Gonchar Already A Leaf??

OK Ok, yes I know that we are all sick of hearing more talk about Gonchar but you will definitely find this interesting…
I was browsing the Sportsnet web site and they had an article on Gonchar and suggested that he may already be a Leaf. They suggest that you go to the Leafs web site and search for the players bios. Well as amazing as this seems without any annoucement in place, Sergei Gonchar’s bio is already listed along with every other Leaf player.

The best way to see this for yourselves is to go the Leaf’s web site www.mapleleafs.com. Once on their homepage, click on the Team tab then move your cursor down to Meet the Leafs and select that. Once you select that you will have the Leafs current roster appear before you. Select any player, say Aki Berg and you will see his bio. Now look up at the URL and change the name Aki to Sergei and also change the name Berg to Gonchar and there you have it; Gonchar as a Leaf!!!

Under his bio it gives some personal attributes then goes on to say, “Sergei Gonchar brings the offensive dimension to the blueline the Leafs have been looking for.” So there you have it, Gonchar may already be a Leaf for better or worse.

Personally I am not sure what to think of this trade. I think that Gonchar makes any team better with his offensive prowess but the issue is still, what will the Leafs be giving up for him. It makes me wonder if the names like Stajan, Antropov or Coliocovo are just rumors because the Wings were able to get Lang for a couple of picks and a mid level prospect. If the Leafs give up the future when everyone is giving up nothing for the rest of the Caps, I will be severly pissed.

At any rate, great job to Sportsnet for finding this out. Amazing work guys.

TC_4 had this to say about the story:

Isn’t this interesting???

I’m very sorry to everyone that we keep talking about this, but apparently Leaf fans at least have jumped the gun. Check out this website: http://www.torontomapleleafs.com/bio.ml?playerName=%20Sergei%20Gonchar

The word I’m hearing is that it will be announced tomorrow, and that it will be Gonchar for Colaiacovo and a 1st round pick in the 2004 NHL entry draft. This could be a hoax, and it may not be, but if it’s true the Leafs along with the Sens, Rangers, and Wings have raped George McPhee!

In fact, let’s take this moment to talk about George. I mean, getting Carter for Jagr is pretty good, but he’s still paying more then 50% of Jagr’s salary. He could have got a lot more then Anson Carter for that. Then Petr Bondra. Why not just take one good prospect rather then a 2nd rounder and a POSSIBLE third line guy in Laich? Bondra for Vermette. But nope. Then yesterday, Lang for nothing. No wonder Detroit builds a power house, they get to teams while they’re most vonerable. Now this. Carlo(who I don’t believe will pan out at all because he’s not that quick and undersized for a d-man), and another low first round pick. Not too good.

But anyways, that’s the deal. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next 24 hours.