Gonchar Already A Leaf??

OK Ok, yes I know that we are all sick of hearing more talk about Gonchar but you will definitely find this interesting…
I was browsing the Sportsnet web site and they had an article on Gonchar and suggested that he may already be a Leaf. They suggest that you go to the Leafs web site and search for the players bios. Well as amazing as this seems without any annoucement in place, Sergei Gonchar’s bio is already listed along with every other Leaf player.

The best way to see this for yourselves is to go the Leaf’s web site www.mapleleafs.com. Once on their homepage, click on the Team tab then move your cursor down to Meet the Leafs and select that. Once you select that you will have the Leafs current roster appear before you. Select any player, say Aki Berg and you will see his bio. Now look up at the URL and change the name Aki to Sergei and also change the name Berg to Gonchar and there you have it; Gonchar as a Leaf!!!

Under his bio it gives some personal attributes then goes on to say, “Sergei Gonchar brings the offensive dimension to the blueline the Leafs have been looking for.” So there you have it, Gonchar may already be a Leaf for better or worse.

Personally I am not sure what to think of this trade. I think that Gonchar makes any team better with his offensive prowess but the issue is still, what will the Leafs be giving up for him. It makes me wonder if the names like Stajan, Antropov or Coliocovo are just rumors because the Wings were able to get Lang for a couple of picks and a mid level prospect. If the Leafs give up the future when everyone is giving up nothing for the rest of the Caps, I will be severly pissed.

At any rate, great job to Sportsnet for finding this out. Amazing work guys.

TC_4 had this to say about the story:

Isn’t this interesting???

I’m very sorry to everyone that we keep talking about this, but apparently Leaf fans at least have jumped the gun. Check out this website: http://www.torontomapleleafs.com/bio.ml?playerName=%20Sergei%20Gonchar

The word I’m hearing is that it will be announced tomorrow, and that it will be Gonchar for Colaiacovo and a 1st round pick in the 2004 NHL entry draft. This could be a hoax, and it may not be, but if it’s true the Leafs along with the Sens, Rangers, and Wings have raped George McPhee!

In fact, let’s take this moment to talk about George. I mean, getting Carter for Jagr is pretty good, but he’s still paying more then 50% of Jagr’s salary. He could have got a lot more then Anson Carter for that. Then Petr Bondra. Why not just take one good prospect rather then a 2nd rounder and a POSSIBLE third line guy in Laich? Bondra for Vermette. But nope. Then yesterday, Lang for nothing. No wonder Detroit builds a power house, they get to teams while they’re most vonerable. Now this. Carlo(who I don’t believe will pan out at all because he’s not that quick and undersized for a d-man), and another low first round pick. Not too good.

But anyways, that’s the deal. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next 24 hours.

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  1. The_Coach says:

    Dude, you are on the wrong site. Nobody here wants to read the complete crap that you post on this site.

    So do us a favour and go masterbate somewhere else, we are tired of you already, you child.

  2. matrix2003 says:

    I’ve traded him to almost every team what the heck is wrong with that site. I think it has to be the work of a hacker… A gonchar crazy hacker. Does it work for other players?

  3. kasparaitisflyer says:

    i wenty to the gonchar on the leafs site nothings there

  4. The_Coach says:

    Have you been sleeping the last couple of weeks? The point is, nobody has really given up anything to get lots. The best deal that the Caps got was for Jagr and even that was a brutal deal for McPhee.

  5. sens4cup says:

    To Washington:

    Berg or a bag of pucks



    C. Colaiacovo

    1st rounder 2004

    1st and 2nd round 2005

    1st and 2nd round 2006



  6. jacosta says:

    Listening to the Fan 590 and there are reports that the reason the deal has not gone down yet is that apparently the leafs have asked about adding Kolzig.

    Also Belfour is starting tonight against Jersey. Is he hurt or isn’t he??

  7. The_Coach says:

    Trust me on this, I have yet to ever post BS on this site and the Leafs site definitely had Gonchar ready to go.

    Guarenteed somebody is in trouble for that mixup as it was reported by both Sportsnet and TSN. Was it a mistake or was it getting ready for a deal that the Leafs thought they had last night, we will not know until Gonchar either becomes Leaf or he doesn’t.

  8. The_Coach says:

    To Ottawa,

    Another playoff ass-kicking at the hands of the Leafs. In another playoff related news item, Daniel Alfredson is once again blaming the playoff defeat on the Leafs being to mean and dirty, “Tie Domi is just not nice and he shouldn’t be allowed to intimidate us the way he does…..”

