Grahame To Make Another Trip?

(From Bob McKenzie,

As if there weren’t enough Kyle McLaren trade speculation already, the Boston Bruins’ trading today of netminder John Grahame to Tampa Bay for a draft pick will fuel even more rumours that the B’s are on the verge of another big move.

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Of course, it’s worth noting that all trade rumours these days should be taken with a grain of salt because trades don’t happen easily or often. And if McLaren had been traded every time some media outlet figuring they had the scoop said he was traded, he would have played for more NHL teams by now than Michel Petit.

That said, it’s difficult to ignore the whispers on the grapevine and the most interesting of those are now emanating out of Tampa Bay.

It seems that when the Lightning acquired Grahame today, the rank-and-file players were a little unsettled, to say the least. Nikolai Khabibulin’s backup Kevin Hodson is, by all accounts, extremely popular with his mates and the players didn’t understand why management was making the move for Grahame at the expense of Hodson.

The story goes, for what it’s worth, that when certain Lightning players broached the subject of their discontent with management, they were told not to get too agitated because more things would soon be happening and it would all become apparent what the Grahame deal is all about.

Well, that’s all that’s required for NHL players to begin doing what the media does — recklessly speculating on who’s coming and going.

The first tip-off that these whispers coming out of Tampa might be bogus is that it all hinges on a three-way trade, which is as rare as a John Rigas sighting in the HSBC Arena.

The supposed teams involved are Boston, Tampa Bay and the New York Islanders. This isn’t a new flight of fancy, by the way, but it’s one that will pick up steam now that the B’s and Bolts made today’s transaction.

By the time all is said and done, according this highly-speculative scenario, the Lightning will end up trading some combination of Grahame, Pavel Kubina and/or Freddy Modin to the Islanders for some package that includes defenceman Roman Hamrlik as its centerpiece.

The Isles, meanwhile, would then trade netminder Chris Osgood and who knows what else to the Bruins in exchange for McLaren. The Isles would then install some combination of Grahame, Garth Snow and Rick DiPietro as their goaltenders.

Personally, I’d likely keel over if this actually unfolded. But it’s what a number of NHL players are talking about today. If they’re talking about it, and they are, then we should be at least be talking about them talking about it.

Now, would I go on television and report it as a possibility? No, because to do that you better be reasonably confident it has a chance of happening. There’s nothing more embarrassing in this business than reporting news that doesn’t happen.

It can be a little bit of an occupational hazard. If you’re going to make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs. But if, in the interest of becoming a renowned chef, your kitchen looks like a bomb went off, well, then no one is going to take you seriously.

Sooner or later, McLaren is going to be traded. If it’s to the Islanders, it should suprise no one.

A week ago, it looked like McLaren was going to Long Island in exchange for Brad Isbister and Raffi Torres, but the Islanders apparently decided that was a little rich for their blood.

On Friday, there were reports the Isles and Bruins had completed a deal: McLaren for Isbister and a draft pick, conditional only on McLaren signing a new contract with the Islanders. Twenty-four hours later, the reports were the opposite. That is, the two teams never fully agreed on a deal and the contract wasn’t even a factor, at that point.

Today, we have a little disgruntlement in Tampa Bay, which sparks some chit chat about a three-way blockbuster.

Could happen, I guess. Probably won’t. But something with McLaren is likely to happen sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we’re left with the rumours, which should not be confused with facts.

40 Responses to Grahame To Make Another Trip?

  1. mikster says:

    Quite interesting.

    Interesting to see Grahame, Snow and DiPietro as a tandem. How strong is that?

  2. Stocker says:

    I dont think that the 3 way deal will go down…right now mclarens value is not even close to 100%, wherever he goes he would eithier get sent down or do a lot of conditioning to get back to the nhl level..i would take the mclaren for isbister myself or possibly mclaren and stumpel for osgood and aucoin

  3. PeterPuck says:

    I think you are forgetting about the Hackett and Bruins rumor….I don’t think the Habs will trade directly with the Bruins , but another team involved might work, as a habs fan, I would hate to see Hack in a B’s uniform, yikes…

  4. rojoke says:

    So lemme get this stright. The Isles get Hamrlik and futures for Grahame, Kubina and/or Modin. The Isles then deal Osgood and futures to Boston for McLaren. If that’s the scenario, then it’s not really a three-way deal, it’s two straight trades.

