Gomez set to become unrestricted ??

The Star Leger went out on a limb (sarcasm) by reporting that they do not feel that pending free agent Scott Gomez will re-sign with the Devils prior to the July 1 start of free agent season.

It is heavily rumored that Gomez will be sought after be many teams that include the Phoenix Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings. Gomez will seek and receive a big money contract the only issue here is that he will most likely go to a team that is in huge demand of a talented player and that type of team is often far from making the playoffs.


It will certainly be interesting to speculate in the near future where Gomez will go.

How much do you think Scott Gomez is worth?

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  1. tucksfan says:

    6 million and he will go to philadelphia,phoenix or florida maybe even the blackhawks.

  2. NHLman says:

    I have said it and continue to say I believe Gomez will be a Ranger, especially with the recent developments on the Nylander front. The Rangers would not mind spending a couple of million more on Gomez than Nylander. The Rangers have been trying to hang their hats on the signing of a young superstar and Gomez, 26, may be just that (or maybe Vanek!?!). Six years at six million per?

    Phoenix is off the list, Maloney has said he is not looking to dip into the free agent market this year. I don't think LA would be interested, they are trying to rebuild and after winning with the Devils every year I find it hard to believe Gomez would settle with a non-playoff team.

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

     I would prefer Montreal going after Gomez over Brierre, but alas we most likely will get neither of them.

  4. BruMagnus says:

    I have a bad feeling he goes to Philadelphia for some reason… $6.25 million over 4 years.

  5. thegoalie1976 says:

    Word around Edmonton is that they will go after him HARD. He would finally give them the #1 centre since Weight left

  6. big_booty says:

    Let's face it, the cream of the free agent crop this year are Drury and Briere.  Gomez is third – and a seemingly distant third at that.

    Gomez – to those on the inside – is notorious for taking long stretches of ice time "off."  While he does possess the talent, he doesn't always display the desire.  This Randy Moss-esque attitude is widely accepted as the impetus for Lou Liamorello hiring Pat Burns.

    That being said, I don't think Gomez is a $6 million player.  He is not dominating in any aspect of his game and too often relies on his wingers (Elias and Gionta).  He's only good for about 15-20 goals per season, and he's only cracked 30 goals once in his career.

    This is not to say that he won't get that amount or more on the UFA market.  Someone will overpay him, but he won't sign until he and his agent see what happen with Briere and Drury.  If those two get $6 million, Gomez will ask for more, and play hardball to do so.

  7. Glucker says:

    huh? 6.25 over 4 years?
    you expect Gomez to sign for 1.56 a year?
    unless you mean 6.25 per year for 4 years… im pretty sure  thats what you meant, you're annoying, but you're not an idiot:P

  8. nonhl2005 says:

    I agree with most of your points except the final one, I think he goes before Chris and Danny. As you said they are the cream of the crop and he would do well to get the big bucks early because he is a distant 3rd to the top 2 if they sign for 5 -6 mil a season his chance of getting the 6mil people have been talking about is out the window. I for one think he is slightly overrated, I think he's a number one center on a cusp team and a number 2 on a cup contender.

  9. Glucker says:

    Drury Smyth Gomez… Briere is NOT a good investment, for any team, he plays well in Buffalo's system, but that system will not win a cup, its too soft, and so is Briere, hes not the guy you build a team around, hes the guy you add on for an extra edge. Drury is a great leader, and an awesome clutch player, and can play a physical style if needed. Smyth is 'Captain Canada' for a reason, he has heart, and lots of it, god, if you put him with Daigle, he could probably get him going, he is big, tough, and willing to do whatever it takes to win, while staying classy. Gomez is young, and has lots of potential to become a (good) team's centrepiece.

    IMO, Leafs will get one of these guys, most likely Smyth, because he fits in Maurice's system perfectly… but possibly Gomez, because he is younger. Either way, the Leafs are shopping for a new leader to replace Sundin in as little as a couple of years, and they need to get the guy from now, so that the transition will be easy

  10. modk09 says:

    which is a good thing. were better off saving our big money contracts for next summer when there will actually be first-tier guys available. I consider Drury, Briere, Gomez, and Smyth to be good players, but if they were available next year when Iginla, Thornton, Marleau, Kipper etc are UFAs, no one would be talking about paying them $6M+ each cause they simply are not worth it.

    no way should players who produce less than a point per game make $6M a year. the money would be better off saved or spent filling small holes. if we keep the same team (just replacing Souray) we will be in position to make the playoffs then make a splash the following year with Price leading the charge.

