Guerin to the Island!

The New York Islanders today signed veteran forward Bill Guerin to a two-year contract worth $4.5 million a year.

My perspective: Not Smyth, however he is a proven player who they could get to lift his no trade clause for a trade to a contender in april 2009 and get a high draft pick. He will probably be the next Islander captain.

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  1. leafdiehard says:

    NExt Islander captain? What are you on? Bill Guerin has never been anything more than a goal scorer. When he struggles, people know it. He has no heart. The Islanders would be better off placing the captaincy on Brendan Witt. Decent signing, but he is being paid way too much. In my opinion, Guerin is worth about 4 million and no more. Like I am surprised there wasn't a huge 10 year deal here knowing the Islanders woes. Wow!!

  2. flyersfan10897 says:

    4.5 is way too much for a guy who might score 20 goals the whole season.  Guerin is too inconsistent to get this kind of money.  The Islanders probably needed some fillers to get to the cap floor…and I believe they had over 24 million in cap space, so that sounds about right.

  3. The-President says:

    I'm a Leaf fan and I hate Jason Blake, but he had 40 goals, hes younger and he signed for 4 million, looks like the Isles not signing Blake backfired on them a little bit. 4.5 mil for a washed up Guerin, that's a little to much for him, who would you rather have Blake or Guerin, contract wise?

    Personally I like Guerin better but thats because I hate Blake.

  4. The-President says:

    I like Guerin better as a player but Blake has the better contract money wise. So what I mean is I like Guerin better as a player, but he is way overpaid.

  5. DJTOKid says:

    People you have to understand that because there is a minimum you have to spend for the cap, Some teams are going to over pay big time for players. This is a perfect example, just trying to get over 34million.

    I sure hope they take 5.75million in Bryan McCabe, for a first rounder, second rounder, and a fourth rounder. That would be *****in, is that too much for McCabe? Too little? you think salary would return? hope not, if JFJ could dump that salary and get three or more picks in return, that would be great for the team as a whole. They can have Kronwall or Woznewski fill the 6th spot, and then everyone could see why JFJ payed Pavel Kubina 5million a year. Best of all the free'd up cap space, which if JFJ was smart would just sit on until some team is desperate out there to trade a superstar.

    Either way the Islanders need McCabe or Jovo desperately, and I've already heard from some where that Jovo declined to waive his no trade clause. He's building a new home in Phoenix and when he was here in Van he really came across as a family first guy. Which all family people are I guess. So I don't see him moving from Phoenix. Leaving the Ilanders to pursue McCabe hard.

  6. Kashin says:

    and who would be the next islander captain on the team now?

  7. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    ****isles sign bill guerin to a 20 year contract****
    ****isles sign kelly clarkson to long term deal****
    ****islanders also sign the fat cashier from mcdonalds across the street from the arena****

    poor bill…i guess hes taking the roll of the bearded lady in the circus they call the new york islanders…not a bad signing but it seems like mr bill will be the player/coach pretty much of this minor league team hahaha…

    ALT:        BRENDON WITT, JOHN SIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. wingerxxx says:

    I don't think that even the Isles are going to let Guerin waltz in and let him put on the captain's "C".  Not even the $90 milllion man Yashin became the captain there right away.  Not to mention that I don't believe that Guerin has ever been a full-time captain in the league.  Don't see that happening.

    That said, Guerin is probably someone they needed.  When he is on, he's still a pretty good forward.  They obviously did not want to give Jason Blake the length of deal that Toronto offered, and I can't say that I blame them.  But Guerin isn't a spring chicken either.  Regardless of who is centering him, Guerin is probably still capable of 30 goals, maybe 35.  Without Ryan Smyth and Blake, they had to bring in some kind of reinforcement. 

  9. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    ''Bill Guerin, by everyone's account, is the consummate professional, the ultimate teammate,'' Islanders general manager Garth Snow said. LOL Didnt guerin break a hockey stick over one of the younger guys trying to make the team because he was playing physical during a training camp?

  10. Uncleben says:

    How bout Mike Comrie wearing an A!?

  11. big_booty says:

    I understand Garth Snow replacing Ryan Smyth with Guerin, but I have to question why Guerin would even consider going to the Island.  Consider this:

    – Roster decimated by unrestricted free agency, coupled with the Yashin buyout,

    – Inexperienced general manager,

    – Dilapidated arena,

    – Ownership in questionable mental/intellectual state.

