Habs Fever: Trade coming?

Brian Wilde

From my time with the Oilers in Edmonton dating back to the early 90’s, one of the relationships I have been able to foster is with Kevin Prendergast. He’s an extremely intelligent hockey man who is the top scout and decision maker for talent, young and old, that the Oilers might be interested in. Prendergast and I talk usually when he takes in a Habs game. He doesn’t take in many. Every two or three months, he watches one contest and then moves on to the next city whether it be Ottawa or Albany.
The last two times he stayed for an extended period, Alex Kovalev and Michael Ryder were on the trading blocks. Not to say that he said that was who was he looking at each time. He’s too clever to offer that information to me, but one can take an educated guess, and put it together. Neither deal worked out between the Oilers and Habs, and I don’t know honestly how close they got, but Prendergast wasn’t in town for the hotdogs, though they sure are popular.

I mention all of this because Prendergast has spent the last three games watching the Habs home stand. A week in the same city is a long time for a scout like Prendergast. I won’t speculate who he is looking at, because I haven’t started a rumour in this industry in 26 years, so I won’t start now. All I will say is I felt confident that he is definitely looking at some Hab closely. Feel free to start your own rumour.


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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    Might as well get the flame war started…

    S & A Kost for Penner!

    Edit:  Halak, Lantendress and a 2nd. 


  2. lafleur10 says:


     this is a deal that makes sense for both teams!

  3. reinjosh says:

    the oilers don't need another small somewhat talented player who has no heart and can't play because he doesnt want to
    and it would cost more than that for smid

  4. lafleur10 says:

    no it wouldn't! smid is no more than a 5th or 6th defenceman  kostitsyn would have instant chemistry with junior line mate sam ganer this kid is very talented and could potentially score 20-25 goals a season like i said this would be a deal that makes sense for both teams we give away a kid with huge talet and add a defence that can play in our top 6 and add depth so your on drugs if you think that it would cost more than this,we aren't the leafs that would over pay for an average player like burke did with kessel

  5. reinjosh says:

    kessel is a good player
    yes we gave up a lot for him but he is worth it
    and SK has absolutely no value
    he has twice quit (or at least the equivalent of it)
    and teams are going to want to steer clear of him
    chemistry or not (im not sure where your getting that)
    and Smid may be a 5th dman right now but he has a lot of talent and potential (top 4 easily)
    it would take a top 9 forward at the very least
    like AK (and thats probably not enough)
    this has nothing to do with the leafs
    you could get him but he is worth far more than you offered
    if you think any team is going to take SK for anything more than future considerations (like a 6th if he even makes it back to the NHL, maybe as high as a conditional 4th)
    than your delusional

  6. lafleur10 says:

    if you think we will have to give up a.kost your the dillusional one! a.kostitsyn is a top 6 forward that could score 30 -35 goals a year those guys are worth way more than a marginal defenceman like smid!yes sk is alittle immature i'm not denying that and he's made a few mistake like leaving the bulldogs and not initially reporting to hamilton but the kid has supreme talent and some tean that takes a chance on him will prosper because he can and i think will be a top 6 forward! as far as the chemistry with gagner they played togther in london in junior on the same line so that's where i got that from. i think we will be recalling sk in the next week or so and play him with plekanec and his brother on our 2nd line let him put up numbers thus increase his trade value! kessel is a good player not a great player or a superstar player that was worth what you guys gave up (potentially a franchise player) in taylor hall  burke got totally raped on that deal and he and you lefs fans can put any spin on it that you like and try and defend it all you want but when taylor hall turns out to potentially be like stamkos or tavares or j.thornton i think then you guys will  see and finally admit that burke got  raped and badly! i mean kessel is good no doubt but he wasn't worth that return i mean cammalleri is a better than kessel and when calgary got him from l.a. they gave up jordan leopold and a 2nd r.d pick

  7. reinjosh says:

    i never brought up this kessel argument
    at the moment Kessel is Better than Hall because he plays in the NHL
    hall does not
    SK has no value to any team, will not be traded and will likely never again play in the NHL
    you cant really say what that KEssel deal turns out to be until those picks develop
    the whole deal is really based on potential
    and right know nobody won or lost
    but you arnt getting Smid for SK
    not a chance bud
    you don' get a top6 dman (who is playing top 5) and has top 4 potential for a player who can't even break the NHL and has terrible attitude problems
    the NHL does not work that way

  8. zackman13 says:

    actually, the flames getting cammarelli and removing leopold was through a series of trades

    First: at the 2006 draft:


    2nd round pick 2006
    2nd round pick 2007

    tanguay plays three years with calgary

    at the 2009 draft

    5th round pick 2008

    1st round pick 2008 (25th)
    2nd round pick 2009

    same draft seperate move
    (three way trade)


    1st round pick 2008 (12th)
    1st round pick 2008 (28th)

    1st  round pick 2008 (17th)

    but yeah, it was basiclly leopold and 2 seconds for cammi and three years of tanguay.

