Guerin to be traded today? is reporting that Islanders forward Bill Guerin expects to be traded to a contender today and that his scratching from the game last night was totally precautionary.

It is reported that “A source close to Guerin, who recently agreed to waive his no-trade clause for a deal sending him to an Eastern Conference playoff contender, said the Islanders had a deal in place that awaited only his approval.”

Some of the teams that are mentioned in the article as possible destinations include the hurricanes, Sabres, Canadiens and Rangers.

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  1. RossCreek says:

    Well, where is Guerin heading? Last night CBC stated they believed Guerin was headed to Washington. But St. Louis Blues blogger Andy Strickland disputes that (Strickland is said to be close to Guerin, and several Blues & ex-Blues players). He says NOT Boston, New Jersey or Washington.

    It is apparently a team in the Eastern Conference, this much we know. Obviously, none of Atlanta, Ottawa, Tampa & Toronto are in the picture. That leaves 10 teams.

    Bos – CBC, TSN and Strickland have ruled the Bruins out.
    Buf – its a possiblity, but one would think it would've came out last night then, as the Isles were hosting the Sabres.
    Car – the Canes seem like they always fly under the radar and make a deal prior to the deadline; they're believed to be looking for a forward; Guerin's close friend Doug Weight won the Cup with Carolina.
    Fla – not likely, but you never know.
    Mtl – the Habs could definately use him, and it looks like they may land him.
    NJ – Strickland said its not New Jersey either
    NYR – doubt the Isles would send him to hated rivals
    Phi – Eklund denies the Flyers involvement.
    Pit – could be looking to add a gritty veteran to their top 6; definately a possibility.
    Wash – CBC felt it was Washington after making a few calls, but again, Strickland denies their involvement.

    Unconfirmed reports actually state that it looks like F Bill Guerin is on his way to the MONTREAL CANADIENS!!

    One rumor has the Habs waiting on a 2nd deal that would send one of their top 6 forwards to Calgary to open up room for Guerin's addition. Kovalev? Higgins? Could Lombardi be headed to Montreal? Stay tuned, but it looks like the Habs may have made a stellar pick-up depending on what else they have on the go.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he's been dealt, no question. the thought that they are 'waiting' on the habs, is stupid. you dont pull a guy, because you're waiting for your offer to be accepted.

    what may have happened, is that seconds before garth made 'the phone call' he got a better offer, and has to reconsult guerin.


  3. RossCreek says:

    Who says you don't pull a guy out to wait on a trade? Is that not whats going on with Derek Morris right now? If you don't want the guy you're gonna deal to get hurt, then you'd pull him. Makes sense to me. Its been done before and its going on with Morris right now.

  4. RossCreek says:

    It is now being said that it is NOT Buffalo

  5. Kyleton says:

    I think thats the same with Boyton in FLA right now although I think there is another issue also.

  6. Kyleton says:

    Personally I think it is the Habs or Washington from what I've heard and read… However I believe Pitts has an outside shot at it aswell.

  7. RossCreek says:

    Don't count out the Canes. My belief – Montreal. Waiting to clear cap space. May not be a top 6 forward, but perhaps Dandenault or Laraque. Higgins could be on the move.

  8. RossCreek says:

    Good blog to keep up to date (
    Chris Bottakeeps track of the developments. Here's the latest:

    "12:25 pm – The Islanders have begun practice at Iceworks, and Bill Guerin is nowhere in sight.

    More denials from Montreal, New Jersey and Boston. Carolina too, but that never made much sense to me. Remember: Cup contender, Eastern team.

    Pittsburgh? Philadelphia? Washington? (A text of a minute ago says the Caps folks are mum at their practice at the Verizon Center).

    Or maybe the original deal is dead. And if it’s dead, Billy stays off the ice at practice and has still played his last game as an Islander. Although Guerin doesn’t say much on the record, Greg Logan’s story today on the partially-fractured relationship between Scott Gordon and some of his veterans means one thing.

    On the matter of Guerin returning to the Islanders, that ship has sailed."

  9. ryboy33 says:

    If he goes to Montresl I think the habs should trade Kovalev for him.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    New jaersey-Denies

    so rangers or penguins maybe?

  11. pezzz123 says:

    don't forget Florida.

    If they add a good top 6 veteran and keep Bouwmeester, they could cause a LOT of damage in the playoffs.

  12. RossCreek says:

    FROM Darren Dreger:

    "… sources say the Islanders forward now knows who the team is and Guerin and Islanders' general manager Garth Snow are both waiting for that team to make its final decision to close the deal… the identity of this mystery team is being concealed in fear the trade will fall apart."

    Looks like there's a GM out there that's lying. Seems like everyone in the East has denied involvment. Mysterious!

  13. bbruins37 says:

    haha dont think so. theyll be out quickly to one of the big three in the east

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