Which goalie will the Kings move?

Originally, the plan was to keep Jones around only as long as it took Quick to recover from a bad groin injury and then he’d go back down for the rest of the year, with a view to starting full time in the NHL next season. By then, Scrivens would have moved on – either via a trade at the deadline or as an unrestricted free agent.

But Jones has played so well – his 0.98 goals-against average and .966 save percentage would lead the league if he’d made enough starts – that the Kings are faced with a tough call: Would a return to Manchester actually set back his development?

He looks ready – more than ready – right now; and it may well be that when Quick returns, the Kings will carry three goalies for a while and test the market sooner than anticipated to gauge the interest in Scrivens.

Goalies, of course, are hard to move mid-season. The Nashville Predators were casting about for goaltending help earlier this year, but couldn’t get anything going with the Anaheim Ducks, another California team up to its ears in netminding depth.


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