I’m sitting here in disgust at the end of the second period of the Maple Leafs-Senators game.
The first thing that pisses me off is hearing that Mike Fisher and Andrew Raycroft went out to dinner before the last game. Guys…. you’re the enemy!!! Once you’re getting paid ridiculously high amounts of money to hate each other, you do your job and hate each other. I don’t play physically when I play road hockey with my brother, and I avoid kicking the shit out of him in general, but he wouldn’t live to see the end of the game if he was a Sen, and I was a Leaf.

By the way, Mike Fisher has three goals in his last two goals against Rayflop… am I seeing another Selanne/Kariya “special friendship”.

As many of you know, I’m a die hard Yankees fan, and it kills me to see these overpaid whiney millionaires like Alice Rodriguez and the Cave man, Johnny Dumb-ass get all chummy chummy with Manny Ramirez and the rest of the Red Sux.

Rivals need to hate each other. What happened to Roberts, Mogilny, Sundin, Corson, Tucker, Green, and the rest hating the likes of Alfredsson, Hossa, Havlat, Neil, Fisher, and Chara? What happened to Joseph-Lalime, and Belfour-Hasek? I’ll tell you what. The Senators have kept their (regular season) balls, but the Maple Leafs have hired a crew of players that don’t know what it means to be a Toronto Maple Leaf. Darcy Tucker, Mats Sundin, and Chad Kilger seem to be the only players who hate the Senaturds nearly as much as they’re supposed to.

The Maple Leafs need to dump these heartless bags of crap, and get back to old time hockey. The Sens have.