Habs fans be patient!!!!

We all now as Habs fans the situation in Montreal. UFA’s are hard to come by for the many reason’s we have all heard before. Until now our minor system has been not very good, so now that is looking promising some of us want to trade it all away for a potential quick fix!! then there are those who think we can make a deal and give away nothing!!!!

In the end the reality is Bob Gainey can only sign the free agents that are french canadian(maybe) or over pay for some shot in the dark has been(LANG OR Yashin), and talking about trades, we might be able to pull something off but we will have to give something good in return that people will for sure dislike and weaken our team in other area’s .this offseasonn they should stock pile more draft picks and let there potentials come through the system to the point where they can contend. aside from that the habs really don’t have a chance to build a contender at this point. Wait until Carey Price comes around and the defence they are trying to build along with guys like…Grabovsky,Latendresse..Lapierre..Aubin…Kostitsyn..Chipchura.and Plekanac Ect…come to mature and maybe then you can trade for some help to be a contender . Until then it will only be a quick fix on paper and no real shot at the cup!!!!

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    ok, let me get this straight. You would rather trade our current roster for draft picks? Umm, news flash, 1 of every 10 players drafted ever makes the NHL and even fewer have decent hockey careers. Now, that being said, Habs fans aren't patient and like I have said before, the Montreal Canadiens are for the HERE AND NOW ONLY. Fans don't want to wait for a contender 3 years down the road. And, to top it all off, yeah, Hamilton won the Calder Cup, but do you seriously think that Corey Locke, a player who can;'t skate to save his life, will make the NHL? And no offence to Maxim Lapierre, he's only gonna be a 3rd line player at best in his career. Aubin probably won't make the Habs team. Montreal can't afford to wait, they need to start being a contender now, and as those players develop, ease them into the line up when they are 100% ready. If you put a rookie into a situation like Montreal, when the team isn't doing really well, the fans and media will not only tear the coach and GM apart, they will also tear the rookie apart. It has happend to so many former "Can't Miss" Montreal prospects. Now, a true Habs fan would look at things in a different perspective. They would look to ease the transition for the rookies from the AHL to the NHL. You can't hold your breath on Price because even though he is the best goalie not in the NHL, their is no guarantee that he'll be that good come time to play in the NHL. Look at the other goalie who everyone thought was "Montreal's Savior", he is battling for a job in Colorado. Or, howe about the other one from the 90's, who's been a back up in Pittsburgh the last 2 seasons. I have all the confidence in the world that Price is Montreal's future, but since the media continues to compare him to such greats as Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy, thats a hell of a lot of expectations for a 19 year old goalie. That's a lot of pressure for a rookie but, I'm pretty sure he can fill out those expectations to the best of his ability.

  2. royforgm says:

    As long as they get rid of Kovalev and builion and give Huet a fair chance in net i am happy

  3. habsrock_19 says:

    Yes I agree with the first comment. Why should the Habs trade their roster for draft picks, a lot/most of the guys we have are players we have gotten from the draft.

    as for free agents i like briere, but it wont be easy to get him because he has shown a lot of interest in returning to bufalo but personally i dont think he'll return i think he'll end up goin to the habs (because hes  french canadian) OR somewhere that has a lot of money to spend like philly, who are currently looking for a # 1 centre. also with Yashin i would not sign him at all. i mean we just got away from samsonov and were lucky to get a trade for him. why make the same mistake with Yashin.

    The goaltending situation in montreal will be tough. i think we end up trading huet at the deadline and go with Price as #1 (iv'e seen this kid in hamilton and im sure hes ready for the NHL) and Halak as a great back-up.

    I think Chipchura will also make the team, for two reasons, Montreal is a samller team no doubt aout it, and with Johnson and bonk not getting contracts, we obviously need a centre power forward and i think chipchuras ready for the job.

    i think we'll make the playoffs this year and like most years take a good shot at going deep to the second round, but lets not get carried away, it's way to early for that stuff. but the 08-09 season somewhere around there will  be the prime for this club.

  4. mtlman2005 says:

    i find it incredible how some people write better comments than the actual post!

  5. Glucker says:

    hey, habbers, guess who're you're gonna be seeing this year again


    can't make fun of us for McCabe anymore:P

  6. kingcup says:

    i ve never make fun of McCabe, no need to.

    Being a leaf fan is enuf by itself…
  7. ferron says:

    We (Habs fans) have been waiting 14 years for a Stanley Cup, 20 years for a 50goals scorer, 25 for an 100pts man, are only  steady allstar in the last 30 years was Patrick Roy, who we lost cause we chose to keep retarded Tremblay instead? So don't tell us to be patient, next you want to trade roster for draft picks who are gonna be ready in 5-7 years, i say screw this ,never once besides Kovi that MTL went and got us an electrifying SUPERSTAR of the UFA, all the moves that has been made by Gaigney was to save $$$ for that FAT F–k Goerge Gilette , who takes the Habs profit every years to invest into is Liverpool team! I say it's about F—-N time that the Montreal Canadiens Owner and GM start showing the die hard fans some respect we have been filling that building for 75 years and for what? To go watch are top players get 70 pts, what a disgrace, all the Habs are doing is using are good draft picks to draft deffensive players or either trade for them(Lapierre, Bonk,Valentenko, McDonagh, Fisher ect…) and if we actually get talented players(Samsonov, Kovalev,Latendresse), we slow down there production by implanting a deffensive style of play in there games so they won't commend such astronomical Salary! Allthe habs has been doing in the passed 25 years is use they're fans by giving under the cap or budget teams that never competes offensivelly and therefor pretty F—-n Boring. Does Bob think that people lines up at the 82nd game of the season to find out if Ryder will score is team leading and 30th goal of the season? Just cause the only style of play Bob and Guy could play while in MTL was the  deffensive kind, doesn't mean that it's an exciting game to watch or sale!

  8. hubstr says:

    I was not saying trade our roster now…I was saying keep our draft picks and not to go after a marleau, or something like that where we would have to give picks and roster players. Instead keep what we have wait a couple more years (with more of our draft picks) and then we will be in a position to make those type of trades, where we still will have something left in the bank AFTER a trade and our young guys like I mentioned in my article will be fully matured!!!

  9. ferron says:

      I agree with you we shound't go after guys like Marleau who never had a better year than Koivu until Joe Thorton showed up. If big Joe wasn't around Marleau would have a hard time scoring 20.

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