Great Day to Be an American, Too Much on Comrie, A Shot at Larry Brooks and more

Challenging Mikster

It’s a great day to ba an American and an Iraqi.

This Comrie story is too exaggerated, hopefully it ends soon.

A step away from the worst journalist (Garrioch), and a shot at NY’s media rumor headcase Larry Brooks.

My comments on a couple of articles, and my replies to the previous CM article’s comments.

Also…… off-topic rant and my two favorite music CDs of 2003.The evil satanic dictator has finally been caught by US troops. FINALLY! A part of the evil world has been capture and will be put to justice. Thank you USA, and a big thank you to all the men and women who fought to get this bastard. And, take that you European socialist a-holes.

Moving on……..

The Mike Comrie story is starting to become a big chaotic confusion. It’s gotten to a certain point where I’ve had enough of it. If I was Kevin Lowe, right now I’d call the deal off and make Mike Comrie hold out the rest of the year. If I were GM Murray, of the Ducks, I’d also call the deal off. I still am on GM Lowe’s side. I mean, these players and agents have to learn a lesson from this. And you know what, I think it’s not a bad idea when a player decides to hold out and request to be traded that he pays a fine in order to get traded. Obviously not a fine of $2.3M, but a hefty one.

These hold outs have GOT to stop. Players have too much of a say when it comes to these moments, and it’s the general manager and the rest of his staff that decides what to do, not the player. Comrie has shown no respect to his team, to his home land, and to his fans.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post speculates that Eric Lindros is being showcased and then may be involved in a three-way deal with the Red Wings and Coyotes, further saying that Sean Burke comes to Broadway. Now, he must have smoked and sniffed something to say that. I am shocked, and confused at his idea of replacing Dunham with an older and injury prone goalie.

Get a clue Mr. Brooks. I mean, say something that makes sense when you speculate about Lindros being showcased. I would trade him to Detroit for a 1st rounder and a prospect. Lindros will not earn $9M dollars this season since he’s been injured. His price is lower and base salary is already getting paid. Basically, he’s not a big financial addition for the Wings. Hey, makes more sense than a 3-way deal involving Sean Burke.

datsyuk13 writes:

“As of now Pavel Datsyuk, yes i’m sure you have seen some of his highlight real goals but haven’t really thought much of him unless you are a wings fan but he is now leading the NHL in Points…

And its sad to see that he isnt even in the all-star voting when he obviously deserves to be there. Yzerman is gettin a lot of votes and theres nothing for Datsyuk! I said it the first time i saw Pavel skate, this guy is gonna be a superstar, well now he is and no one even is giving him credit for A.)leading the Wings in points (they have a lot of talent), let alone B.)LEADING THE NHL IN POINTS!!! Give the damn kid some recognition and vote for him to get him to the all-star game! HE NEEDS YOU TO VOTE SO DO IT!”

I recognize Datsyuk’s massive offensive power as of late, especially since he is on my fantasy team. He is a highly skilled player with a mind full of creativity. Makes me want to ask…”Who was Fedorov?”. There’s still a bit more than a month left. He will get a lot of recognition soon. It’s just that there is a ton of trade rumors going on, the whole Comrie saga, and the media is all caught up with those….topics. You’re looking at a lethal Russian player who will look great playing with Kovalchuk. Say, GM Holland already hoping that Ilya Kovalchuk will ask for too much money and so the Wings will make an offer that no one will beat? I wouldn’t be surprised!

noggin writes:

“Became restricted free agent after 1991-92 season but refused to accept Edmonton’s lowball contract offer of $600,000 per year over two seasons, instead holding out and waiting until team could orchestrate a trade. Hoping to be dealt to Montreal, he was disappointed when Edmonton traded him to N.Y. Rangers, and he took six more days before signing with new team. …

Found this on the net,,,, It describes how Mr Lowe left the OIL

Wadda you think of your little ” give me back our money you can’t dictate where you can be traded ” angel now !!

Interested in your thoughts”

Well, I find that as just a dull way to take Comrie’s side. First of all, Lowe, back then, wasa great defenseman and a Cup winning player. His value qas definitely different than Comrie’s right now. Also, back then the Oilers were not so financially cash strapped.

