Great Team Made Up of

Having watched almost all of the Oilers’ games this year no one player sticks out as “great”. As Martha Stewart says “and that’s a good thing”.

It seems to be how the team plays wins out over how one superstar plays. Washington will go as far as Ovechkin can take them, Iginla in Calgary, Sundin in toronto (thought I’d cause a stir among the leafs faithful!) I am not pulling this out of my rear end either, it’s backed up by the stats too. Take a look at the Oil’s stats

Horcoff 27 Pts

Stoll 24 Pts

Hemsky 24Pts

Smyth 22Pts

Torres 21Pts

Dvorak 15Pts

In no real order these are the top 2 lines for the Oilers. This is a problem most teams would love to have, a balanced line up. Throw in timely scoring from Moreau, Pisani, Reasoner, Peca, Laraque and Harvey and this is a real good team.

It is not just the offence the defence is playing well too. If they can eliminate some costly turnovers from guys like Cross and Ulanov the Oilers will have a shot at home ice in the western confrence.

All of you who say the weekness will be in goal, just hold your horses for a little while. I am still a fan of the goalies that the Oilers have. Markkanen has played well and has shown flashes of brilliance. Morrison (who was the best tender the Oilers’ had during camp) plays a technically sound game, but is not as athletic as Markkanen or Conklin. The jusry is still out with Mr. Conklin and Kevin Lowe will give him every oppurtunity to play, before pulling the trigger on his future. The 2 goalie strategy has worked before for the oilers… remember back to the days after Cujo, they played with two Backups Shtalenkov and Essensa, and faired quite well until they went and got Tommy Salo off the Island.

Another thing that shows this team is a good one, they lost 7 games in a row (only 1 loss in OT) and didn’t have to make a trade in order to right the ship.