  11. modk09 says:

    you post a retarded comment like that and call Bru annoying??? no one anywhere would think he meant 6.25 TOTAL over 4 years. why even post that?

  12. modk09 says:

    why pay him that kind of money but not Smyth? i dont think you guys have the cap room and you still need to sign a replacement for MAB (nice trade btw… not sure why the Habs didnt pick him up for that bargain price then trade souray at the deadline for someones whole farmteam)

  13. modk09 says:

    I know all the arguements about Drury's intangibles, but do you really want to pay $6M a year for 65 points???? Briere at $6M for 95 points is overpaid too. I think youre right, hes not the guy you build around, but hes a great investment if you put the right guys around him simply because he makes the other guys better. i dont want the habs to sign him, but if you put him with Kovalev, kovy will get about 70 points and might push 30 goals…

    no one in this UFA class is the answer to the habs needs.

    dont expect to see Smyth in Toronto tho, id bet money he winds up in a smaller hockey market like edmonton, calgary, NYI. but i expect him to head back to the western conference

  14. modk09 says:

    no one will sign in Chicago unless they offer a TON of extra cash. the organization is a joke and will probably find a way to screw up Toews and the first overall pick…

  15. BruMagnus says:

    good question…

  16. BruMagnus says:

    This is absolutely brilliant and a reason why guys like Gomez and Smyth will get way overpaid in the new Salary Cap era.
    It's really quite enlightening:

  17. BruMagnus says:

    Unless the Cap truly goes past $48 million the Leafs won't be able to afford anyone. They will get no one.

  18. Glucker says:

    umm…after signin sundin the leafs will be at 34.172, and the only guys they need to resign are Peca, Colaiaovo, and possibly Antropov, although he may not be back, the management may have run out of patience with him, not a good thing imo, but oh well.
    so… peca…2.5….36.672
    maybe battaglia….0.5…40.672
    we will have 7.5-8 mill for a back-up goalie and one of those three… if any of them are over 6 mill, they aint worth it.

  19. Glucker says:

    yea, Briere is a finishing piece. as for Drury, no, I wouldn't pay him 6 mill, i don't think the Leafs need him, Smyth and Gomez are the best options for the Leafs. As for the Habs, you guys got a good prospect pool, they are your answer, the Leafs dont have a good prospect pool, however we do have afew great prospects, none of them will be ready this year though. My prediction: Leafs will make splash, get in the playoffs next year, and continue to nurture their prospect pool, getting max. 4 guys out of the current stock. Habs will be conservative, try to get rid of bad contracts like Kovalev and Samsonov, will finish near the bottom next year, but in a few year's time will be par or better(more likely) then the Leafs, as their prospects mature.

  20. Glucker says:

    shh… cough medication, not thinking clearly XD

  21. JuicemaN says:

    Nobody mentioned Toronto…this is where you will get retaliation from leaf fans….you mentioned them for no reason; just for the sake of saying "the leafs will get no one"  Leaf fans will retaliate at you and then you will say "see, Leaf fans are idiots, they're so arrognat"  You're dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit just to watch it run for a catch 22.

    Leaf fans can't win when it comes to post like that.

    That one was 100% you calling them out Bru, you can't argue that one.

  22. JuicemaN says:

    sorry, just realized that Glucker mentioned it….my bad….I was close though Bru, I was close….I thought I had you there. LOL.

  23. Glucker says:

    hmm, just looked at some updated numbers…
    sundin will be getting 5.75 instead of 5.5
    Antropov wants 2 mill, but JFJ wont give it to him, so it may drop to about 1.75 in the end… things balance themselves out 😛

  24. thegoalie1976 says:

    Smyth is always hurt 20-30 games a year. And Gomez makes other players around him better. Smyth does not, he is very good, but not a franchise player. IMO.