If anything, it’s a What Comes Around Goes Around for Comrie. He got greedy for more money, and now the Oilers are greedy with Comrie’s money.

Let’s take a look back at our previous CM’s comments that I didn’t get to reply.

Bretzky writes:

“Mikster writes the best articles on here. (Besides me, when I write my one article per 7 months because I’m so damn lazy). Seriously though, great article; very interesting; Mikster always has something new to bring to the table. Fun read.”

I know I do Bretz, because I am the best as well! And Mantaray….who replied “Are you kidding me?”…na, of course he is not kidding!

starsgirl25 writes:

“this is my new feeling about the stars- they will turn it around soon, they’ve been making small steps toward getting better. and if my team(ft.worth brahmas) can snap a 13 game losing streak, get their first home win and 3 win overall on the season in one night, then the stars can deffinatly make a turn around in the right direction.

and the best cars ever are VW beetles. my friend has one, i want one(silver, sunroof, manual, 6 cd player) they are really nice cars. they might look small, but you can fit about 7 people in them.”

Well, it takes time but the West is a hard Conference to compete with. Until Mike Modano steps it up, the Stars will be a team, like the Rangers, jumping around the .500 mark. And for your VW Beetle, you’ll get one!

Levitate writes:

i’m feeling rather confrontational this morning, soo…

**** you for calling us ranger fans who don’t want jagr “wimps” and telling us to get some balls

**** you for being the wimp who wants to look for a quick fix in an overpriced underachieving superstar with motivation problems and who has never gotten along with any coach and goes into scoring slumps when he doesn’t get his way

you know what? jagr has what, 11 goals? big damn deal..messier has 10. i expect a helluva lot more out of jagr than that and i’m sick of the cries of “well jagr wants to be in new york so if he’s traded here he’ll take off and play amazing”

**** that, you dont’ know that’s true, jagr will always be a little whiny prick. add to that, the caps will NOT trade jagr for a bag of pucks, they’re gonna want some pretty damn good compensation

so **** you, you’re the wimp who wants a quick fix in the form of a overhyped has been.

if you had presented your view without the name calling, fine, but fuck you for trying to put the rest of us down

That was so much fun, wasn’t it? I laughed till I pee’d…..and then I laughed at that.

Anyway, I’ve said it before that Rangers fans are impatient fans who PMS. Well, I am one of them. Once again last night the Rangers lose because of their INABILITY to score the key goals on the PP. The refs made a horrible call on Lindros with the Leaf guy diving like a Chinese stunt man (by the way, refs were seriously pathetic in that game, and the NHL made itse;f a joke by only handing out one game suspension to Adam Mair and two games to Mironov for defending himself, makes sense?). What happened? The Leafs scored. That was the turning point of the game. What would have been the turning point of the game for the Rangers? If they scored on the PP. They didn’t. When the Rangers go on the PP, I have a feeling of “God, I hope they score on this one”. If Jagr was wearing a Rangers on’d be more like “Something will happen.”

Look, six is too long, why ride this team all the way where it will, at best, be around 3 to 5 games over .500, risking for a loss to 8th playoff seed. Make that seven years. And so the Rangers let go their veterans, trade some, and then they are stuck with youngsters and veteran players in a rebuilding mode. That could add eight years and maybe nine years. You’re willing to wait that long? Fine with me.

I don’t think that wanting my team to win and make the playoffs makes me a wimp. I want them to take the risk on Jagr, they took it with Pavel Bure and Eric Lindros. I want the playoffs. That does not make me a wimp. The ones who say no to Jagr, let’s risk failing without any attempts to make it this season, and just go with young players the next couple of years, and who cares if we’r emissing the playoffs in a rebuilding mode. Come on……..that sounds ridiculous.

GretzNYR99 writes:

“The people who keep saying that the Rangers should build for the future should take a good look at Hartford and at Jimmy Schoenfeld, Ryan McGill, and Nick Fotiu have done down there, then if they have the balls to challenge the numbers, come back and say it again.”

