Guerin Out For Rest Of Season!!

According to Bill Guerin is likely out for the rest of the regular season after undergoing emergency surgery Saturday to relieve blood buildup in his thigh. He suffered the injury Thursday at Ottawa.

Guerin, second on the Stars with 25 goals and 50 points, bruised his thigh Thursday when he collided with Ottawa defenseman Chris Phillips in the third period.

The bruise caused a so-called compartment syndrome in Guerin’s thigh, in which severe internal bleeding cuts off circulation to the thigh muscle. Team doctor Dan Cooper operated to relieve the pressure Saturday night at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

Team officials said Guerin will miss four-to-six weeks. The Stars have 17 regular-season games left, including Sunday’s home game against Pittsburgh.

This is a severe blow to the Dallas Stars who have already lost starting goalie Marty Turco. This could easily force the Stars into becoming more active before the trade deadline. Already they’ve been rumored to be looking at Phoenix goalie Sean Burke.

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  1. mikster says:

    Well, now they’ll jump in the Iginla rumors to bring him back. The Stars have enough to trade as well! Who wouldn’t want Morrow?

    They also could go after Amonte, who’d fit well with Modano. Nolan could be an option, and the Sharks would love to take some young talent from the Stars.

  2. titans says:

    I betcha they will go after Nolan. But can you imagine a blockbuster deal to aquire both Burke and Amonte??? Wow! If it could happen the Stars would be the team to do it!

  3. WeStSiDe says:

    Dallas is the team to beat as far as im concerned, they are loaded with talent… They play well as a team… They have my vote for the cup as of today…

  4. Rushing says:

    Why don’t you people actually type out an article with your own goddamned words instead of just posting a stinking web adress?? This is really pissing me off!! Take a little time and think something out! Christ people stop being so lazy! And Peroni and Trademan why are you posting this?

    Hold on……..I didn’t post this……who was it? Hmmmmmmm

  5. slapshot1975 says:

    this is going to be VERY tough for them to handle…it pretty much forces them to make a deadline trade.

  6. titans says:

    I see nothing wrong with posting an article I’ve read somewhere else as long as I credit the source and then add a my own take. So before you try and be smart stop and think about the load of shit foaming out of your mouth you goddamned idiot!

  7. WeStSiDe says:

    Guerin will be back for the playoffs so not neccesarly..

  8. Rushing says:

    Don’t be so insulting as you usually are and throwing your idiotic comments into everybody’s posts. All you said was just like I posted in BOLD! You didn’t add your own take. In other words, quit shooting yourself in the foot.

    You are usually foaming at the mouth and throwing in sh!t with stupid little comments that have nothing what so ever to do with the subject matter such as pigs having sex. WOW, the things that amuse you.

  9. TheDuk says:

    Could blow the west wide open! It won’t be Forsberg coming back for the playoff like last year…

  10. mikster says:

    No way they’re getting Burke.

  11. mikster says:

    He meant….

    Don’t just copy and paste the article’s url and leave it as it is. It looks better if you copy the article and paste it, adding the source obviously. Or at least, if you just copy and paste the url, then give an opinion.

    It’s his language, i got used it!!!

  12. infoengine says:

    wow, that should make the play-offs a little easier for the teams like the Kings. Yaaaa go kings!!!!!

  13. titans says:

    Thats funny I coulda swore I did add my own take. Being that it was news, not a rumor or an opinion thing I felt it best to post the article with the source When it’s a rumor or opinion article I usually write the whole thing from scratch. So next time you try and show someone up, come with the facts skippy!

  14. titans says:

    Ummmm…I don’t think the Kings are gonna make the playoffs. Sorry.

  15. Kingsfan1 says:

    Melrose just reported he might only miss a week.

  16. Kingsfan1 says:

    Wow only 4 points out and you’ve already counted them out. They’ve hung with 354 man game injuries to they’re best players and Pallfy and Smoke are on fire. They’ll squeeze in at 8th.

