Gomez to be traded?

According to Sportsnet, it looks like the New Jersey Devils and Scott Gomez may be headed for a nasty divorce as the two sides get ready for a salary arbitration hearing Friday.

Negotiations have broken off as both sides are still far apart in terms of dollars.

“Time is not on our side. We’ve pretty much gone where we’re going to go as far as negotiations,” Carlos Gomez, Scott’s father and agent, told the Ledger. “We’re too far apart to even talk anymore. It is what it is. Scott knows he may end up being traded. It’s disappointing, but he just wants to be treated like everyone else.”

Sources say Gomez turned down a $4 million offer from New Jersey and if he is awarded anywhere from a $5 miilion or more salary, the Devils will abide by the decision but then look to trade him.