Gratton to Colorado

The Denver Post reported today that the Avalanche are ‘mulling’ a trade for Gratton. No mention of who they would part with to obtain Gratton, although he was mentioned as taking Serge Aubin’s spot in the lineup. The Avs are apparently trying to fill a gap they perceive in third line scoring (and second line too most likely). While I expect that Colorado will make a deal before March 11, Gratton for Aubin won’t happen. I’ve always considered Gratton overrated, but perhaps a $2mil third line center is just what the Avalanche need…

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  1. Sands says:

    I truly believe that after all these small deals a bigger deal is always on it’s way to happen……The Devil’s are going to make a big deal soon…. That’s my take on this.

  2. aaron says:

    Take Aubin’s spot? Sounds good to me. Always nice to see key energy players taken out of the lineup of potential playoff rivals.

  3. Rico71 says:

    Let’s hope they don’t trade anything good for this loser. Not like he’s able to have any impact whatsoever. He’s a bust…even if he’s having a so-so year in Buffalo.

    How can he contribute in Colorado if he cannot make an impact on a very low-level team like Buffalo? Unless they move him to left wing on Sakic’s line, I don’t see him helping out. Sakic did manage to help Mike Hough get 50+ points for a couple of seasons in Quebec, I guess he could help Gratton a bit. *lol* Anyone remember Mike Hough? I wonder where he is now.

  4. TheDuk says:

    Personally I just can’t stand Gratton and have never understood why ANYONE would want him on their team. If Colorado is gonna trade with Buffalo, get Satan.

  5. swedishvoice says:

    The move of Gratton will not happen. The Sabers are not aloud to trade, sell or deal as long as they are not sold so… not going to happen.

  6. Leaf_Expert says:

    Very possible… But my bet is more on the Canucks…

  7. Rico71 says:

    Sorry to borst your bubble…but they just traded Varada to Ottawa for a prospect.

    They can trade to drop some salary probably…but they cannot get players in return that would cost more than what they give.

  8. OldNord says:

    He finished his career with the Panthers I think???

    Are you an old fan of the Nordiques like me before they were gone?

  9. amok says:

    Hough’s probably still washing Joe’s car after all the points Sakic helped him put up.

  10. amok says:

    Those rumours have been floating around Vancouver the whole season. Burke only seems to deal when the team needs it.. and right now the only thing they need is health.

  11. IllinoisAVSfan says:

    HELLS yea, go for Satan!!!

  12. Nyteshades says:

    I’d much rather have Ignila but I don’t want to part with Tanguay to get him. No way do you touch Forsberg’s line right now.

    I could see the league letting the Gratton deal happen, he’s not much of an impact player and it wouldn’t matter.

    And whatever deal they make, I wish they put Skoula in the trade. That way he doesn’t screw us again in the playoffs.

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