    It almost makes sense, if it didn’t involve Grahame going to Long Island. With Grahame going to NY, does he become no. 1 or no. 2? If Grahame were to end up in Long Island, and Osgood to Boston, why the trade to Tampa, for the pick? It’s a little far-fetched. Why not just swap them, straight up or in a package?

  5. titans says:

    Any time you can fit in a Michal Petit reference it’s a great article!!

  6. Islesfreak says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting sick and tired of these nonsense rumors. Why would the Islanders trade Hammer? Also, in the middle of a playoff push they’re going to trade a veteran goalie who is on top of his game? I don’t think so. Dipietro is not ready to carry this team yet. Finally, Bruins fans have to think objectively when discussing players to trade for Mclaren. Stop with these packages that include Dipietro and anybody else. Mclaren is not even worth Isbister.

  7. nskerr says:

    Ok, so let me get this straight. The Isles who are playing very well lately are going to give up a top 3 defenseman for a defenseman who hasn’t played all season and is injury prone, their number 1 goalie who came in second for player of the month in December for a goalie who was lit up by the Isles a week ago and another player (Isbister or Torres) for Kubina. How stupid would this trade be for the Islanders?

  8. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    This is hogwash!!! I don’t know where to begin on bashing this fictional fantasy that someone dreamt up last night.

    1st off I can’t figure the part out where Grahme gets dealt to Tampa from Boston prior to a 3-way trade that includes Boston and Tampa??????

    I think that the Islanders should include Snow, Dipietro, Aucoin, Hamrlik, Isbister, Osgood and Peca in order to land Grahme who sucks, McLaren who hasn’t played this season, Modin who I can’t complain too much about and with the extra players I have added maybe they can land some mid round draft picks.

    Why not? It’s as far fetched as this other crap that is allowed to be posted. Hell maybe they can make it an 8 team blockbuster and just unload the entire roster and keep Yashin, surely they will find the winger they are looking for to play alongside Alexei.

  9. JohnFlan22 says:

    Ok, I’m going to now “make up” a trade that actually makes sense for the isles now in stead of this crapolla that simply rapes them of talent for shit,.

    to tampa bay: Hamrlik

    to isles: Martin St.louis

    to boston: Dipietro, isbister, trent Hunter

    to isles: mclaren,lapointe, first round pick

  10. mikster says:

    Hmmm, the Isle’s get Martin St. Louis, McLaren, Lapointe, and a 1st round while TB just gets Hamrlik, and Boston gets an inexperienced goalie, a bust risk in Isbister, and Hunter who is ‘ok’.

    Geee….doesn’t make any sense to me!!! Isle’s fan, neh?

  11. dereksanderson says:

    This deal makes sense to me. The Isles gain, the Bruins gain and Tampa finally has to give up a player that is actually worth something in the deal rather then let go of low value modin and underachieving Kubina.

  12. IslesFan11 says:

    By the time all is said and done, according this highly-speculative scenario, the Lightning will end up trading some combination of Grahame, Pavel Kubina and/or Freddy Modin to the Islanders for some package that includes defenceman Roman Hamrlik as its centerpiece.

    The Isles, meanwhile, would then trade netminder Chris Osgood and who knows what else to the Bruins in exchange for McLaren. The Isles would then install some combination of Grahame, Garth Snow and Rick DiPietro as their goaltenders.

    So the deal would be:

    Isles Get: Grahame, Kubina, Modin, McLaren

    Bruins Get: Osgood, and something else

    Tampa Gets: A package including Hamrlik

    Really not a bad deal for the Isles depending on what else they have to include.Sooner or later Osgood will be traded anyways to make room for DiPietro, might as well be when he has some value. It wouldn’t be smart to trade Hamrlik, but the Isles would be getting that tough rugged d-man they’ve missed since trading Chara and they also get Kubina who has all the goods to be a great offensive d-man. Modin isn’t great, but if he can score around 20-30 goals, the Isles could use that kinda production.

    Still farfetched though. It’s a rather complicated deal if you ask me.

  13. Lint07 says:

    The deal would look like this:

    To Tampa Bay: R.Hamrlik(NYI)

    To NYI: K.McLaren(BOS), J.Grahame(TB), F.Modin(TB)

    To Boston: C.Osgood(NYI), B.Isbister(NYI)

    Each team would get what they want.

