Gilmour Staying or Going?

All-Star Centre Doug Gilmour does not know his fate, but what is the fate of several other Montreal Canadiens?Gilmour will most likely retire, but it would be nice to see him continue his hall of fame career. Even at age 39 he is a better quality of hockey player than half of the players today.

Jose Theodore: Will the Habs have enough money to sign him? The answer to that question is YES, because owner George Gillett Jr. has already told the media on draft day weekend he will supply the money for any deal that seems reasonable.

Saku Koivu: Should the Canadiens of signed him? I think they should have because in this year’s playoffs he still is a powerful offensive force even with cancer.

New Players? Habs captain Koivu has been talking to his fellow countryman Teemu Sellanne on the possibility of him joining the canadiens. If Teemu should sign there is a big possibilty of a 25th Stanley Cup coming home to the Molson Centre and continue the great memories of the great Montreal Forum.