Habs Do Minor Deal and Sign Finnish Forward

According to TSN.ca, the Habs have dealt a 7th round pick in this years draft to the Rangers for prospect Ryan Russell. Russell had 30 goals and 46 assists in 58 games to rank 16th in the WHL in scoring while playing for the Kootenay Ice.

Tha Habs have also signed forward Janne Lahti to a one year deal. Now this might sound minor but this could be an indicator of our roster this year. He is 6 foot and 200 pounds, physical, grinder, and has a scoring touch with 20 goals in 56 games and 87 PM for HPK Hameenlinna in the Finnish Elite League. With the signing of Lahti, he could be given a grinder roster spot pushing out the likes of Bonk or Johnson. Could he be an undrafted reliable player like Mark Streit or just a waste of money and a roster spot?

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  1. ranger_fan says:

    The Rangers would have lost Russels rights within a week anyways so very minor. Hopefully the Habs will sign him as one of their 50 because while small he does have potential.

  2. wayne2 says:

    Sign Scott Hannan,Sean O`donnel on defense and Scott Walker and Eric
    bélanger on offense.Trade Alexei Kovalev to Pittsburgh for Ryan Malone.(i
    think they might go for it to put him with Malkin).

    Not a hab fan but a sens fan that thinks these would be good signings
    without overpaying too much.

  3. mtl_prince says:

    i am a habs fan, so i say, who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! both these guys will never play a full season with the habs, there just signed so that we have another potential player on the roster that makes the league minimum….

  4. ferron says:

        Are those the player that will save the HABS?

  5. malkin_71 says:

    So now the Rangers get some one like Angelo, Sutter, Alzner ect. good deal for both teams

  6. malkin_71 says:

    Hold on you said 7th round there is no 7th round did you mean 7th overall?

  7. ranger_fan says:

    There are 9 rounds

  8. Tropbovin says:

    Sorry, but your ideas are very bad !

  9. habs_punk says:

    What are you talking about?

  10. CaptainAvery says:

    I think you should stick to your own team and not worry about giving your thoughts on my team. All those signings you stated would not benefit this team whatsoever besides dealing Kovalev for Malone, other then that your free agent signings stink.

  11. TheStryker says:

    Nothing wrong with these signings, depth players. But who know's. Russell 76 points in 58 games is pretty good. If Lahti can develop into a Ville Niminnen or a Jarkko Ruttuu, well that's a nice deal. But was does Montreal do with Souray ? Rumour has it that Gainey offered him a 3 year contract at 4.250 000 a season. If he won't accept that I say let him walk. I would rather pay a guy like Brad Stuart 3 million a year. Maybe sign Zubrus (who actualy wants to play in Montreal) to a 3 year 9.750 000 contract. Scott Walker 2 years 5.000 000

    We also have a surplus of goalies, so who needs a good young goalie like Halak ? Edmonton (Roloson ain't getting younger) Chicago, Phoenix, Washington.

    Halak, Ryder
    To Edmonton




  12. CaptainAvery says:

    Torres ain't coming to the Habs. Kovalev is gone guaranteed, and hopefully I say. Stuart won't be coming to Montreal, let's be realistic ok. It's gonna be Huet and Halak between the pipes that us true Canadiens fans know of already. Zubrus had his stint with the Canadiens, he was terrible, thats why we shipped him off to Washington five years ago for ZZZednik and Linden and yes Bullshis also involved in the trade. If the Canadiens can get it going in the off season look for Gainey to take a pitch at either Daniel Briere or Chris Drury respectably. I could even see Gainey give Gomez an offer(but I definetly see him going to Philly). Gainey could also take a shot at Scott Hartnell even, with the Restricted Free Agent going to arbitration more then likely. I wouldn't even mind Gainey seeing what it takes to get Marleau after a dissapointing series for him against Detroit in Round 2 going goal less. A reasonable trade I would say is Kovalev, 2nd Round Pick, and a high prospect. Whatever its something I would like to see happen, the Habs desperately need a good big center, something we've need for a long time, to take the pressure off Koive, Plekanec is good but he just isn't a big frame to wear down the opposition much. As for the defence, it seems pretty solid minus Niinama and Souray so I just hope Gainey makes a pitch at Schneider and Timonen(though I see Timonen heading to Philly as well). Hopefully Gainey makes some upgrades this summer cause we sure as hell need it, let's get a 25th CUP, GO HABS GO!!!!!

