Goodenow and Bettman To Meet Next Week

NHLPA head Bob Goodenow is reportedly inviting Gary Bettman to Toronto to discuss a “new” NHLPA program that they say can create a new CBA. Bettman and his team will be there with bells on as time expires on any potential season.

Recently the NHLPA denied reports they were working on a new offer saying they made the “last offer”. The NHL claims their last offer was further away from the “cost certainty” and “salary cap” that they demand.

A few predictions:

1) Hockey WILL be played this year. It will start Mid-January (say Jan 21, 2005) for 40 game season like in the 1994 seaon.

2) The NHL might take a soft cap and might accept a higher limit on a cap along with some franchise player excepmtions etc…

3) My girlfriend can return my Christmas presents because all I need is hockey for the holidays or even the HOPE of hockey.

4) Not all of the player in Europe will return and the NHL will be better for it. 1/2 a year working on your prospects might be one of the best things that has ever happened to the league.

5) The Rangers will tank the season to try to get Sid Crosby and they will right to do it.

6) Alex Ovechkin will be better than Sid Crosby (this one will start some discussion on HTR)

7. I will fly to NYC from LA for my fantasy hockey draft.

Here’s to hope!