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Domino effect, coaches get canned, will Trottier be next?

My view on the 30 teams in the NHL as teams are approaching mid-way (alphabetically: Team A through C).

Senators to trade players with the Rangers?

Some hockey history to share.It’s a domino effect out there! From Gilbert, to Sutter, then Hartley, and the expected firing of Fraser. I would like to point out the reasons why those coaches were fired, and the reason why Bryan Trottier would get fired.

The Calagary Flames had to fire Head Coach Gilbert, it was a move that had to be done. No reason to mention GM Button’s name, he has a pretty decent team on the ice…and a good Coach needs to prove it is a decent team on the scoreboard. Darryl Sutter was a great choice for this squad.

Speaking of which, Darryl Sutter must be disgusted with the Sharks organization. It’s not his fault that he did not have Brad Stuart and Nabokov on the roster at the start of the season. Man-o-man, what ever happened to those Nabokov trade rumors? Anyway, GM Lombardi himself knows whose fault it was…when he looks in the mirror!!!

Losing two key role players for a solid young defenseman just doesn’t cut it. Sure, both teams got what they wanted, but GM Lecroix took away Chris Drury and Stephane Yelle from Bob Hartley. I mean, that is taking away two players who play with heart, and who are key players in the playoffs. Would Derek Morris be as valuable come playoff time? No way! Tony Granato appears to be a solid coach, for now, and it has been said that some players were glad to see Hartley go. Whether that’s true or not, it’s a shame that nowadays players do not respect their coaches as much as in the past.

Dafoe who? Goaltending needed? Not what should have been the first task on Waddell’s ‘to do list’. Sure, it’s not a loss financially, acquiring Dafoe for $1.25M is almost a steal, however…Passi Nurminen is a solid starter in the making. Stats prove so! Dafoe was not as needed as a defenseman. Give a solid defensive corp in front of Nurminen, he will give you the wins, and even shutouts!!! I must agree that Fraser should have been fired, though long, way long, before the day after Christmas. However, Waddell should have improved the team for this season further more instead of acquiring two injury prone defensemen.

Hiring Terry Murray could be a huge mistake, the Murray brothers do have a bad rep…

And finally, will this happen to Rookie Head Coach Bryan Trottier? There is no doubt in my mind that Trottier will be a good head coach, however, he chose the wrong team as did the team choose wrong in hiring him. It is not an easy task, especially for a rookie coach, for a head coach to take over a team with highly paid egos, eleven players starting a full season as New York Rangers, a lot of pressure for success, and injuries sure did not help Trottier at all. Injuries have all been long-term; as could Petr Nedved’s now.

Glen Sather has done a horrible job in hiring coaches, ever since Ron Low came in. Both are good coaches, and willing to give it their best shot with the Rangers. However, they are not the right fit for this team. The Rangers need a pro coach who feels far more superior than the players, and works them harder. Experience is much in need. Jim Schoenfeld would be a good replacement (3-0 when taking over). In the end, the blame goes to Sather, he should have hired a better coach long ago after Ron Low’s first year.


Anaheim Might Ducks


They are doing quite well, but how long will it last? Not too long, the Quacks have hit another cold streak. What does this team need? Trading Paul Kariya could be a great yet horrible move for the Mighty Ducks. Great as in quality young players in return and a huge cut in the payroll. Horrible as in….attendance decreases and interest in the Ducks decreases as well. Would Disney finally sell and move the team to a region where hockey is highly appreciated? I hope so! The Ducks still have solid goaltending, and defense is not as bad. If they trade Kariya, the Ducks could wind up one of the best future teams with great youngsters. Head Coach Babcok should win most unpopular coach of the year.

Atlanta Thrashers


This team will be a fun one to watch in the near future. The skilled players are there, the goaltending is not poor, but the defense needs improvement. The Thrashers need to start competing in the NHL and there is no excuse when looking at other teams, like the Wild and Blue Jackets. Not much the Thrashers can do via trades, however…hiring a solid coach is a good start. This is Waddell’s main move, however. He cannot do wrong in his coaching decision, or else he should be the next out of Hotlanta.

Boston Bruins


They are not the best team anymore, and their weaknesses only needed time to show up. They are starting to! Both Grahame and Shields are not winning games for the B’s in recent games, and where has the defense and offense gone? They are a solid team, however, Mike Knuble and Michael Grosek are not the kind of players to depend on. Sure, Samsonov is missing, but one injured player cannot affect this whole team. Though they are 2-7-1-1 in their last 10, the Bruins still have a solid record and only a disastrous 2nd half will push this team down in the standings. Time to trade McLaren?