  9. Lynchmob450 says:


  10. The_Coach says:

    Looks like the Leafs have removed it.

    Gonchar’s bio was definitely there late last night but with news of it being reported on Sportsnet and then this morning on TSN’s web site, the Leafs either realized their mistake or fixed the work of a hacker.

  11. sens4cup says:


    Whatever loser

  12. thomas2984 says:

    This deal won’t happen in the the imminent future because the Leafs , or any team for that matter have no yet talked to Gonchar’s agent about a contract. Nobody, espeically the leafs will trade for this guy without getting his name on a three or four year extension….so, don’t hold you breath on it happening today….

  13. wheresthesoda says:


    is there ne leafs bio’s missing on the site??

    probaly just a fuckin mistake. im probaly wrong but this doesnt bother me…one less team that wants leetch.

  14. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    I’m not a Leafs fan, but i fail to see how Gonchar would really change the fortunes of the Leafs. Granted he is a big name offensive defensemen, but Kaberle and McCabe don’t seem to be doing so bad at that position. As well, i don’t think the Leafs should trade away their good young prospects so easily, considering how they don’t have much young players in their system. What makes the Leafs great is the good goaltending of Belfour ( NOT THE ONLY THING, but he does make them a lot better than Trevor Kidd or Mikael Tellkvist). With his back problems and the playoffs approaching, could it be possible that the Leafs might want to get a plan B goalie in case Belfour’s back runs out on him in the playoffs?

    Maybe Potvin could be had for not much.

    Toronto should get someone like Denis Gauthier or Ruslan Salei instead of Gonchar.

  15. chanman says:

    What Is wrong with you???

    Shut your stupid mouth!!

    If you dont wanto talk hockey then go someplace else and spew your idiotic babble. Keep out of here and SHUT UP.

    ..and cry into your pillow.

  16. cuntscab says:

    shut up fagget… put the cock back in your mouth and dont speak again.

  17. mattf says:

    even though i hate ottawa and parliament hill, i have to agree – their d produces the most goals in the league as it is – i’d like for them to go after a guy like witt or carney

  18. shady_records says:

    Check if Carlo Colaiacovo is on the Caps webiste!

  19. greatlife15 says:

    Screw u Ottawa!!!

  20. greatlife15 says:

    he’s not there right now

  21. coderaspberry says:

    Being a web designer myself, I’d speculate that those who maintain the site were probably just staying on top of things, anticipating the imminent trade, so that, if it happened, they could publish the update the second Gonchar officially became a Leaf. Why they had it published to their site’s main directory is beyond me, but someone with too much time probably stumbled across it, and now they’ve rectified the error.

    As for the trade itself, I agree that finding a way to ensure he’s a Leaf for more than just this season SHOULD be a concern for JFJ et al, I just hope the pressure of TO doesn’t make them do something stupid (i.e. giving in to the Caps ridiculous demands of an NHL-ready impact guy, a top prospect, and a 1st rounder). For once, I’d like see the Leafs be clever about a trade, like it seems everyone else in the East can do but them.

    I say send ’em Colaicovo and this year’s 1st rounder. That way, the team chemistry (which is an enigma in itself, sometimes) isn’t affected, and they’re still left with plenty of good D prospects in Kondratiev, Bell, D’amour, and White (who though small, outplayed Colaiacovo in the World Juniors a couple years ago). I’d still rather see one more gritty blue-liner, and if they could somehow send Berg along in this deal and get Witt, that’d be great, but…yeah. Why oh why did they have to trade Jackman for Berehowsky? I thought Ric was coming along nicely.

    Either that, or scrap this deal and get O’Neill and Hill from Carolina :). Or Smyth and Brewer from Edmonton :). Or…

  22. greatlife15 says:

    Go to this article, its about JFJ and the GOnchar trade talk and how Canadians are hungry about rumours!

    Hell yes! I AM CANADIAN!!


  23. Lint07 says:

    hehe! You got the wrong guy, gangsta!

    I can’t suspend or ban anyone.

    Thank you, come again.

  24. tsaler says:

    You can do this with any player to any team. It’s a very clever system, in my opinion, code-wise, because TSN can make any player a member of any team just by changing the hub name. Makes transactions easy-breeze to keep up with because it’s all portable.

  25. tsaler says:

    Gonchar is a great player and a big name. The Capitals MUST get more than one defenseman and a pick for him. In fact, they are in desperate need of NHL-level forwards.