  13. CaptainAvery says:

    Yes thanx everyone I truly respect all you Habs Fans thanks for the support.

  14. CaptainAvery says:

    Seriously, thanks guys, its truly and honor to show how a great tradition and a great team continues to conqeur the rink each and every year, thanks for the feedback everyone.

  15. ferron says:

    How about this trade, to columbus= Kovalev,Samsonov,Huet to Montreal Fedorov, Zherdev and Norrena just in case. This would for sure be good for both team cause Fedorov can play at both end of the ice, would replace Bonk on PK and Kovalev on PP also has a terrific shot maybe not like Souray but In the 90's. Next "Zherdev", he's gonna have a good year and Norrena would just be in case none of these guys could do the job but i doubt it! Columbus would get two dynamic foward, in much need of a change and an actual NHL goalie in Huet. Columbus never had a real Goalie. About the same amount of money going both way, Montreal would save about 1.7 mil/year that way and both team would get rid of players they no longer need or want. After this we let go of Souray, lots of cap space to go get two good D-men maybe one of these guys Timonen, Sydor, D.Markov, Hamrlik. Also find a new home to Dandenault!

    Laps-Begin-Chipchura/Milroy/Locke(the habs got to give him a chance)



    This would allow Carboneaux to do what he always wanted, play with three regular lines on the attack and one checking line(Begin).

  16. Glucker says:

    LOL, sum1's been playing too much NHL 2007

  17. Glucker says:

    wait a sec… ppl are allowed to trade at this point? i thought that was on and after draft day, not before :S

  18. Glucker says:

    been playing NHL 07, havent we, lol

  19. Glucker says:

    you're like a 16 year old girl… god

  20. Glucker says:

    i doubt any1 wants Kovalev… especially for a guy with Malone's potential… maybe if you sent picks and prospects, they might, but yea, doubtful

  21. CaptainAvery says:

    You know what, you may be right, but Pittsburgh is tops on the list for Kovalev you dickwad. Read some *****ing facts before you come on here talking about the greatest *****ing team there is, the Montreal Canadiens. Your a Senators fan so shut up and worry about your shit team beating Anaheim, which won't happen you stupid *****. Don't bother replying your a *****ing retard.

  22. CaptainAvery says:

    Your the little *****. Shut up and keep yo comments to yourself you ***** ass Leaf fan. Wahhhhhhh we keep missing the playoffs, wahhhhhhhhhh we over pay shitty players, yayyyyyyy Mike Myers is making a movie where we can at least witness our team winning the Stanley Cup just to keep us a whiny Leaf fans sane for another season, what a joke it is to root for a team that has no heart whatsoever, *****en unbelivable, *****en unbeliveable.

  23. CaptainAvery says:

    Glucker for once you've said something cool, Bravo sport.

  24. Glucker says:

    un*****ing believable how we where ahead of you in the standings, un*****ing believable…. XD

  25. cecilturtle says:

    Good for the Rangers because they are able to get a pick for a player who was most likely about to re-enter for this years draft.  With the depth the Rangers have at the center position set to play at Hartford next year, it would have truly been a much better career move for Russell to re-enter the draft then maybe not ??? get a roster spot next season with Hartford.  It makes perfect sence for him not to sign with the Blueshirts…

    Very very good for Montreal because they get a player who would be a much higher pick (#2?, #3?, #4?, #5?) ????? if Russell re-entered this years draft, with the good numbers he put up in Juniors last year.  Personally, I have a really good feeling about Russell and feel if things break right for him and he stays healthy ???, he could be playing at a high skill level in the NHL by seasons end.


  26. Glucker says:

    yes, who wouldnt want a player who got 47 points, was -19 one as you said the greatest *****ing team there is, and gets paid 4.5 mill especially when they have the privilege of giving up a guy who is 7 years younger then him, with so much more potential…
    and, talking about facts, I'm a Leafs fan, the farthest thing from a sens fan there is, and btw, we managed to end the season ahead of you're '*****ing greatest team'… seriously, stop talking, you're embarrassing yourself.

  27. cecilturtle says:

    Not sure, but my guess is that teams are allowed to trade players who have not yet signed a pro-contract.


  28. malkin_71 says:

    no because last time someone said ill give a 7th rounder for Kovlalev someone else i think bru responded with there is no 7th round so w.e

  29. Glucker says:

    hmmm. makes sense

  30. Glucker says:

    hey, as long as you blame bru, its a fair reason:P

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