    Tampa GM has denied it but you never know, there’s no smoke without a fire…

  14. bsfan1914 says:

    wow you just wasted alot of your time bcuz it was reported as imminent in the globe

    so ya why dont u go find other people to annoy

  15. wingerxx says:

    I can understand the Isles trying to pry Modin from Tampa, but why would they want McLaren or Kubina over Hamrlik? Even with the salary differentials, they are making a run to the playoffs, and Hamrlik is having a good year. Why trade him for someone who hasn’t even played yet this season. Or for someone who is supposedly on the outs in Tampa? Hamrlik is a guy they’re going to want come playoff time. If they want Grahame, why did they trade Snow? Its not like Grahame will ever be a hot commodity in New York. DiPietro is not quite ready to take over in New York, although he will get there. I can’t imagine Milbury getting much less than an All-Star calibre player IF he traded DiPietro, which I don’t think even he is crazy enough to do. And if not an All-Star player, then something darn close. There isn’t too much that makes real sense here…then theres the Isbister/McLaren rumor…..agh… we’ll never know til something does or doesn’t happen.

  16. wingerxx says:

    oops…this rumor is starting to mess with my head

  17. wingerxx says:

    I think NYI is going to want Ozzie for the playoff run, unless they fall out of it unexpectedly. But jeez…you never know.

  18. beckfan says:

    I think that would be stupid.

  19. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    What are you claiming the Globe reported as imminent???? I just searched the Globe for Osgood and the most recent article I could find was when Lapointe skated into Osgood on Jan. 7th. Can you remember that game???

    there are a lot of ?? in this trade rumor so I’d honestly like to know who is going where according to the globe.

    And I enjoy annoying the living hell out of you. You are the first person to make a personal comment towards me so be proud. I’ll believe this trade when I see it. The Globe probably reported that a World Series Title was immenent in ’86 as well. huh?

  20. beckfan says:

    Not happening. The Islanders are not tradeing Accoin, ever. He dose way too much for that club for them to even consider tradeing him. Especially for Mclaren to take over his spot!

  21. beckfan says:

    PEOPLE!!! All of you have been arguing about possible trade senarios for KYLE MCLAREN! Please, I could see if you were arguing over Leetch or Lidstrom but your not. Mclaren is a selfish injury prone peice of shit holdout. STOP!!!!! TheIslanders are not going to give up Hamerlik or Accoin or Isbister for this statue or even give up Osgood or Depietro for that street cone Grhamme. This is getting extremely annoying and i bet, I BET!, you guys cant go one week without posting some bogus rumor or some dumb trade proposal.

  22. bsfan1914 says:

    yes people post bogus shit and rumors get exagerated but never the less the name of the site is hockeytraderumors not hockeytrades

  23. Lint07 says:

    Whatever, get over it.

  24. aaron says:

    *laughs* And while they’re at it, Tampa and Boston can throw in Lecavilier and Thornton, eh?

  25. NYIchooch75 says:

    Yeah, okay…let’s trade our #1 goalie and probably one of the top 3 defenseman in the Eastern conference for a guy who hasn’t played in almost 10 months and a pussy winger who can score 20 goals.

    How about this…Thornton and Samsanov for Snow and Kvasha? Sounds fair doesn’t it.

  26. NYIchooch75 says:

    Well fucking said! They’re beginning to be just as bad as Leaf and Ranger$ fan$. The players on their team are the best and worth “so much.” Grahame is easily worth 10 Isbisters, 1 Peca and 1/2 a Yashin. If he is that fucking good, why is rumored to be traded to Tampa for NOTHING. My favorite was the genius who suggested Aucoin and Osgood for McLaren and Stumpel. HA!

  27. NYIchooch75 says:

    You’re missing something though…Hamrlik is a better D-Man than McLaren, and Isbister, just like Modin, can “possibly” score 20 goals. Why not cut your losses, let Osgood go for nothing and still wind up with a better defensman and same crap shoot scoring winger?

  28. NYIchooch75 says:

    Why would the Isles do this? Hamrlik is better than McLaren, Osgood is better than Graham and Modin and Isbister are about the same. It doesn’t make sense.

    And still, it creates a logjam in the crease. The Islanders will only trade Osgood to make room for DiPietro. Graham is not bringing the Islanders anywhere, and Milbury isn’t giving up on the season yet.

  29. NYIchooch75 says:

    Excellent point on McLaren and Graham. Finally, someone who has a brain!

