Habs fans be patient!!!!

We all now as Habs fans the situation in Montreal. UFA’s are hard to come by for the many reason’s we have all heard before. Until now our minor system has been not very good, so now that is looking promising some of us want to trade it all away for a potential quick fix!! then there are those who think we can make a deal and give away nothing!!!!

In the end the reality is Bob Gainey can only sign the free agents that are french canadian(maybe) or over pay for some shot in the dark has been(LANG OR Yashin), and talking about trades, we might be able to pull something off but we will have to give something good in return that people will for sure dislike and weaken our team in other area’s .this offseasonn they should stock pile more draft picks and let there potentials come through the system to the point where they can contend. aside from that the habs really don’t have a chance to build a contender at this point. Wait until Carey Price comes around and the defence they are trying to build along with guys like…Grabovsky,Latendresse..Lapierre..Aubin…Kostitsyn..Chipchura.and Plekanac Ect…come to mature and maybe then you can trade for some help to be a contender . Until then it will only be a quick fix on paper and no real shot at the cup!!!!