    Does Guerin know something we don't?

  12. NYIGoalie23 says:

    LOL, I don't know if you know this or not, but there actually is a mcdonalds across the street from the coliseum.

  13. Tachmo says:

    Well I must agree with a handful of others. That is way too much money for Guerin. As a bruin fan I don't feel bad anymore aboutl having Glen Murray locked up for two years at 4.15million a season.

  14. goldman says:

    Everybody is over paid! All of you are saying Guerin is not worth 4.5 but Gomez is worth 7. Name a free agent who wasn't overpaid! Who would you rather have Guerin and Comrie for 7.8 or Gomez for 7.

  15. puckhead94 says:

    I would absolutely rather have Scott Gomez for 7. Scott Gomez was the top free agent available.

    Guerin went to the Islanders:
    A. Because no one else had serious interest at his age
    B. Because the Islanders gave him double what anyone else may have offered

  16. puckhead94 says:

    I think the Islanders offered that much to Guerin because they had to bring their overall salary above the cap's floor. Hard to do when your 5 highest paid players move on to greener pastures lol.

    1983. Last Cup you will see.

  17. goldman says:

    Gomez had 60 pts last year. Guerin had 53. 3.5 million for 7 pts seems a little high to me. Not to mention Gomez is signed until he is 40. Gomez was a top free agent because there was not many good names out there. Comrie will get better probably get 50 or 60 pts next year.

  18. flyersfan10897 says:

    Yes. He knows that no other team would give him 4.5 million dollars.

  19. Williams1505 says:

    i'm not sure about that….mabye chris simon would be the better captain…lol

  20. senators101 says:

    Gomez also played on the New Jersey Devils, where nobody gets too many points cuz they play team defense.  You can't compare Gomez and Guerin who played with the Sharks or with Briere from the Run and Gun Sabres.  Yes, he's expensive, but no questions asked, he was the number one guy available.

  21. goldman says:

    Islanders do not want McCabe! Sorry but the Leafs are stuck with him.

  22. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Witt or Sillinger come to mind.

    Guerin is a selfish player.

  23. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Guerin had to 2 options.

    Be the best player on a crap team or play for a team with a good chance to win the cup.

    It was NYI vs Ottawa.

    It was 4.5 million vs potentially 2.5 -3 million.

    Guerin took the money and the spotlight over the chance to play for a winning team with a strong chance of utopia.

    Guerin is the epitome of a money grubbing no heart player who doesn't care about winning the cup. It's all about the money and the spotlight for this clown. I think it's fairly obvious. He was joined on the Island by another of his caliber, Mike Comrie.

    Both of these players wouldn't know anything about team concept if it kicked them in the ass.

    The Islanders finish 13th in the East this year.

  24. goldman says:

    Watch what you say you probably picked the Isles to come in 14th or 15th last year!

    Maybe your not as smart as you think.

  25. DoubleDown says:

    but don’t forget…blake signed for 5 years, guerin 2

    the longer the term, the smaller the annual salary

  26. johnrot says:

    Just wanted to chime in. I believe that Gomez is 27 and he signed a 7 year deal, according to my calculations that brings him to about 34, which is still younger than 36 (guerin). Gomez has the potential to be a great offensive player, now that he has players like Jagr to pass to. The Isles are grasping for whatever is left. I've said it before and I'll say it again, If your organization hires it's backup goalie as a rookie GM, you have got problems. Better hope DP doesn't get hurt in the next 10 years.

    Kudos for Neil Smith seeing this before it happened.

  27. wayne2 says:

    Thats the problem with most UFA`s today,they choose money over anything.its funny how players say they want to remain with their team and when free agency comes they refuse 25 mil for 5 years(Brière) and choose money.Anyways,i wouldnt have minded him in Ottawa for 3.5 mil maximum but hey leaves more room for Hennesy and Foligno.Your team made a better signing with Blake and a good trade for Bell and Toskala,see ya inj the playoffs.

  28. mojo19 says:

    Might score 20? Hahaha. Guerin was awesome as the go to guy in St.Louis last year. He'll get around 30 goals or more.

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