Habs and Flames talking?

While watching the Flames and Wild game Wednesday night on TSN, Pierre Gauthier was shown on screen. Pierre McGuire stated that the two teams were talking trade and that something interesting could be done soon, or at leats before the deadline. No names were mentioned…

I don’t think Kovalev’s name will come back in rumors this year… Ryder is the obvious candidate. I think at least one d-man could go, and extra guys like B├ęgin.

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  1. NLHabsFan says:

    If the Flames and Habs are talking I doubt that Kovalev is involved any more, and I also doubt that the Flames would be interested in Ryder. The only player that seems possible is Koivu. The Flames have many wingers but are looking for a playmaking centerman to play with Iginla. So that could be a possibilty; but it would have to be something good for Gainey to move Koivu. Just have to wait and see.

  2. lafleur10 says:

    i hear it could possibly be tanguay coming to us !!calgary wants to dump salary so they have the money under the cap to resign phaneuf who will command more than 6million dollars!!they alsohave to resign huselius !!!so ihere it culd be ryder going for therest of the year because the flames aren't on the hook for his sary next year as he is u.f.a so it'll be a package deal of course that we'd give .but with guys that won't cost calgary too much under their cap!!so tangauy is the talk right now!!

  3. Benstheman says:

    If Calgary needs a center, Montreal is'nt the best team to trade with. Cause if we trade a center (in that case, Koivu is the only one i can see being moved), it will be for a better one.

    It has to be Ryder + Dman + ??? for one of there UFAs soon to be, Langkow or Huselius.

    I dont know, i dont think there are the perfect match for a big trade, maybe something minor.

  4. Benstheman says:

    Considering Tanguay plays on the 2nd line with average players, i thinks he is having a decent season so far. But if we trade for him, we need to get rid of salaries to, maybe match what Tanguay's earning. So Ryder plus a Dman (maybe Bouillon or Dandenault) would do it. We will have to add a propsect or a pick.

    Tanguay would make a good winger for Koivu and Higgins, i'll be agree with this one.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    yeah ben i think tanguay would be a good fit with koivu and higgins this would really give us balanced lines with four outstanding balanced lines!!yes i agree that you play tanguay with koivu and higgins ,because why would we touch that plekanec,kovalev kositsyn line !!!i don't really think we'd have to get rid of much though to match tanguay's aslaries we already have about 4million in cap space available and with ryder's 2.95 million that will help.

  6. Thumme says:

    Keep dreaming.

    Koivu for Tanguay? Why, Tanguay is doing pretty well with Iginla

  7. lafleur10 says:

    koivu has a n.t.c so does tanguay!!but where would koivu play in calgary 3rd line? it'll be more like ryder and a pick for tanguay!calgary  is looking to dump salary for  phaneuf and huselius!!so that deal makes  the most sense !and we have the cap room to take on tanguay contract!!

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