Habs, a look ahead, what are your thoughts?

After storming throughout the season so far and a 4th spot in the East seemed to be reserved, the habs find themselves in a little trouble. A terrible game against the Leafs and an embarrassment against the Sens has all of us wondering, what will happen?So the habs have lost two straight games, does it mean something, or is it just a mini-slump that every team goes through? The main point of focus for the habs going into tuesday’s game against the Bolts is, win and get back to your winning ways.

After the tuesday-wednesday tour of Florida in which I hope can be a little break for the habs (they’re playing the worst team in the east and the panthers, can we beat them or not?!) It’s a home-and-home back-to-back series against the “broad street bullies”. That should be somewhat of a challenge considering that the flyers are tops in their division and are doing well. So up to those four games, I think the habs should win at least 3 of 4 games, therefore they have momentum and are back on track going into the really hard games following.

Next up are the Rangers and Penguins. This is why I suggest that the habs start winning before this, because the rangers are 3-0 against us this season and are a tough team to beat, one of the reasons is that they never give up (for all of those who remember “the win that got away” a few sundays ago!) Then there are the Sid-less Penguins, alright two points in the pocket, but wait, don’t count them chickens before they hatch, the Pens are still hot!!! they shut us out on home turk a while back without Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin has become the face of the team, not so easy now. Hopefully, the habs will grab a couple of points in there some how.

After that hurdle, we then play Rick Nash and the Blue Jackets on Bob Gainey night. #23 to the rafters will hopefully spark the habs to an eventual win, but the Jackets will put up a fight, so they need to play a full 60 minute effort game.

To end february, the habs will play games against teams that have beaten them, however the bleu, blanc, rouge have beaten them also. They will play the Thrashers and the Sabres. For the Thrashers, their three previous meetings with us have all been 3-2 decisions won in the shootout, so it will be a battle that, according to the stats, will have the habs pick up at least a point. They will end the month of January in Buffalo to play the Sabres. The boys of Buffalo seem to be on a roll, and without Briere, without Drury, seem to be pushing for a playoff spot. The habs will have to fight against them, my guess, they lose.

Our boys will have to fight these last few games before their long trip to the west coast. They will have to surge like they have done in the past and get scoring from everyone on the team. I believe they can achieve this and make the playoffs, they have great talent, great goaltending and great physical presence. What are your thoughts on upcoming games or trades. Go Habs Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. billypilgrim says:

    Does this post even say anything?
    You suggest they start winning, grab a couple points, play 60 minute games. You list the schedule for the next few games. Yawn.

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