Give Pronger 30 games

For God’s sake! If I’m the one complaining for a longer suspension, the guy should be kicked out of the league.
Why does the NHL feel the need to coddle its superstars? Chris Simon got 25 games for stepping on Jarko Ruutu’s foot. Chris Pronger got 8 for stamping on Ryan Kesler’s leg. It was a much worse hit, it was a much more obvious intent. Some will argue that Chris Simon is a repeat offender, but so is Chris Pronger. This will be Chris Pronger’s 8th suspension, next to Chris Simon, he has the most among active NHL players, and lets face it, if he wasn’t Chris Pronger, he’d have a few more.

This is a situation in a year where Chris Simon got 25 games. Where Kevin Bieksa’s career was nearly ended after someone tripped on his leg, and cut him in the wrong place. Where Richard Zednik was nearly killed in accident with a blade. I am the first to stick up for a tough guy, and demand a suspension be shortened, but this is an on ice attack with a blade. If this were anyone else, there’d be people complaining that he was even allowed to play hockey anymore. If this was, for example, Geroges Laraque, or Donald Brashear, or Cam Jansenn, or any of the NHL’s other top tough guys, he’d be kicked out for the season, and then some.

Now, let’s look at the history of poor NHL decisions. Does anyone remember right after the lockout? The NHL was still adjusting to the new rules. In the span of a week, Steve Yzerman and Pat Quinn both criticized the new rules, and how they changed the game. Quinn was fined, Yzerman was not.

Shortly after, Shane Doan instigated a fight with less than five minutes to go in the game. To avoid suspending Doan, the Coyotes captain, and fining Gretzky, the NHL went so far as to change the rule for Gretzky.

Then look at even this year. Dean McAmmoned is clobbered by Steve Downie. I personally loved the hit. The NHL would have too… if it was Scott Stevens. As Bobby Clarke said earlier in the year, when Stevens threw a hit like that, he was praised for it. TSN would make a new top 10 Stevens hit list. Downie was suspended.

What about shoving the ref? Andrei Markov got two games for it. Superstar Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin got nothing for the same offense. Why? Because Andrei Markov isn’t a terribly big name, and Mats Sundin is the ten year captain of the biggest market in hockey.

And let’s not pretend that no one in the league as thrown hits similar to what the five Flyers suspended this year have.

It’s unbelievable. It’s starting to look like the NHL suspends based on name, and not offense.

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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    Ya, Burke's got pictures of Campbell's wife or something! LOL!

  2. TML51 says:

    It shouldn't matter who the player is…the bottom line is that he INTENDED to stomp on his leg.

    Pronger should have got the same amount of games suspended as Simon.  A precedent was set, and the NHL should stick to it.  The replay clearly shows Pronger's intent to injure. 

    The NHL needs to make a "intent to injure rule", and start it off at 25 games (as that was the precedent set in the Simon suspension).  It should then be further judged on severity, and injury to the other player.  (eg if it were a a severe cut to the leg which required surgery and rehabilitation, it would automatically start at 25 games, then could be increased as the severity and rehab times are better assessed.  The suspension could carry a maximum one year, 82 game penalty, and then the player could face ejection from the leauge for repeated offences.)

    Just a thought.

  3. FlamingHomer says:

    I would have to say that I like that even better than my original idea. Mention it to Gary next time you see him, would you?

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    but you have no problem awarding a point and thus leaving NHL results in the hands of a shootout???

  5. BruMagnus says:

    No, because that is solely in the hands of the players, not idiot League officials.
    If your not good enough to win in regulation or OT and then still in the shootout, you should shut your yap because your team sucks.
    And face it, even a team like Edmonton who owns the entire NHL in shootouts isn't even a playoff team.

  6. senators101 says:

    One huge problem with that.  Some eastern teams play a western team once per year.  I'm not sure how many times Anaheim plays Tampa Bay per year.  You've got a team that is obviously in the playoffs vs. a team that has no hope.  Pronger stomps on some guys leg.  If he's suspended only against that team, he misses nothing until the next year if that.

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