Go all in?

Somebody wrote an article a few days saying the Canuck’s should go for the Cup this year, but most of his trades weren’t very realistic, the players he got wouldn’t fit that well, and the team gave up too much of it’s future. So my version will be realistic, and won’t involving giving up tooo much future. Trades:

To Boston: Marcus Naslund
To Vancouver: Glen Murray

Both are coming off bad seasons (Murray’s involved him missing a large number of games last year). Naslund has always been better then Murray and honestly still is, but this would benefit Vancouver because Nazzy just did not fit into the Nuck’s system very well (he played good defensivly though). Murray would the PERFECT fit for the twins. The twins said they wanted a fast sniper, because they want a linemate that can keep up with them. The Nuck’s desperatly need a 1st line right winger. They barely even have a second line right winger. Boston also needs a 1st line left winger. Not that badly, because they have Kessel, and Sturm, but they need some more depth.

Let’s be honest how good do you think Nazzy would be with Savard? That would be a deadly pair. Like I said earlier Murray would work well with the twins. It’s a fair trade and both team’s improve.

To Atlanta: Brenden Morrison
To Vancouver: Garnett Exelby, Chad Denny

Don Waddel is panicing. He needs a 1st line center. He got a bunch of 3rd line center’s on Febuary 27th, but none of them helped. Morrison is the only real proven 2nd line (can be a third wheel on the 1st line like with Bert, and Nazzy, but e still put up good number’s) on the trade market who won’t involve trading your entire team to get. He will cost something, but nothing major. Vancouver gets depth on the backend, and get a solid prospect too (I told you they’ll still have a future). I said before that Bourdon, and Edler should play on the big club this year, but I don’t think Bourdon will be ready and should spend one more year in the farm, because they should wait until he will capable of being a top 4 d man. Edler is ready and can be a full time 5th or 6th d man.

Atlanta might have overpaid in this deal, but Waddel is desperate and has showen he’ll do anything for help. Also do you think Mo won’t put up 75 points playing between Hossa, and Kovy?

To Florida: Mattias Ohlund, 2nd rounder
To Vancouver: Sean Avery

Sean Avery had an average year when he was playing on the 3rd line in L.A. In New York he was pretty good playing with Jagr, and if he played with Jagr the entire year and had the same point average he would have got 58 points. He can hit, score, and fight. He was also a playoff no show. He only had 5 points in 10 games, but those 5 points were probably the only good things he did. Terrible in the Buffalo series. He was okay in the Atlanta series. Mattias Ohlund would give the Ranger’s a very solid defense and pretty much challenge Marc Staal for a spot (he wouldn’t be challenging him, but let’s say if Malik was the 5th d man before he would be pushed down, and would have to fight for the spot). The 2nd rounder will give the Ranger’s even brighter future too.

If the Ranger’s need another center there’s lot’s on the market, plus they got a d man, and a 2nd rounder. Vancouver gets grit which they need, and either a 3rd line center, or could play left wing with Kes.

To Edmonton: Lukas Krajicek
To Vancouver: Raffi Torres

Krajicek would give the Oil some much needed help at the blue line, and a potential 3rd d man, while the Nuck’s get a gritty 2nd line right winger who can put up some good number’s if he finds chemistry.

Both team’s win.

Free agents:

Scott Hannan, 4 years, 4.5 mil.
Sean Brown, 1 year, 500k (two way contract)
Michal Handzus, 2 years, 2.1 mil.


Jan Bulis, 3 years, 1.3 mil.
Taylor Pyatt, 2 years, 1.5 mil.
Raffi Torres, 3 years, 1.1 mil.
Sean Avery, 4 years, 2.5 mil.
Garnett Exelby, 2 years, 1.0 mil.
Chad Denny, 2 years, 500k (entry level; two way contract)
Josh Green, 2 years, 600k
Mason Raymond, 3 years, 600k (entry level; two way contract)
Cory Schiender, 3 years, 700k (entry level; two way contract)
Drew MacIntyre, 1 year, 500k
Daniel Rahimi, 3 years, 600k (entry level; two way contract)
Kirill Koltsov, 3 years, 700k (entry level; two way contract)

The lineup:

extras: Burrows, Green
Players in the minors who can come up: Reid, Raymond

extras: Brown
Players who can come up: Koltsov, Rahimi, Bourdon, Columbue, McIver


Total Cap hit: 44.8 mil.

Tell me what you think of this team.

