Growth Of The Mobile Gaming Market

Before the advent of the smart phone mobile casino gaming was pretty much non-existent. But now, little over a decade later, the market for this strand of gambling is increasing at an exponentially higher rate, with brands like becoming very success. In fact, it is not even an exaggeration to say that the development of mobile casino has completely changed the industry in a way there is no going back from. Many developers are now designing their titles with mobile phones in mind before conventional computers; it is testimony to the massive popularity of this newfound gambling market.

The Stats

The statistics associated with the growth of the mobile gaming market for slot games are eye watering and a phenomenal indicator of where the industry is headed. For instance, in 2017 the global revenue was hitting approximately $56 billion, but now, in 2019, we are looking at a figure that is hitting $82 billion. Now, that is outrageous as it is, but many analysts are forecasting the growth to speed up if anything. In 2021 we could well be seeing a global mobile casino revenue of at least $106 billion. Now that really is astonishing.


Currently analysis shows that 44% of gamblers regularly use mobile casino apps, the crazy thing is that this is double the percentage from four years ago. It is also, fascinatingly, only 1% less than the number of players who use their laptops. But when you think about it a bit deeper is it even that surprising? Playing on a mobile means you can spin the reels from any conceivable location, provided there is an Internet source. No wonder people are turning to this method, it really is much more convenient.

The Future 

With the mobile gaming market it really is a case of the sky being the limit. Its growth is already hitting astronomical levels, and it is hardly a decade into its existence. As developers continue to optimise their titles for a mobile audience the industry will continue to grow exponentially. Something to bear in mind also is that there are still large swathes of the world in which smartphones aren’t all that common. Once these places are hit by the proliferation of the iPhone amongst others we would expect to see an even bigger increase in people taking part in mobile gaming across the globe.


Furthermore, in the UK a heavy set of regulations actually helped to breathe new life into the gambling industry, allowing for online casino (and therefore mobile) to expand into the place it is today. The same is not true for the US, which is yet to fully embrace the possibilities of a properly regulated online casino sphere. Once this happens there is no telling how much the market could inflate. Americans are historically keen gamblers, give them their beloved slots on a mobile platform and things could get very different indeed.

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