Good time to be a Leaf fan

Following the Leafs win Saterday night against the Senators, I realized just how interesting it is to be a Leaf fan now a days. The expectations on this team have dropped to pretty much zero. Does that mean the rest of the games this season are meaningless? Of course not, because as long as one of the two teams is in the playoff hunt, every game is interesting.

And Leaf fans are yet again getting a taste of the success from injuries. Face it, if you look at the Leafs best stretches of the last 10 years in the regular season, and the playoffs, what do they have in common? They’re all injury plagued times. Maybe the reason the Leafs started so poorly was because they were so healthy early on?

And Cliff Fletcher….Call him a good GM, call him a bad GM, call him whatever you want. you’ll never call him a boring GM. You can bet on the leafs making a few headlines in the next few weeks (on things more interesting than a smothered puck in practice).

The Ferguson era will go down as both bad, and boring. Ferguson tried to milk the assets Quinn left him for too long, and they ran out. Fletcher will actually bring a change to the organization. And at this point, change is the best thing for the Leafs.

Hopefully we can see some old players wearing another teams jersey, and some new faces (or faceless draft picks) wearing ours.