Buffalo Sabres


Ouch!!! That’s all I can say about this team. Totally going down the drain and worth restarting from scratch. GM Regier has not done much at all to help this team ever since Michael Peca was sent to the Isle’s. Is Connolly a bust? And Pyatt? Regier might have pulled the worst trade for the organization. Or, is it Lindy Ruff that is causing problems? It quite surprises me that with such a record and a playoff miss the year before Lindy Ruff is still in the organization. Changes need to be made, and trading Satan is an unfortunate start, but it has to be done. Good luck to this organization, a lot of great moments for the Buffalo Sabres, and a lot of great players.

Calgary Flames


That is a ‘savable’ record. Darryl Sutter could turn this team around, and even if not making the playoffs…the Flames could still improve and show some promise for next season. Jerome Iginla did suffer an injury (was it his fingers?) ever since fighting Billy Guerin from the Dallas Stars. However, the Tree man (Iginla), has to turn it around in this 2nd half. One thing’s for sure…the Flames are burning in the right direction. Don’t worry Flames fans, keep patience.

Carolina Hurricanes


The Hurricanes don’t surprise me as much. Sure, they did get far…but how? There is only one part of this team that wins games, and it won the key games in the playoffs, especially against the Devils. Without Grade A goaltending, the Candy Canes are not much at all. They have the good players, however, they are very beatable. They are not strong offensively, and defensively they are solid enough. But, this team won’t go anywhere near the Stanley Cup. Changes are to come for this team, without a doubt. They are still quite strong though, and could turn things around in the 2nd half, however, they won’t fool many teams this time.

Chicago Blackhawks


Still a solid team, and trading Nylander was no biggie. Which reminds me, my conclusion on the trade:

Both teams win. Individually, the Capitals win the trade since Nylander has come up with huge points, however, the team still struggles. Team-wise, the ‘Hawks win the trade since their record still remains strong in the West, but they must improve on the road.

Theo Fleury has been a god fit, for now, and has scored almost a point a game. Wishing Fleury a Happy New Year. The Hawks tend to play smart hockey, nothing flashy at all. Boris Mironov requested a trade, and GM Mike Smith will make the very best of it by forcing Mironov to lose money on a daily basis, and his team will only get better once he trades the Russian. Let’s just hope he won’t take any Maple Leaf leftovers. So far so good for the Hawks, they keep it up…they will make the playoffs for a 2nd straight season with Tyler Arnason winning the Calder.

Colorado Avalanche


With Hartley now gone, the Avalanche have only lost once in their last 10. Impressive! This team has to realize that they lost the Head Coach that brought them the Cup, they lost two key players in Drury and Yelle, and they just have to get over it. Get over it, and play like a top team in the NHL. Scoring goals is a problem, but when Forsberg and Sakic play their games, it’s a sure win for the Avs. Too much skill and talent for the Avs to not be as good as last season. Pierre Lecroix has to make sure that his players know of what he is capable of, that means a change. I doubt Drury was in a good mood going from Colorado to Calgary, and I am quite positive about any other Avs player getting in a bad mood when changing teams.

Get over it, play like an elite team, youngsters like Vrbata and Nedorost are playing solid hockey for them, so start winning. It appears that they are, and the Avalanche could be the best team in the 2nd half of the season.

Columbus Blue Jackets


It is a better team than last season, and it sure has a better record than last season. The Blue Jackets are not the same easy team to beat like last year. If anything, they are in great hands with GM Doug McLean. Goaltending is superb, and without Marc Denis, the Blue Jackets would have been dead last in the Conference, or league, but Marc Denis was a complete steal. Rick Nash is lighting it up! He will be a dominating power forward, but he has to show more toughness and be more of a dominant force. He is still a young kid, and veterans will intimidate him. Stand up for yourself!!! However, i don’t think many veterans will intimidate Nash once this youngster is 210 pounds. This is a great season for the Blue Jackets, and it should only give the players confidence and faith for the next seasons to come.

That’s all for now from teams A to C. Add more discussions about them, comments are very welcomed.

There has been trade rumors between the Senators and the Rangers for quite a while now. First, Rangers scouts, including assistant GM Maloney, were regular attendees in Senators games, and now the Senators scouts have been regular atendees in Rangers games. A trade to happen? It would be a shame. The Senators are the best Eastern Conference team as of now, and their talent appears unlimited. It would be a shame to see chemistry ruined for financial reasons, but a trade is bound to happen…most likely and not just with the Rangers (I heard Carolina too). It could be any other team! Curtis Leschysyn, Radek Bonk, and Karel Rachunek appear to be on the block. Arvedson is mostly mentioned, but he is too much of a big loss for the Senators. I would take Bonk and/or Rachunek any day, especially Rachunek. I won’t make any trade proposals, since it is best to just wait and see what happens.