  30. rojoke says:

    You want an All-Star calibre player for a guy who’s main claim to fame is being the first goalie drafted number one overall? What do you mean by All-Star calibre? Someone who’s played in the All-Star game? Someone who might play in the All-Star game in two years? Someone who might play in the All-Star game in five years? Or do you want one of the twelve guys named to the All-Star team at the end of the year?

    When he did play with the Isles two seasons ago, the team in front of him was bad. He went to Bridgeport, took them to the Calder Cup final, and made a huge step in his development; that being he can win games at the minor pro level. Step two is to do it at the NHL level. He’s played well on an underachieving (dare I say mediocre) team this season, so maybe he’s making that step. But at this point, I don’t think he’s worth an All-Star calibre player.

  31. JohnFlan22 says:


  32. wingerxx says:

    basically someone who can play on Yashin’s line and make it nasty to play against. unfortunately, there aren’t many players on the block that I would take for DiPietro that would fit this bill. I’ve always thought this is the Isle’s problem. I don’t think he should be dealt anyway. But if he was, thats the kind of guy(s) I would want in return. It makes no sense to trade him, unless Milbury really, really gets impatient and wants to shake things up. You don’t just trade your top prospects for a mediocre player or two. I think Milbury realizes that. He’d want someone who can make an impact now, and in the future. But who knows man… just never know.

  33. Lint07 says:

    I think your caps lock button is on, John.

  34. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    No doubt. I didn’t bother to respond to that fantasy rumor either. But this other cat is posting BS. I looked throught the Globe–nothing. Something is going to happen but I don’t see too many teams in the league willing to dish a goalie to Boston right now. They can royally screw Boston since the appear to have traded Grahme prematurely.

  35. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    Now you’re talking. Kvasha to anyone for anyone. Sound fair???

  36. puckshot says:

    all you islander fans think a dynasty is coming back! huh! you think your team is too good to trade certain players. that is why your a fan and not a team exec.

    here’s the real deal on grahame going to islanders. he won ahl championship at providence with who as his coach? why laviolette, how interesting. and isn’t the isles roster sprinkled with his players. sure is. hamerlk does not want to stay, niether does osgood. that is nothing new. and why wait for osgood to sour before trading him. milbury won’t, so get ready for some changes on the island, only you will not win the cup this year or for the next dozen years or so. hopefully once they make the trade they throw those stupid orange uniforms in for a bucket of pucks. tampa , with dudley running the show knows what they need to win, but will not. mclaren on any team makes them a better team. and he hits unlike “the hammer” ask zednik. defense wins championships, detroit knows that, that is why they are still after mclaren. and lapointe will not be traded by boston. rangers may try and beat everyone to mclaren by offering lindros for mclaren and stumpel ( please send stumpel anywhere) . all this is straight from some well placed nhl scouts, so all the “know it alls” make trades with your fantsy teams, that is only way they will happen.

  37. NYIchooch75 says:

    So I understand you know Osgood and Hamrlik personally. I mean, it sure sounds like it, because you know how much they hate it on the Islanders. Oh, and you also have some contact with real NHL scouts, huh. Wow! Do you have any other juicy reports. Any really good rumors? Shit, I’ll even take some more of your Weekly World News-esque reporting on some other sad, unhappy players. Do you have any good stories on any players who have issues because their father pushed them too hard? Oh, and thanks for the exclusive on how Osgood and Hamrlik feel. I’m sure they are worried about your newsworthy expose on them.

    Also, you’re a Boston fan I assume, right? If McLaren is sooooo damn good , you keep him. Personally, I wouldn’t trade Cairns for him. Remember, hitting isn’t everything. Look at Kasparaitis on NYR. So before you open your ignorant mouth, think before you speak. Milbury came out today and said nothing was “imminent.” Both he and Tampa said the report of the 3-way trade was ridiculous.

  38. garry1221 says:

    the wings???>…….STILL after mclaren???….. dude…. i don’t know what u been puffin on, but please do share…. it must be good cause the wings have NEVER had ANY intrest in mclaren, if we wanted a player like mclaren we’d give atlanta half a bag of pucks and we’d get krupp back lmao…. nice jokes though

  39. bsfan1914 says:

    nyr is like a black hole once u go in u dont come out!!

  40. wingerxx says:

    The Rangers’ defense doesn’t need any more personnel, and they need Lindros too much to trade him for a guy like McLaren. no go.

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