    I would take Gomez anyday over Smyth!

  25. modk09 says:

    thing with the habs is that our team last year was already young, other than sammy and kovy, there are no underperforming old guys on the roster we need to shed. theres no need to "rebuild". you should actually expect to see the Habs in the playoffs next year and every year after that until Price's days in Montreal are over!!! and no im not saying he will be our starter next year, im saying were goo enough now, without making a splash

  26. modk09 says:

    i dont know all the specifics but there is a clause in the CBA that allows the NHLPA to take a higher % of the league revenues as the new salary cap. there was talk in the Gazette today that the cap may actually hit $52M which is rediculous and makes you wonder why we lost a season in the first place…


    Increased cap not good for everybody: The NHL is headed once again toward being a collection of haves and have-nots.

    With revenue expected to hit $2.4 billion, the NHLPA appears ready to invoke a clause in the collective agreement that will

    allow the players to grab a larger share of the pie. You've heard reports the salary cap is going up to $48 million a team? If the NHLPA goes through with its plan, and the association's new management has no reason to leave money on the table, the cap will jump to $52 million.

    At first glance, this is good news. In Montreal, for example, the extra money could be the difference when it comes to re-signing Sheldon Souray or attracting another free agent or two.

    But the question is whether an increased cap will be good for the league. While it will be welcome by teams like New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and Toronto, which were the NHL's high rollers, it threatens to make a mockery of commissioner Gary Bettman's already tenuous concept of economic parity.

    By my count, there are at least eight NHL franchises that lost money this season and they will be forced to a) be fiscally responsible and shed salary or b) go deeper in debt while trying to keep up with the big spenders.

    pat hickey is not one to make up random things…

  27. wheresthesoda says:

    I would love to have Gomez play for the Rangers, as a 2nd line center. I want Nylander on the top line and Gomez centering the second line, something the Rangers have been missing for awhile.

  28. ipwnu says:

    LA is definatly interested in signing Gomez… why wouldn't they? Gomez is how you say 26, so i dont see why not. Lombardi has already said how he would love to sign 1UFA and is interested in many out there even drury, briere, and souray.

  29. Glucker says:

    but take a lesson from the pens, they failed in the playoffs because they're too young
    and you should shed sammy and kovy… those are the guys i was talking about:P

    you should screw up next year, because you wont make it far in the playoffs, you should get higher draft picks until price is ready… just dont piss him off ala roy XD…actually… yes, piss him off then we can take him:D

    anywho, both our teams are better off hugging the bottom for a while, just until the best prospects come up

  30. FlyerzFan12 says:

    But would you be willing to pay around 6 million a year for what you consider to be a 2nd line center? thats quite a hefty price for a 2nd liner.

  31. BruMagnus says:

    you were so far away that you just raised me on a pedastal you can never reach!

  32. BruMagnus says:

    Are you talking about Markus Naslund?

  33. cecilturtle says:

    First of all Drury is more likely to earn between 7-8 million $$$ next year opposed to the 6 million $$$ you judge to be too high a contract for him.  I'm thinking Drury will get something along the lines of a 6 year 42 million $$$ contract or a 5 year 38 million $$$ offer.  I agree with you that this price is way too high for the habs to pay because Drury is not the right fit for the habs.  But for the Rangers…  He is the perfect fit!  A native New Yorker and the most clutch player in the NHL today, surly the perfect fit for the bright lights and big stage on Broadway that always seems to overwhelm the week of heart and soft of sole.  But even more so perfect is the line he would play on…  Drury centering wingers (or ex-redwinger teammates ) Shanahan and Avery.   The Rangers have enough cap room to offer Drury as much $$$ as any other team in the NHL.  But Drury is such a beter fit for the Rangers compared to any other team, if signed the Blueshirts become the best odds on favorate in Las Vegas to win next years Lord Stanley's Cup.  


  34. cecilturtle says:

    Drury = 37 Goals, 32 Assists, 69 Points…  What is not to like/love ???


  35. Hazzer16 says:

    Bring Gomez to Toronto…..5.8mil / 4yr contract…..i would LOVE to see that!

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