Glen Sather steals show at Winter Classic press conference with Stanley Cup &#03

We all already knew that the Rangers and Flyers were going to play outdoors in Philadelphia in January, which made this afternoon’s press conference at Citizens Bank Park a little bit anticlimactic. Until, that is, Glen Sather spoke.

The Rangers’ president and general manager does not speak publicly often, which is a shame, because when he does, it’s usually engaging and entertaining stuff. Today, he jabbed at the Philadelphia fans from the Winter Classic podium, guaranteeing a Blueshirts win on Jan. 2, a Stanley Cup win for the Rangers and a Yankees victory in the World Series, all to get boos. Then he had a little back-and-forth with Flyers chairman Ed Snider about who “kicked the hell” out of whom en route to Stanley Cups – Sather’s Oilers did it to the Flyers, but the Flyers did it to the Rangers.

Off stage, in speaking with the press, Sather remained lively, and was reassuring about the condition of Marc Staal, saying that he expects the All-Star defenseman to be ready for the season opener in Stockholm on Oct. 7.

“Marc practiced yesterday, he looked great and his conditioning is terrific,” Sather said. “I think he’s tested, in every (conditioning) test that we have, he’s been one of the top guys in the organization. I’m not concerned about that at all. (He’ll join the team in Europe) probably Thursday or Friday.”

Sather also suggested that Staal’s headaches may be related to something other than the concussion he suffered in February, saying, “There are a lot of things that cause headaches. You can have a migraine, you can have a slipped disc, you can have pulled muscles, you can have a hundred different things. Trying to diagnose exactly whether it’s a concussion or something else that’s bothering a player, that’s what you really have to find out first. That’s been complicated. He’s had MRIs, X-rays, examinations by different people, and (the headaches) come and go.”

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