    Darcy Verot is starting for the Capitals now. That’s how bad it’s gotten. The Capitals got Fleischmann from the Red Wings, a 165-pound center that is so small that he may never make it in the NHL. Carlo may be a great defensive prospect, but there must be more.

    My suggestion is to get a higher pick, perhaps 3rd or 4th round, and try to get an offensive player as well. If Antropov is available, he would work out perfectly. If not, there are plenty of players in the system that would fit well with the Capitals.

    My point is: THEY NEED PLAYERS. Picks are great, but you need real physical talent too.

  26. coderaspberry says:

    That’s an observant article, on a number of counts. I think Canadians get so antsy come trade deadline (btw, yes, I am Canadian) because it’s supposed to be OUR sport, our teams, in general, haven’t been outstandingly “successful” as of late, with half of them regularly missing the playoffs and the other half only occasionally making it past the second round, and save Toronto and (kind of) Montreal, there are no other major sports teams (I’m not counting the CFL – sorry) to “focus” on. Hockey is so much more of a tradition in Canada, I think it makes sense (even if it’s kinda dumb, really) that we go a little bonkers with the rumors come trade deadline.

    Also, I like how that article pointed out JFJ’s position here – barring some incredible trade(s), a miraculous and inspired playoff run, or possibly the outbreak of some awful virus in the dressing rooms of Detroit, Colorado, Philly, Ottawa, and New Jersey, the Leafs are an incredible longshot to win the cup, plain and simple – at this point, I’d put them behind Boston, Vancouver, and Tampa Bay as well. I don’t think it’d be unwise of him to consider standing pat this trading season, unless he can get something and not have to jeopardize the future too much.

    I don’t consider Colaiacovo a big sacrifice – I think he’s an average player at best, and the 1st rounder this year isn’t a huge loss either, though I guess JFJ wants to improve the Leaf’s drafting record. I personally like the Antropov/Ponikarovsky/Nieuwendyk line, and don’t want to see it broken up, but I AM tired of waiting for Antro to “break out”. Maybe this is what he is, folks. A big, skilled but not brilliant, 35-40 point forward who’s rather injury prone. I still like him even if that’s the case – he’s a pain to handle in the offensive zone, which I enjoy.

    Back to my point – these assets are part of the now/future of the team, for better or worse. Does one impact player warrant the jettisoning of all three? Gonchar will help, yes, but enough? Hmm…I’d want something else back if this was to be the trade, and I’m hoping JFJ is smart enough to weigh all of this out and realize he can do better as well.

  27. afanofthelakings says:

    Cool !!! the Avs has acquired Martin Brodeur !!!

    This site sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mailman says:

    the leafs are one of the only teams in the nhl turning a profit, in this new nhl you speak of, who will be able to afford his new contract? lol.

  29. HockeyMessiah says:

    If that’s the case they should’ve gotten more than a prospect and a pick for Bondra and Lang, they shouldn’t have to pay Jagr as he helps another team miss the playoffs.

    How can you rationalize trading the Lang, the NHL leading scorer, for a tiny center and a pick, then wanting a roster player, top prospect and first round pick for Gonchar?

  30. RangerBlue says:

    Cause Lang has a long term deal and Gonchar does not and in todays NHL the longer the deal the less you are worth.

  31. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    Just when YOU THOUGHT that the TMLs removed that stuff from the site……


    I’ll explain how this works, in the leafs bio pages there is an action shot, well I changed Aki_Berg.jpg to Sergei_Gonchar.jpg……………..Maybe its not a Hacker

  32. greatlife15 says:

    its aki berg. so?

  33. greatlife15 says:

    its a picture of gonchar in washington jersey so?

  34. Phluxed says:

    thats what i was saying

  35. Phluxed says:

    The devils may now be in the serious race for Gonchar. Expect him to ask for a move to be made soon, and Toronto to make the move as quickly as they can. JFJ was on the celly a lot last night really laying some stuff out, as if he were trying to convince. Hope to see Gonchar by tuesday. Hed like to get the deal done on monday so he can be in the lineup tuesday, and be around for the 6 straight at home the leafs have.

  36. greatlife15 says:

    that would be a good trade for all but seriously i don’t think there’s much chance of that happening.

  37. LeafsCrazy2430 says:

    Man you better be right. Gonchar is a skilled defenseman with the puck. The sooner they add him the better. is it just colaiacovo whos headin off to washinton? Anyway Sergei Gonchar is just one example of a player who will lead toronto to victory.

  38. Dober says:

    you’re a still a fag

  39. Lint07 says:

    lamest comeback ever!

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