  9. reinjosh says:

    montreal takes calgary's trash
    tanguay turned out to be a waste
    and cammy is good but wont help the habs win anything more than one series

  10. hockey_lover says:

    I gotta agree with reinjosh on this one.

    Lets assume for one moment that SK and Smid are worth the same in terms of market value.

    The thing that separates them is the attitude that SK has. He showed up to camp and was lazy so he got demoted. When that happened, he didnt report. Then after whatever happened, he did report. Then he quits AGAIN and then goes back. The guy is a drama queen. Teams will not want to touch him.

    Also, lets call a spade a spade here. He DOES have talent but its not a "supreme" talent in anyway. He will never score 35 goals in a season (he is a 25 goal guy at best). So, to say that any team would want him is a little bit much. He is a good talent but not great. Add to that his off ice immaturity and teams are generally going to keep clear from him.

  11. lafleur10 says:

    and he's still better than any leafs player kessel included!

  12. reinjosh says:

    yah he really isn't worth the risk in my opinion
    unless he gets given way (like a conditioned pick with relatively low value at best)
    then he isn't going to be moved for anything special

  13. pezzz123 says:

    hum how come?

    Kessel scored 36 in 60 games while being 21 years old.

    Cammalleri scored 39 in 80 games while being a veteran.

    I hardly see what makes Cammalleri better than Kessel.

    They are both unidimensionnal snipers. And in the sniping category, I'll take Kessel before Cammalleri.

  14. lafleur10 says:

    check the stats the numbers don't lie! cammalleri is far and away better check the stas and see for your self!i'll take cammalleri before i'd take kessel,cammy doesn't need a savard to put up numbers like kessel does!

  15. mtl_prince says:

    Maria Shriver is a clone from WW2

  16. broc says:


    S Kostitsyn can't crack the lowly Habs forward roster… has no heart… is a drama queen… doesn't pay attention in practice… thinks roster spots should be given to him… is a serious risk to bolt for the KHL at any time.

    L Smid… as a defenceman, isn't close to reaching his prime… is a roster player (not a fringe guy)… a good teammate…. doesn't try to strong arm teams to give him a roster spot, so is a good team player.

    … and you think these guys are of the same value? LMFAO

    IF MTL is lucky, they'll get a draft pick back for this whiny baby Kostitsyn. Probably, no one is interested in him anyway.

  17. careyprice31 says:

    Forget about it. I don't want ladislav smid. In fact there is no one on the edmonton oilers roster that interests me. Unless montreal can find a way to get someone like shawn horcoff on the team. Pleky for horcoff that i woould do. Aside  from that theres no other players on that team that strike me to help the habs out right now.

  18. reinjosh says:

    smid would be good for you guys
    he brings offense and defense you guys need
    plus he is still young

  19. Magleaf says:

    It is yet to be proven if savard was needed for kessel to put up those number and its not like camillari didnt have good teammates when he played with people like iginla or frolov to help inflate his stats

  20. Rico71 says:

    Are you serious? No one at all???

    I'd take Grebeshkov, Gilbert, Visnovsky on defense any time!
    Gagner would be a steal for the Habs.

    Though the Kostitsyns bros won't get us one of those players.

    Maybe Visnovsky? I like dreaming.


  21. HABSSTAR says:

    The Kost brothers have destroyed any value they may have had, either through their uninspired play (Andrei) or child like attitude (Sergei).  If they are traded it will likely be for players going through similar episodes with their current team.  So basically a sideways move at best.   

    Sergei can rot in Hamilton for all I care.  He was a late round draft pick so not a huge loss if he goes to the KHL.  Would it be nice to get a pick back for him, say a 4th or later, sure.  But I just can't see any team wanting anything to do with him unless they think that BG has totally mismanaged this kid.  Which I don`t think is the case.  

    Andrei should be benched for a couple of games to see if that does anything for him (probably won't) then shipped out of town for a bag of pucks or whatever you can get for him.  There's no reason why this guy shouldn`t be able to be counted on to pot 20 goals a year minimum.  If he can't even do that then cut the cord and move on.   

  22. Habroller says:

    Oh yeah, Frolov the stat-inflator.

    I hadn't heard that one yet.

  23. pezzz123 says:

    Iginla and Kopitar, perhaps?

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