HABS: David Aebischer + draft pick for Martin St. Louis ???

According to several reports including the Team 990 in Montreal and La Presse, the Montreal Canadiens are about to pull the trigger on a deal that would send G David Aebischer and a 2nd round draft pick to Tampa Bay for speedy scorer Martin St. Louis.


It definately fills in some of the HABS needs for additional scoring, and as many have found out, in the new NHL, size does not matter, therefore St. Louis’s speedy and grit could be a very good acquisition for the HABS. Although his salary would have to be taken into consideration and would somewhat limit the free agents Gainey could go after.

(This trade would also mean the end for Richard Zednik, who could be packaged with other worthless baggage -Ribeiro- for a D-Man or a Big center?)


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  1. TheDugg1er says:

    buddy the NE and NW are easily the best and therefore hardest divisions to play in. The NW especially, u look at all those teams and you’re like holy shit, if u were to throw in detroit and take out one detroit’s record would drastically be reduced. The NE is no slouch either. Both divisions are easily the best as usually at least 3 from each division make the playoffs sometimes more.

  2. AfroCon says:

    For sure Montreal is going to be his preferred destination, he knows that Montreal is probably willing to shell out a bit more than other teams…

    Like Jovo, he’ll say he wants to play here but wants to be treated fairly.

    If being “treated fairly” means somewhere around 3M, I’ll all for it.

    If he gets greedy and wants close to 4, not too sure anymore…

  3. goose says:

    i think this would be a good trade and that huet is ready to be a number 1 goaltender. aebischer and a 2nd round draft pick for st.louis is a good trade and st.louis could help them with some good plays and some good goal scoring.

  4. EasternHockey says:

    Aebischer’s no better than Graham? What planet are you from? Seen Graham’s stats last season?

  5. Aetherial says:

    Montreal is a big market team.

  6. Aetherial says:

    What are you smoking?

  7. Aetherial says:

    I have to think that Tampa can do better. Maybe not? Maybe the other GM’s have them over a barrel and they will get less than value…

    But Aebischer just doesn’t cut it.

  8. Komisarek says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gainey pickup Guerin if the Stars buy him out…….and even add Arnott if the Stars are unable to re-sign him.

    That would resolve the Habs need for size and offense. Guerin is 35, the question is….is he finished or does he still have a couple years left in him. I am not sure Dallas will buy out Guerin if they can’t resign Arnott with the money saved, they can’t afford to loose both of them.

    I am not saying Guerin is the solution, but he might be a guy Gainey looks to as a possible solution, depending on the price and if he thinks Guerin is still capapble to help.

  9. HMorenz says:

    Aetherial is right. Montreal is a big market team, they sell out every single home game and set NHL records doing just that.

  10. HMorenz says:

    What the hell was that this season. Every team in the NHL had “Thank you fans” painted in the ice but “Toronto the good” had “Thank you leaf fans” painted in the ice. Talk about thinking they are the centre of the universe Eh!!!

  11. HMorenz says:

    Like someone has already posted here. If you hear about a trade in the grapevine about the Habs, there is no way Gainey is gonna make the deal in question. He keeps his cards too close. He’s a master.

  12. PastParticiple says:

    I think this trade is good but I have another question mark ?

    I’d like to know if Arnott is the nephew of Carbonneau or something like that .. I already heard that a Stars player was related with Carbonneau .. I’d like to know if it is Arnott.

    Thank You in Advance …. St-Louis to Montreal I believe it

  13. Komisarek says:

    Brendan Morrow is married to Carbonneau’s daughter.

  14. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    hes right aebischer is no graham hes better. Aebischers career starting stats are alot better than grahams so that guy should get his facts straight.

  15. PastParticiple says:

    Ahhh Thats it : Thanks

  16. Seedless says:

    I like Columbus. Zherdev’s a winner. Did you see the end-to-end goal against he blackhawks that sent the game into OT?

  17. habsoverserver says:

    Sign 2 stay at home defencemen such as Jay McKee, Hal Gill, Ken Klee or Pavel Kubina.

    Get a second line wing such as Samsonov or Langenbruner.

    Play the young forwards.

    Trade Zednik if possible for anyone with only one year left on their contract.

    Keep Aebischer.

  18. Lint07 says:

    yeah, saw that.

    I was disapointed when the Habs didn’t draft Brule but I was glad the B’Jacks got to pick him right after… he’s going to be awesome playing alongside guys like Nash & Zherdev.

  19. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Whatever it is, it seems REALLY potent.

  20. paratonerf says:

    The person you are thinking of is Brenden Morrow, who is Carboneau’s son in law (he married Carbo’s daughter). Arnott is in no way related to Carbo.

  21. paratonerf says:

    I see 2 problems with that trade :

    1 – It doesn’t address one of the Hab’s primary needs, which are a top 4 D-man, a solid 2nd line center and a gritty winger. Sure it adds a scoring touch and its always good to add a québec-born player, but what he brings is not exactly what the team needs the most.

    2 – His contract. Bob just sent Théodore and his heavy contract to Colorado and I just don’t see him spending that much for an undersized right-winger, even if it’s St-Louis. If Bob’s going to spend like crazy, I’d rather see him wait until july 1st and try and talk with one or many of the available UFAs.

    I can see that trade happening, but to me it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  22. adrianna_habs says:

    No we don’t need him. For one, his salery is to high for what he produces.

  23. Habsfor4ever says:

    Impossible !!! Lightings have traded some players vs Marc Denis. They don’t need David Aebischer

  24. Habsfor4ever says:

    bUT WE HAVE 13 MILLIONS free, we can sign him , but its a rumor, Its not true

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