Glen Sather has done a maginificent job with the minor league system. He completely changed the staff, the system, and scouts are much better. Because of call ups and injuries, the Wolfpack are not the best AHL team anymore, but they are still one of the better ones because of their age. Acquiring 22 year old Wiseman for 27 year old Nils Ekman, who’s doing well in San Jose, was a great small move. Putting Schoenfeld and Nick Fotiu there was also smart. Adding Tom Renney to the Rangers organization has been great. He’s been a great player developper, has a great draft structure. The future Rangers nucleus holds Blackburn, Henrik Lundqvist, Lundmark, Moore, Murray, Ortmyer, Wiseman, Tjutin, Lampman, State, and Stals. Can’t wait for Huge Speciman (Jessiman) to come in the group soon. Hartford is not made up by the Bob Erreys and the Brad Smyths, or Derek Armstrong’s anymore. By the way, how is Pavel Brendl doing? Hah!

JoeKO writes:

“I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Car and Driver needs to have their heads examined. The Prius makes me want to gag every time I see it. On the same idea, what’s with that brick Honda made? WHY do people buy those? Think about it! IT’S A BRICK. THERE WAS MORE STYLE INVOLVED IN THE FLINTSONE CAR!!!”

EXACTLY! Yeah, I completely agree with you.

NYR88Express writes:

“Japanese cars are the worst. 95% plastic, 5% metal….theyre ugly too!

the best cars in the world? here they are:

GERMANY: Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Opel

ITALY: Fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, DeTomaso, Maserati, Lancia, Alfa Romeo

and not to mention Volvo, Rover, Seat, Peugeot, Lada, Skoda

hands down, Europeans now how to make the best damn cars…theyre fast, theyre powerful, they’re durable and they last for MANY years…i don’t mean the ones that you will find here in North America…i mean actual ones that you will buy from a dealer in the EU

i think Mikster will agree with me, right neighbor? Italia – Grecia”

Exactly, 5% plastic. Come on, that Honda Element is a Rubbermaid plastic tapperware. Fiat is ok…don’t like it too much and the ownership is idiotic and chaotic. I hope General Motors gets more than the current 40% they own, they need to turn Fiat around. Alfa Romeo is a favorite of mine. See, Japanese cars miss that hostoric value. A 1920’s Alfa could be worth over a million dollars. And yes, I agree with you, neighbor!

My off-topic rant…..

I like beer, a lot. I like to taste lots of beers and Belgian beer being one of my favorite, then UK beer. I was a big fan of Killian’s Red. I liked it, and it was the kind of beer I got once a month. Somehow, and I am sure this is not new either, last night I had a bottle of Killians and it tasted weird, tasted different than the Killians I know. I take a look at the bottle and it said Product of USA. What the hell is that about! I got ripped off paying the same amount of money that I spend on Imported Killians and it does not even taste as good as Irish Killian’s Red. Bah, I am upset at Geroge Killian’s family for making that decision.

My two favorite CD albums of 2003:

Dropkick Murphys Blackout album. Great music, fun to listen to in a bar, or during a hockey game. I am into Punk Rock, so….they are great! I appreciate their lyrics and their ways of being proud of what and who they are. Waving the American flag in one of their concerts, unlike the anti-American Punk bands, like Pennywise (From the Ashes sucks). So, if you got a good Irish and American spirit, and into Punk Rock….these guys kick ass.

On December 9th, Offspring’s new album came to stores. I agree with what Dexter Holland said, every one of their albums that has one word in its title is excellent (Smash, Americana, and now Splinter). They completely elevated and matured their skills. They said they tried new things, and those new things are great. A nice mix of Punk Rock with some cool tech sounds, a SKA song in their, and better rock sound overall. If you’re not too much inot Punk music, this is still very good to get. Way to go Offspring!

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  1. GretzNYR99 says:

    You’re the moron who confused Hussein with Bin Laden… how are you gonna “rip into me” when you can’t even get the 2 right?

    Homo? And you used “anal lubrication” in your first sentence… something’s not right here, and I’m not the one making the homoerotic innuendos.

  2. 24cups says:

    Yes Im a fuckin Italo french canadian and in french is IraK you fuckin cunt. If you can’t open your mind cuz im everything except an american, get lost!!! Don’t try to change subject and tell me again that americans were the only ones involved in IraK. Come on, show us all how you’re dumb.