9 Responses to Go all in?

  1. hockeyfreak64 says:

    Since when did Florida get Avery? JK, i like your ideas, but i think Atlanta will keep Exelby. Sutton won't resign, so if he is gone the wont have a punishing defender and I think BMO has lost his #1 centre game. he would likely regain it in ATL, but they split up Kovalchuk and Hossa

  2. marleau07 says:

    If the canucks are going to trade their top quality players, there going to have to trade them for more quality players than sean avery and glen murry. If vancouver does make a deal to trade naslund, i think it should be for a younger and cheaper player like Alexander Radulov. Same as BMO, they should trade him for Marc Savard. Lets say if these moves happen, then the canucks would have way more cap room, and they would be able to sign a high profile free agent like Daniel Briere or Scott Gomez.

  3. canuck8 says:

    what happened to Cooke and Kesler?

  4. Sedin23 says:

    I have Kesler on there. Okay i did forget Cooke my bad.

  5. Sedin23 says:

    You won't get Savard for Morrison though. I said realistic, and I think it was fairly realistic.

  6. Sedin23 says:

    Sorry I wrote Florida, because my originla idea involved a trade involving Florida. My mistake.

  7. jonnygf40 says:

    Dude.  All of those moves are LUDICOURS.  Every single one of them.  Nazzy, who is still the heart and soul of the Canucks, for a worse version of bertuzzi?  Morrison for 2 more defensmen when we already have 9 NHL ready defensmen?  Ohlund AND a pick for Avery?  Are you mad?  Krajicek for Torres will never happen, Lowe isn't that dumb.  Overpay Hannan for another 20+ point defensman.  Handzus is asking for 4+ million.  Bulis HELL NO (need I say more).  Avery because the Canucks need grit…he's called Cooke.  And he's signed for next year already.
    P.S.  The Canucks were wanting a team that could score more goals, not less.  Even if all of your moves happened, the team wouldn't look any better off than they did this year.  All your doing is moving players for the sake of moving them, your not moving players to make the team any better.
    P.P.S.  You said the Twins wanted a line mate that can keep up with them?  The twins are two of the slowest players in the league.  Anyone can keep up with them.

  8. Sedin23 says:

    First of all if your gonna be an ass then leave. Second are you mentaly retard? Nazzy the heart and soul of the team? He has absolulty zero passion, doesn't play physical, and can never take it to the next level so how is he the heart and soul of the team. Willie Mitchell is the heart and soul of this team. Kevin Bieksa is the heat and soul of this team. Matt Cooke is the heart and soul of this team (sorry i accientdently forgot to put him in the lines). Why, because they all are tough, can score, be a leader, and be a huge factor's in game's. Hell Nazzy is a factor once every 6 or 7 games. Murray a worse version of Bert? What the hell are you talking about? He has one of the best shots in the NHL, he's fast, and he can be physical, and except for physical that's the exact opposite of Bert. Plus Murray would be the perfect fit for the twins. Morrison has not been the same player for awhole now, and he needs a change. Not many team's will take him and the one that team might take him has just about nothing to offer. Okay we do NOT have 9 NHL ready d man. We have Salo, Bieksa, Mitchell, Bourdon (he might not be ready), Krajicek, Ohlund, and Edler. That's 7 and half of my trades involving d man getting traded, because we have no forwards to offer anyone. Exelby adds grit which the Canuck's DESPERATLY need. Ohlund is the slowest player in the NHL. Even Derien Hatcher is faster, and Sean Avery adds grit, and scoring which are the two things Vancouver badly needs. Sean Avery was unbelievable with New York, so that trade with the pick might be unfair for New York if anything. How is Krajicek for Torres not fair? KRAJICEK WAS A FIRST ROUND PICK (yes I know Torres was too). Torres is done in Edmonton. They need a d man, and since he has no value he won't go for much. HANNAN IS A DEFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN!!! HE DOESN'T SCORE GOALS!!! Handzus might ask for 4.0 mllion, but he's getting no more then 2.5 mil, and since everything else you said is way off i'm just going to assume your lieing. Bulis was great in the 2nd half. He was one of our better players. THE CANUCK'S NEED GRIT RETARD!!! WE HAVE NO GRIT!!! GRIT FROM NO PERSON ISN'T ENOUGH!!! My moves will make the Canuck's much more high scoring, and if you look at the player's stats that there getting then you might notice. That team is way better, has cap room, and the same amount of future. The twins aren't that slow you just are probably blind, and can't see, because I don't hink you see how retard what you said is.

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