Goaltender Jamie Storr and 3 others signed by Philadelphia

TSN.ca is reporting that Jamie Storr, along with forwards Eric Chouinard, Pat Kavanagh and Ryan Ready have all been signed to one-year contracts by the Flyers.


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  1. titans says:

    Jamie Storr…great so now the Phantoms have a starter since Frank Nitti is Esche’s backup!


  2. flyersfan21 says:

    These four signings were just to solidify the Phatoms roster. With Players moving up to Flyers there were empty slots that needed to be filled.

  3. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    No offense but this Storr is always open!! lol its 24/7 just like 7/11, only difference is people go into 7/11 and eventually come out, with Storr the customers go in and stay in. =)

  4. NemiNA says:

    Well, Clarkie got his wish in signing a veteran AHL goaltender in Storr. Granted he’s an NHL goaltender with a GAA of above 21.01, and a save percentage of .203, but whos counting huh? Just exajerating. I think Storr will keep Esche and Niitts on their toes. He had a crap load of NHL experience and can help Beuchimen and Houle in the AHL. Little is going to Finland so we needed a AHL number 3 guy.

    Chouinard is on an encore preformance. We gave up a 2nd rounder for him, then got a 5th rounder for him, now he signs back with us. He will be strictly a call up guy cause unless he works EVERY GAME with Forsberg and Gagne, I don’t see him going anywhere.

    Kavanaugh was a Flyers 2nd rounder in 97 (I didn’t know that), so apparently this is his 2nd chance to prove he’s not a career AHLer. I would like to see what he can do in the NHL, but he won’t get the chance unless someone, or alot of someones go down.

    Ready had a good year for the Phantoms last year, and thats where I see him staying. He’s in the same boat as Kavanaugh.

    Clarkie just loves to have piles and piles of depth. All he has to do now is sign Jones and Meyer to 2 way contracts.

  5. NemiNA says:


  6. NemiNA says:

    I also like how we have someone who can keep the Esche and Niittymaki on there toes.

    I don’t know if you remember this, I don’t know if you should remember this cause its friggin crazy that I do, But when Beezer got traded to give Bouch a chance, I said the Flyers should sign Storr to back up Boucher. You tore into me like a Pam Anderson roast. It was funny, and a little ironicle now.

    I have a really extensive memory. I know its weird.

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