the team and wouldn’t aquire any big name free agenta. They have the money and will spend it.

  5. Malurous says:

    “I’m at the point of my career where there are more priorities than money.” -T.Selänne

    That could be just talk, but knowing what kind of a person he is, he might very well be sincere here. He reportedly wants 3 things from the team he signs with:

    1) A chance to win the cup

    2) Close enought to his home so he doesn’t have to move

    3) Old friends

    And as most rumors either keep him in SJ or move him to MON, some are moving him to LA or CHI too. So about these places:

    San Jose seems to offer all of these, maybe least the friends, but anyway. Still, the way Sutter treated him better in the end of the last season could just be a trick to lure him to stay. Will he take that chance?

    Montreal offers Saku as a friend, as well as a chance of winning in the near future. However, he’d have to move.

    Chicago would reunite the once-feared trio of Selänne, Zhamnov and Housley, but the winning chance is questionable at best. He’d have to move, too.

    Los Angeles reportedly is very interested in the Finnish Flash. They offer a place that is actually closer to his home than SJ and a team that could win in the near future, too. But both Palffy and Deadmarsh are natural right wings, would that put Selänne in the same situation as with Nolan in SJ?

  6. fishlikeme says:

    The Canadiens need to toughen up a bit. They need to go after a couple free agents like Tie Domi, Jason Strudwick, Garry Valk, Luke Richardson, Randy McKay, Kasparaitis, Holik, Fleury, Guerin. Just some suggestions. And how about Cassels. He’s not tough but he started his career in Montreal I believe.

  7. omnipotence says:

    Just because Teemu said he would like to play with Koivu again, does that really mean he would move from a contender in his hometown? Moreover, where has all the money been spent? They haven’t even signed their award-winning goalie, yet. He made a huge difference for the team. That would be my concern more than a good wing. I am not sure where this rumor came from, but it is funny, and people are eating it up!

  8. Varada25 says:

    Doug Gilmour is still trying to chase down that Darius Kasparitius. He couldnt even keep up with him and the only fighting he would do is kneeing. That was dirty to do and Theodore deserved to lose his head for going all the way out to the blueline to play the puck. The goalie should stay in his crease, or be treated like an extra defensemen.

  9. Habfan1234 says:

    If Montreal signs Teemu in the upcomming week then I will be very surprised. They should sign Theo first, just give him what he wants. He is the Montreal Canadiens. The should also try to shore up their D by obtaining a solid stay-at-home D-men. A few that come to mind are Phillipe Boucher, Scott Lachance, and Luke Richardson. They should also trade Berezin, Bulis, Robidas, Bouillion, and Traverse for players or draft picks in next years deep draft. Montreal also has a couple of players within the orginization that can step up. They are Marcel Hossa (he was playing very well in his first call-up before being injured) and Ron Hainsey (a very good offensive defensemen).

  10. habs_88_4life says:

    They don’t want Domi, he is the best renowned cheapshot artist in the league.

  11. habs_88_4life says:

    We will see.

  12. habs_88_4life says:

    That wasn’t Kasparitus, it was Vaclav Varada.

  13. Stanajax says:

    Yeah, this Czech is a piece of shit. Such guys (Varada, Marchment) are the shame of the league.

  14. Stanajax says:

    Lachance won’t be back. He wasn’t that good during his first stay in Montréal. Komisarek, last year’s 1st pick, might also play next year.

    Richardson or Boucher : I would be surprised cos there are already too many D-men, and Hainsey and Komi are coming, two big guys….

    The only UFAs that might come are Selanne (a not so bad chance) and Holik (almost no chance to see him wear a Habs jersey).

    Then, sign Theo, get rid of Berezin and co, maybe even Hackett (he deserves to be a starter) and the team will be ready.

  15. Malurous says:

    Hackett deserves to be a starter? Where? In the AHL? This is the year 2002 we’re living…

  16. habs_88_4life says:

    Most likely Boucher will sign with the Habs because it is his home town.

  17. Stanajax says:

    Hackett is a lot better than a few starters in the NHL : Cloutier, Denis, Thibault, Shields, Hnilicka, Osgood, Dunham, Turek, Dafoe (much overrated!!!)….

    The guy has shoulder problems as Richter has with his knees. But, like Richter, he’s a very good goaltender when healthy. And I think his last operation will end his problems.

  18. Ghost_of_the_Forums says:

    pffttttt that honour was Ulf Samuelson’s

    but I think it belongs to Darius Kasparaitis

    Domi don’t cheapshot and he sure doesn’t turtle and he has been given the chance to turn into an all around player.

  19. Ghost_of_the_Forums says:

    you should go to the Canadiens website and look at the players roster a little closer.

    Montreal is a little deeper than you give them credit

    and I liked Davey Keon back then

  20. habs_88_4life says:

    Denis, Osgood, Dunham and Turek are much better goalies than Hackett he is gonna just be an AHL starter.

  21. revolution says:

    You shouldn’t forget that Hackett roomed with Theodore when he wasn’t injured, and basically became a mentor to Theodore. Also, the year the Habs got Hackett from Chicago, Hackett was unbelievable in net and kept in a lot of close games.

    I say that Hackett (if he’s healthy), will get action in about 20 games with the Habs this year, because Theodore will probably end up in a training camp and maybe start of year holdout.

  22. Malurous says:

    All you say is true. He WAS one of the NHL’s best and most dominant goalies, even though his team was losing. But now he’s just a good backup. The point is, he couldn’t be a starter. Except maybe for the Bruins, if they are planning to go with Shields, another good backup.

  23. Malurous says:

    Cloutier, Thibault, Osgood, Dunham, Turek, Dafoe are all better. Denis could be next year, we really haven’t seen all of him yet. Denis and Shields haven’t been starters yet. I figure he is about Hnilicka’s level, maybe…

  24. revolution says:

    Yeah, what I intended to say was that hackett won’t be in the AHL this year.. Because if the habs want to dump his contract, they probably won’t find any takers if he’s in the AHL. It kinda reminds of the Fiset situation in L.A except that Hackett still has the skills to be a good backup, while fiset doesn’t.

  25. revolution says:

    Dan Cloutier has struggled mightily with the Canucks in the past few years, especially when it matters the most: the playoffs. He played well when Vancouver was ahead of Detroit in the series, then he started reverting to what he was in the late 90’s, an underachiever who let in too many weak goals.

    I don’t understand why Brian Burke (Canucks GM), won’t get another starting goalie.

  26. revolution says:

    well, he just signed with the Stars. If the habs are going to make a move, they gotta do it now, before selanne, cassels, mckay are signed by other teams.. they got all summer to sign Theodore, not that long for selanne, especially since the Bruins just tossed a 7.5 million per year contract at selanne.

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