Guerin's coming to Big D

A 5 year contract has just been signed by Guerin. Look out, somebody else is perhaps on the way. Dallas has just taken another “BIG” step and another perhaps is about to be taken. I believe it was $45 mill.

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  1. rrudd says:





    Anything can happen, but just expecting Amonte to come to Dallas without question is crazy. Or Young for that matter. Dahlen is a realistic expectation, a good former Star himself. What say ye about the above lineup? Not sure about the interchangeability of Dahlen and Pellerin at the wings, as both are primarily a LW.

  2. roto_this says:

    Just an FYI… Guerin scored 85 points two years ago. His assists were down but he skated with the 2nd unit for about half the year and then with Thornton only about a 1/3 due to injuries. He really wasn’t left with any role except, shoot and score… which he did. I believe he was one of 3 or 4 40 goal scorers and possibly the only player with back to back 40 goal seasons in this age of clutch and grab.

  3. roto_this says:

    I don’t get the impression you have paid much attention to the FA chase this off season. Amonte won’t get near 9 mil from anyone and Colorado and Philly have claimed they have no interest. If his price hits rock bottom you may see the Isles or Toronto or NJ even get in the mix. Maybe Det, Phil, Col, or NY… but no one is going to get Amonte is Hicks decides he wants him. Its a decision… do they want Amonte, Selanne, or Young and then they make their move. Selanne may require an arm twist but Amonte and Young arm waiting.

  4. roto_this says:

    Turco is going to have to prove himself but he’s looked good for a few years now. We will not hesitate to make a move for a Vet if need be. Goalie won’t be our issue come playoff time. Maybe early in the season.

  5. roto_this says:

    This is True… but all indications are that it will happen. Its only a matter of time according to the reporters.

  6. Rushing says:

    I have to agree with ya here. With the arrangements of the contracts so far and with what this leaves still to be spent, I can still see either Amonte, Selanne, or Young still headed here to Dallas. At the same time, I could possibly see a trade, but…..this could be in the future. We shall see.

    But I really feel that one of the three will be here “shortly.”

  7. Freezer says:

    I wouldn’t so sure about Amonte not getting 9 million per. Is he in the same class as Holik and Guerin? I think he is. He’s been Chicago’s best player for quite a while. He has amazing speed and offensive skill. I can’t see him going for less than $8 million per. If Selane can get an offer of $7.5 million, Amonte can do even better.

    Colorado is a snake in the grass. They say they aren’t going to do anything, but I wouldn’t be so sure. Getting blown out 2-0 and 7-0 in games 6 and 7 of the Detroit series screams out how much the Avs need scoring. I know Hasek had a lot to say about that, but a guy like Amonte could have made a big difference. Could Philly have used more scoring in the playoffs??????? My God, Lalime stoned them in the playoffs.

    Take a look at what teams need before you come to conclusions about what is possible and what isn’t. No one knows for sure how this will play out, but I have to believe Colorado and Philly are interested. It will be interesting.

  8. Habfan4 says:

    My mistake the 85 pts were in 2000-01, split between Edmonton and Boston. I’m still not sold on him being a 9 million dollar a year player.

  9. Freezer says:

    Isn’t it interesting that LaChance and Richardson were signed by Columbus. Couldn’t Toronto have used either or both of those guys?

    Look for the Leafs to go after Slegr.

    Maybe Don Cherry will replace Pat Quinn behind the bench? ha ha ha ha ha

  10. Freezer says:

    Maybe Tie Domi can fit in Bobby’s budget. a Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha.

  11. zednik says:

    A team that didn’t make the playoffs and won’t make the playoffs is making more of a splash then Toronto. Its been a while since I have seen Leaf fans post whats the problem? Are they not happy with the direction the team is taking?

    Slegr would make sence but the Leafs are to busy trying to sign guys like Kasper and Holik and Guerin. They will get stick with some guy that we all thought retired or was out of hockey as the quarterback of their powerplay.

    The Leafs made an offer to sign him away from CBC but it was lower then what CBC was paying. But hey Its all about Effort right !


  12. zednik says:

    The Kings are alot like Montreal many of their big guns came via team to team transactions, Palffey, Allison, Miller, Deadmarsh and Potvin were all obtained through that method so I would bet they will go after a Type II free agent that a team cannot afford.


  13. Rushing says:

    Turco has looked just fine the past two years he has been here in Big D. In 2000-2001 his GAA was 1.90(ranked 1st in the NHL) while his SA% was .925(ranked 2nd). In the 2001-02 season his GAA was 2.09(ranked 6th in the NHL) while his SA% was .921(ranked 7th in the NHL). He did play great teams like Colorado, Detroit, L.A., etc…..last season as well. He didn’t just up and lose to them either. His records were, 2001-02—15-6-2 while in 2000-01 it was 13-6-1 which again was perhaps the best record for a backup. Too bad the coaches didn’t replace Belfour with Turco about midseason last year. Perhaps we would have made the Playoffs.

  14. rrudd says:

    who cares about toronto in this post.

    i’d think twice about putting money down against the stars in the playoffs, chief.

  15. jammer21 says:

    as a blues fan, i understand the frustration. the blues big signing so far is petr cajanek. whom they drafted LAST YEAR!!!! this is the guy that, as of last offseason, was the second best player not in the nhl (behind dopey). GREAT!!! after how well dopita turned out, this should be cheese wheels of fun!!!!!!

  16. jammer21 says:

    well… least they got two lines i guess………

  17. zednik says:

    I will take that bet after I see how Turco does in the first ten games of the season.


  18. ManillaKilla says:

    Didn’t they spend some money on Boucher, too?

  19. Zamboni says:

    The Stars have already stepped back in front of the Sharks, and will be even more so if they don’t resign Selanne. The Avs and Wings are looking more and more beatable with each piece Dallas adds. Amonte would be huge, for either Dallas or San Jose.

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