    Shame on you

  3. 24cups says:

    what the fuck is up with you dirty mother fucker.

    If we don’t like the same music as you, it’s shit

    If we are not amercan, we’re shit

    If we don’t fuck our mom up the ass like you, we’re shit

  4. leafsrule31 says:

    hahaha.. man don’t you think your goin a little bit over board with the whole spazzin out thing now? what a fucking homo? you really are a little kid who can’t stand anyone with a difference of opinion.

    1.. none of those bands are even close to responsible with the sound that afi interjected in todays modern punk world… except with the misfits, who came with a fresh new style of punk around the same time afi and lagwagon did. all those other bands are responsible for is giving the world a poor sense of style, mentality, and terrible music with bad vocals claiming to be punk because it was fast, uncatchy and taking a stab at being unique and new to lifestyle.

    2.. afi is by far the best punk band to ever grace the earth. an amazing drummer, a totally unique vocalist, an incredible bass player capable of vertifying his own unique style for every song, and a guitarist who could provide them with a flat line to complement each and every style to their own, makes them the best punk BAND (you know group, team, togetherness : like you and your daddy) of all time. have you even listened to sing the sorrow more than once?.. its a titter bit corporatized, but still exemplifies the bands skills individually to create one sound, with fresh ideas that are the bands own. (fall children wasn’t an album, it was a song on the all hallows EP.. dicksmack)

    3. you need to realize that you know nothing about anything, and that if you put all this punk is a mentality bullshit behind you were your father is for about 2 seconds that afi is the best punk band of all time, instrumentally, superficially, artistically, and provided modern punk with the only thing thats going to be left for punk music in 20 years, the sound and style of the music. they differed from that bouncy were punk because were fast and think we are, so that makes us hardcore fake assed bullshit punk attitude that you are apparantly so fond of today.

    i don’t watch mtv.. mainly because it blows and is more stacked with drama than it ever has been music. but you, fuckface, need to stop spazzing the fuck out and grab a clue.. because you appear to be nothing but an immature spaz with a severe computer complex that hates other people having an opinion that differs from your own, and spends life feeding off of getting all hot and bothered having internet fights with someone thousands of km’s away. go pound ass you fucking splooge.

    shut the fuck up.

  5. leafsrule31 says:

    man seriously shut the fuck up. now your racking your brain for 2 and a half paragraphs absoloutly mortified at the fact that i (someone you don’t know and never will know) is in university, and spelt one world wrong??

    i can’t get over the fact that you, some fucked up waste of skin with serious anger management issues, is breathing (and wasting) the same oxygen that i, and millions of others could be depending on some day? your a fucking parasite and you need to get help before you colombine yourself to apparant greatness.

    seriously, i saw another.. yes ANOTHER, thousand word essay (fucking spaz) waiting for me and i said to myself, seriously man, fuck this guy, do i need to defend myself to someone of this mentality and social caliber? do i need to verify my opinion to some jerked-off 8th grader who’s just going to freak the fuck out when he sees it anyways? go waste someone elses time, take your war obsession and conduct some navy seal plan to steal some kids lunch money or something your a waste of time and life, and pretty much anything essential to anothers survival.

    and now your wishing death on me?.. wow your waaaay fucking over the edge, GET SOME THERAPY. your fucking twisted kid.

    please, shut.. the fuck up, and go the fuck away, obviously no one gives enough of a shit to listen to you praddle on about whatever the fuck it is your crying about for 3 more seconds.


  6. leafsrule31 says:

    man, seriously, don’t even waste your time on him. he’s just gonna come back and completely freak out at you for having any difference of opinion at all, then attempt to characterise what kind of person you are and what you do, then wish death upon you?

    the guy is a spaz with the mentality of a junior high school psych-ward patient. save yourself the trouble and don’t even bother. same for you 24cups. the guys plain cracked.

  7. brewstar03 says:

    They get Matty, Teppo, and Downey back in time for Vancouver tomorrow. They need all the help they can get.