And, here is a little history to share with you.

“On this date (Januray 2nd), in 1918 the Montreal Wanderers, an original NHL team in 1917 won just one game in the franchise’s history; its opener. After the Wanderers lost three consecutive games, a fire destroyed their home arena and the franchise folded.”

Sad story!

Happy New Year to Everyone.

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  1. Stanajax says:

    Great post.

    I mostly agree with you, especially on Pasi Nurminen : I always told this guy was a steal in the 2001 draft and that he’ll be a n°1 goalie for the Thrashers. Now, on the 3 goalies of Atlanta this season, he’s the only one who won more than 2 games (7-9-1 record vs 2-7-0 and 1-9-0 for Dafoe and Hnilicka), and the only one who has a GAA under 3.00!!!

  2. titans says:

    Do you get out??

  3. beckfan says:

    From what I know about Sather hiring Low as his first head coach after taking over the Strangers is that he couldnt affort to give Low a raise when he had him in Edmonton as a coach. So evedently Low didnt accept the lowball offer from Sather, went to go coach in the minors.And when Sather took over the G.M. spot w/ the Rangers, I guess he felt he owed Low something since he had the money to spend and signed him. Thats my take on it.

    As for Nedved, the Newark Star-Ledger is reperting that he could miss up to a week. Their also reporting that Josh Green was put on the I.R., Lintner has a bum shoulder and Lindros has a sore foot after blocking two shots. Great.

    And speaking of Lindros, what was up w/ the penalty he received last night against the Canes in the third? He was called for charging. He skated across the ice and hit the guy carying the puck! Can anyone explain to me where the charge was?

  4. mikster says:

    I dunno, can you explain how Bouchard got a “hooking” penalty when it was barely a hook and how the Canes defenseman did not get a penalty when hooking Malakhov on a breakway chance?

    Well, Slats should have done a better job in the coaching area…tough luck, he was supposed to choose better and he wasted too much time.

    He should have hired Trots as assistant coach and hire Schoeny as Head Coach.

  5. beckfan says:

    I personally would liked to have seen Larry Robinson in there but…………

  6. Tradedude says:

    Umm, it’s January 1st today Mik, sorry you missed out on New Years. anyway good article, although i only read little parts of it.

    Hurricanes are STILL an under-rated team. Holy Shit! give this team the respect it deserves.

  7. Ray_B_our_que_2_win says:

    Only one loss under Granato and Sakic has not played in a single one of those games. Forsberg even missed a hand full him self!

    The Avs are scoring more and are playing a faster style of hockey, they are using their speed and it is paying off! & goals tonight, 6 the other night, wow! ?This team is looking a whole heck of a lot better!

    I bet the Avs 1st half slump made Drury feel a little better about his situation, but I bet he isnt sleeping much as of late!

    GO AVS!


  8. mikster says:

    I posted this article this after noon….

    I didn’t miss out anything…..come to my house you never miss anything on special events. Youd fit, since it has European style and Canadians are the only ones with true European influence!

    I do respect the Canes, but Weekes and Irbe (more Weekes) gave them superb goaltending. The Canes do not need solid goaltending, they need superb goaltending.

    Like the Leafs and many other teams, they need superb goaltending, no just solid.

  9. mikster says:

    Definitely, i was watching a boring and dull Avalanche team earlier this season. Just slow…

    This is why i dislike coaches who force defensive plays when the team has the speed to do more than just that. I was surprised Hartley was playing that way.

  10. Ray_B_our_que_2_win says:

    With defensmen like BLake, Foote, and Morris(not to mention DeVries) its hard to enstile an offensive strategy, but if done correctly it is a deadly combo!

    A team with great defenders, but an offensive style of play. They will both out score, and shut down other teams!

    This team is going to fly ! !

  11. Ray_B_our_que_2_win says:

    You know who I am dont you?

  12. rojoke says:

    I wish that some team out there, in the very distant future probably, would just go to the GM, en masse, and say, “We’ve lost respect for/confidence in the coach, and we think we need a new coach.” It would be a lot easier to do it that way, and more honourable, than the current method, which entails playing to the level of a bantam “A” team on most nights, for weeks at a time, until the GM finally thinks to himself, “Have these guys stop playing for the coach?”

    Failing that, how about if a smart GM somewhere comes up with the idea of a “temporary” change. If one coach steps aside, and the “substitute”, as it were, comes in, operating the same system. If the team continues to play poorly, then the coach is canned. If not, the GM rips the players for being the little pussies that they are, brings back the old coach, and tells the team either play here or in a beer league somewhere.

    Ah, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  13. Lint07 says:


    Interesting, never thought about that. I wouldn’t bet too much on this idea though 😉

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