Habs depth to be tested

RDS.ca is reporting Jose Theodore has been suffering from a groin pull for ten days, dating from prior to the win against Tampa Bay. Danis will have his chance to show if his 3-0 record with 1.87 GAA and 933 S% are for real.

Jan Bulis is returning to the lineup on Friday against the Devils, but with “shadow” specialist Radek Bonk and of course Alex Kovalev out for a while, the depth is being seriously tested.

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  1. habs_punk says:

    The reason Montreal is where they are in the standings is because of clutch scoring. Theo has not stood on his head. He’s been very inconsistent, a lot of weak goals against. He has had a few games where he’s been dominant, but he’s definately not the reason they are where they are.

  2. mtl_prince says:

    and im even more cool cause i just took the time to read all those posts!!!


  3. rojoke says:

    After the “effort” tonight – and I use that term extremely generously – I think that the team needs a little refresher course in discipline and responsible play in their own zone. Souray was even getting the boo birds going in the third. Not sure why, he was no worse than anyone else out there.

  4. 92-93 says:

    first i want to give credit where credit is due: the habs, especially in one-goal games, have been amazing. this team has found ways to win and to make the most of what they’ve got. and any team that can put the effort they do should always be a threat to knock off one of the cup favourites or become a cup favourite themselves. It begins with Theo and guys like Souray and Dandenault. i have all the respect for Koivu and Ryder (and no respect for Ribero).

    That being said, i think its obvious that the habs have been playing above their talent level for the first 1/4 of the season. i think their ceiling in the East will be 4th place with home-ice. they won’t catch ottawa, period. and i think we’ll see them battle with NJ for the 4th spot in the East once the devils get their act together – and i think they will. but i just cannot see them keep up with the big boys for much longer.

    my problem with the habs is their defensive play. they do have an improved defense from previous years no doubt – and one that is fairly quick too. but there have been moments – especially against the Leafs, in which their D seems pretty out of sorts (like the Leafs’ defensive play). on that note, this saturday’s game between the Leafs and habs should be interesting to watch, not just because it is the most storied rivalry in hockey but also because these two teams are essentially going to be battling (with or without Boston and Buffalo) for 2nd in the Northeast for the entire season. I think the Habs will take 2nd place because of their team speed. but the measuring stick will not just be with the Buds, but their games against the Sens as well.

    tuesday night’s game against the thrashers should be an easy win for the habs right? well, they did mail it in against the caps and atlanta has a pretty potent offensive attack. on friday they are in Buffalo for another tough game against the Sabres, a team that are as quick as Montreal and are starting to turn things around. the next night they are in T.O. but the Leafs are also playing the 2nd of back-to-back games (they are in Carolina the night before). this game will be crucial because i think it will determine 2nd place in the division.

    ‘but its only november’ you say? true, but this is a key period for the habs. they are losing some key players, they are coming down a bit from the high of an amazing start. if Montreal can weather the storm in november (and probably december) – stay in the top-6 of the Eastern conference, they will be contending for home-ice the rest of the way.

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