  8. starsgirl25 says:

    yeah they do. speaking of defensemen, my dad met johnny erskine and steve ott( yes i know he’s not a d-man) and got their autographs for me, along with telling htem that at that moment i was at home watching the outdoor game that i now have on tape(thank you devfanman4) he said that erskine just laughed and thought it was cool i got someone to tape it for me. my dad also said that both were really nice to everyone and really well mannered.

  9. GretzNYR99 says:

    Once again, you contradict yourself. You’re not even worth the long reply, just read what you’re saying, and look at what you’re doing.

    YOU’RE A FUCKING WALKING CONTRADICTION. You sit on your soapbox and say “I don’t give a shit” but you sit here and reply to me each time. It makes no sense. And no, I didn’t wish Death on you, you fucking moron, I said I wouldn’t wish YOUR STUPIDITY on ANYONE. NOT DEATH. LEARN HOW TO READ AND SPELL.

    man seriously shut the fuck up. now your racking your brain for 2 and a half paragraphs absoloutly mortified at the fact that i (someone you don’t know and never will know) is in university, and spelt one world wrong?? – You SPELLED more than one word wrong in that post, kid. You still don’t know the difference between you’re and your? Sad.

    seriously, i saw another.. yes ANOTHER, thousand word essay (fucking spaz) waiting for me and i said to myself, seriously man, fuck this guy, do i need to defend myself to someone of this mentality and social caliber? do i need to verify my opinion to some jerked-off 8th grader who’s just going to freak the fuck out when he sees it anyways? go waste someone elses time, take your war obsession and conduct some navy seal plan to steal some kids lunch money or something your a waste of time and life, and pretty much anything essential to anothers survival. – What was the point of this? If I’m not worth it, if I’m such a waste of time, of a life, of skin, etc… then why did you reply? Why? I’ll tell you why you little bottom-feeding social expedite, you get no other attention in this fucking world. I’m doing your sorry ass a favor here, and excuse my language, but you need to be put in your place. People like you bring this site down.

    please, shut.. the fuck up, and go the fuck away, obviously no one gives enough of a shit to listen to you praddle on about whatever the fuck it is your crying about for 3 more seconds. – How can I shut the fuck up? I’m typing. “Obviously, no one gives enough of a shit to listen?” DING DING, WE’VE GOT A WINNER FOR BIGGEST HALF-WIT OF THE DAY! Once again, we’re TYPING not speaking. Just to add insult to injury here, you’re replying, and you don’t give a shit? Then stop replying. Give up the facade, you’re useless, face it. Take it like a man/boy, I don’t know what the fuck you are, what little integrity you once had has now went down the drain with each post you reply to contradicting yourself. You live for shit like this because I’m the only one who would give your sorry ass the time of the day to look at what you’re writing.

    I feel bad for your fellow Leaf fans. It’s morons like you who make them unwelcomed at sites like these.

  10. GretzNYR99 says:

    I don’t know about the latter, I don’t do it. If you’re into that, that’s fine with me, we all have our preferences, right? 🙂

  11. GretzNYR99 says:

    And Liberals aren’t simple-minded? You fucking fools are naive at best.


    I guess you think Saddam is a really nice guy who would sit down and have a nice conversation to acquire more land and power, and you must also think that he’s not greedy at all. Kudos to you for being one of the biggest jackasses in the world.

  12. GretzNYR99 says:

    think you should*

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    You need to get out of the house and find yourself a fucking friend. You’re a fucking tool, kid. At least he states FACTS. Your shit is a bunch of opinions CNBC shows regurgitated and spoon-fed to others on here.

    I guess you know a lot about junior high school psych-ward patients… I guess that old saying “it takes one to know one” holds true in this case.

  14. GretzNYR99 says:

    Once again, contradicting yourself, you’re like a broken record, and you’re all too predictable.

    AFI is the best punk band ever? WTF? YOU watch MTV, you’re a fucking moron. One thing you’re not going to argue with me is Music. I’ve been around music for more years than you’ve been LIVING. Pennywise KILLS AFI, Propagandhi, Osker, 98 Mute, Dwarves, Bouncing Souls, Rancid, Operation Ivy, Deviates, Exploited, early Offspring, and I’m not talking Smash, I’m talking Self-Titled debut.

