Habs could facilitate Heatley trade to Sharks


Dany Heatley’s quest to get out of Ottawa isn’t dead yet.

Senators GM Bryan Murray confirmed in an e-mail to Sun Media that he could have “an option” to move the disgruntled left winger, but with the clock ticking toward the opening of training camp Sept. 12 at Scotiabank Place, the club will have to move quickly.
Sources say the San Jose Sharks have more than a passing interest in the two-time 50-goal scorer, but if they’re going to make the deal, they might have to get a third team involved — possibly the Montreal Canadiens — because the Senators won’t accept what the Sharks have on the table.

The Senators don’t want anything to do with winger Jonathan Cheechoo, who has been offered as part of a package along with defenceman Christian Erhoff and a first-round selection.

The Sharks have never offered Patrick Marleau, who is only a year away from being an unrestricted free agent.

“If the Sharks don’t have what the Senators want, then (GM) Doug Wilson might have to go get it from another team,” said a league executive Saturday. “The Senators want a proven scoring winger in return and that means you might have to get a third team involved.”

A source said that a third team could be the Habs, but wasn’t sure what San Jose could acquire from Montreal to satisfy the Senators’ needs to deal Heatley.

It should be noted the Habs, Sharks and Senators are all up against the $56.8-million US salary cap.

“Every team has cap issues one way or another,” said a league executive


3 Responses to Habs could facilitate Heatley trade to Sharks

  1. JoelJoel says:

    Heatly ain't movin'.

    If they couldn't move him before paying his bonuses they already said that he would start the year as a Senator.

    Too many cap problems and not even Edmonton wants him anymore.

    Maybe he'll even start on the second line… I'm sure he'll love that!

  2. trueblue says:

    Your not kidding…the Senators have their backs up against the walls right now… as this has unfolded they just arent in a good bargaining position and will probably get stuck with a disgruntled player who has had on and off ice issues…

  3. HockeyThoughts says:

    Too bad we got Gomez when it looks like we could have got that big #1 center that we have been looking for in Marleau, and for a lot cheaper.

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