  17. aaron says:

    With the way Edmonton’s playing, I can see it, especially considering recent history. Still have to pass the Predators though. Tough ending schedule too; 4 games against the Avs and Canucks.

    Still, never count the Kings out.

  18. mikster says:

    Melrose is an idiot. Guerin was about to lose his leg, i doubt he is out for a week.

  19. Rushing says:

    Why not go ahead and do both? How on earth do we know how “YOU”(the poster) fells towards the occurrence? All he did was copy and pasted which was basically the exact same thing.

  20. Rushing says:

    No, Melrose said that Turco may only miss a week, perhaps two. He said Guerin will miss at least a month.

  21. titans says:

    What the hell are you talking about? That was unintelligable!

  22. infoengine says:


  23. Rico71 says:

    Melrose the Mulette is still an idiot.

    Hell, cut the damn thing already. Proud to be inducted into the Mulette Hall of Shame…idiot.

    My take on the Guerin thing? Good riddance. Never like that player. Though I think that Dallas will look for some reinforcements.

    Pssst…we have a really good player for Dallas…Czerkawski. Won’t cost ya much to get him either! *lol* An excellent RW to fill in while Guerin is out. Really…not kidding at all. He’s good I tell ya.

  24. Aetherial says:

    Sounds like he would be back for the playoffs and well-rested.

    I don’t see the big deal. I don’t think they will be going crazy trading or anything.

  25. yzerman19 says:


    GO WINGS GO!!!!!!!

  26. Zamboni says:

    Won’t be Nolan, he got knocked silly again the other night. He’s damaged goods and hated in Dallas anyway. Sharks would up the asking price for him to trade within the division.

    Iggy back in Dallas? Intriguing possibility, but I think Amonte is more likely, he’d come cheaper, plus he was their backup plan last summer if they didn’t get Guerin in the first place. The PHO-DAL trade wheels are already greased after the Lemieux-Pellerin deal.

    If Guerin does come back for the playoffs…

    Amonte-Modano-Guerin! Now that’s what I’d call a line!

  27. CaptainModano says:


    anyways the stars never lost to the wings anyways this year anyways….they’d probably beat them anyways in the playoffs anyways….better goalie (turco anyways) better defence (zubov anyways) and better all-around team (anyways anyways)

    go stars go….

    p.s.: anyways

  28. slapshot1975 says:

    But how well will he be able to skate after having surgery on his thigh?

  29. jpmac says:

    I sense that you are a little bit scared of the Stars, even though I am a Stars fan watch out for the Canucks….


  30. starsgirl25 says:

    mick, what are you thinking? just because guerin gets an injury that puts him out for the rest of the season, doesn’t mean they’re gonna jump onto the trade-rumor ship. and that goes for all of yall who think they will make a trade.

    tippett has said that this will test the team’s depth even further, and i have no doubt in my mind that they can make it thru this. with turco expected to come back in a coulple of weeks, it will energize the team in the very ladder stages of the season and as far as they get into the playoffs.

    if armstrong openly expresses the notion of looking at nolan, he may not live too much longer because of the mass hatred of nolan by stars fans. amonte, he’ll stay were he is.

    i say the stars won’t make any trades, if they do, they’ll be minor and will just make the teameven better and make their push the the cup more solid.

  31. habsoverserver says:

    Why would they trade Morrow when Carbo moved all the way back to TX to be with his family?

  32. Wings4life says:

    Anyways the stars suck and theyre screwed without Guerin…. WATCH OUT FOR THE MONSTERS FROM MOTOWN…… ALMOST #1 IN THE WEST!!!!

  33. Rushing says:

    Melrose didn’t say that. He was referring to how it was possible that Turco “may” only be out one more week. He did say Guerin was out at least ’til April.

  34. Rushing says:

    It’s more like you CUJO sucks isn’t it? BTW, “ALMOST” don’t count in hockey does it? This isn’t hand grenades or horse shoes.

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