    Punk isn’t WHINEY EMO SHIT, you fucking think Good Charlotte and New Found Glory are punk too. Punk isn’t a mentality, you moron. I don’t even CARE about what punk is. I know the sound, and I know how it’s supposed to be, and it certainly isn’t AFI anymore.

    Their drummer is good, yes. Ever hear Neil Peart from Rush? Ever see his set? 30 pieces, and plays all of them, and is considered one of the top 3 drummers in rock history, which excludes Jazz drummers, WHO WOULD BLOW ANY FUCKING ROCK DRUMMER OUT OF THE WATER LIKE NO ONE’S BUSINESS. John Bonham of Led Zeppelin… ever hear Immigrant Song by them? No drummer aside from his OWN DAMN SON can play the song, and he wasn’t even alive to TEACH IT TO HIM. Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater would KILL AFI’s drummer, just check out anything by Liquid Tension Experiment, it’s Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci from Dream Theater’s side project. I like older AFI, but they are NOT the best punk band ever, the Sex Pistols PERFECTED punk, the New York Dolls started it. The Ramones are more punk than present day Sing The Sorrow AFI. Fucking shitty music compared to their older stuff.

    all those other bands are responsible for is giving the world a poor sense of style, mentality, and terrible music with bad vocals claiming to be punk because it was fast, uncatchy and taking a stab at being unique and new to lifestyle. – No, WRONG. These bands are punk bands. Operation Ivy and Rancid are 2 of the biggest influences of punk bands. You’re just a little biased kid who’s so far up AFI’s ass becuase they got big. Go back to watching your MTV and being a closet Good Charlotte and New Found Glory fan.

  15. GretzNYR99 says:

    You need to get your facts straight kid.

  16. PurpleHelmet says:

    Actually you dumb fuck if you read my comment once more or get someone who can read to do it for you, you will see that it was not me who got the 2 confused but your shit for brains friend. Wow you Americans are idiots and no wonder the most hated fast food eating fucks in the world!

  17. PurpleHelmet says:

    Ahhhh, having to read the history books a little too taxing of a task for you moron. 1 war ever between Canada and the U.S., the score is Canada 1 the U.S. 0. Fuck you lard ass!

  18. PurpleHelmet says:

    Doesn’t that say something moron? It clearly demonstrates the American attitude of ignorance. What makes you think they don’t know better? What makes you think that they don’t know something you don’t? What makes you think that everything you know about Iraq and Hussein isn’t propaganda perpetuated by your government to justify their actions no matter what the cost? Maybe you should spend a little less time on your fat ass in front of CNN pumping your head with so called “facts” so that weak minded pricks who can’t think for themselves like GretzNYR99, speak out of their ass and make it is eay to digest.

  19. brewstar03 says:

    That is so cool. The closest I have been to an NHL player was when I saw a WHL game last year, and a couple of them are on Coyotes roster now. I really like Ott and Erskine, young guys. I hope they become a mainstay in Dallas. Especially since they are nice to the fans.

  20. TheCoach says:

    Ummm, last time I checked (on CNN – an American channel) the U.S has yet to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The UN inspectors didn’t find anything, and the States haven’t found anything. Makes you think, eh??? Propaganda??? Oil??? War???

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    Right. You just showed me how dumb YOU are. No use for you in this world, just kill yourself.

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    PurpleHelmet, lets change that to REDHELMET, as in a RedHelmetRetard. What makes you think that you know anything, you confused Bin Laden for Hussein in another reply, fuck off and die, prepubescent half-wit. The only good use you could ever serve is as Kamikaze pilot, if they could teach your stupid ass to fly a plane.

  23. GretzNYR99 says:

    No it was you alright kid. You’re the one who posted it. Not MantaRay.

  24. GretzNYR99 says:

    Once again, little red riding hood, you’re good for nothing. French and Indian war? I don’t think so, that was the French, not the Canadians.

  25. PurpleHelmet says:

    When was the last time you read a book?

  26. spazmainia13 says:

    The french were canadian, albeit they came from france(french Canadians, what do you know they still exist today)

    Just like the americans were originally from England!!!

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