Habs gain late season blue chip prospect

The Habs, Bob Gainey, pulled a slick one yesterday in the signing of ECAC player of the year Yann Danis, according to a press release via Canadiens.com.

This Quebec native obviously wanted the Habs more than any other team by vioding his entry draft status. He most likely would have been the highest goalie and a top-ten pic.


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  1. TC_4 says:

    I know a large amount about hockey, but can safely say I’ve never heard of this kid due to the fact I do not follow US college hockey(but I did watch one hell of a game Sunday between Maine and UMASS, Jimmy Howard will be the show). This guy was going to be drafted higher then Al Montoya??? Must be one hell of a goaltender! If thats the case, of course this is a phenominal move by Gainey. He still has his first round pick while getting a top 10 guy, and if he feels he has too many goaltenders in his system(which they don’t have one of 20 years or less I believe), he can dangle one for a first round pick and maybe more.

  2. tmeyers says:


    Sun, March 21, 2004

    The Hamilton Bulldogs announced today they have added goaltender Yann Danis, forward Brent Robinson and defenceman Mark Flood. Danis was recently signed to a contract with the Montreal Canadiens, while Robinson and Flood have each signed Amateur Try-Out contracts (A.T.O.), respectively with the Bulldogs.

    DANIS, a 6’0, 195 pound goaltender from Lafontaine, Quebec, played with the Brown University Bears of the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC) for the last four seasons. In 2003-04, the 22-year-old played in 30 of Brown’s 31 games, posting a 15-11-4 record with a 1.81 GAA and a .942 save percentage. Danis is among the 10 finalists for the Hobey Baker Award (given annually to the top college player) and was named the ECAC’s Player of the Year. He also won the Ken Dryden Award, given to the ECAC’s Best Goaltender, marking the first time a goalie has won both awards in the same year.

    ROBINSON, a 23-year-old native of Pointe-Claire, Quebec, was a teammate of Danis’ the past four seasons at Brown University. During the 2003-04 season, the 6’1, 195-pound forward led Brown in scoring with 31 points (13-18-31), along with 10 penalty minutes in 31 games played. In 120 career games at Brown University, Robinson recorded 99 points (38-61-99).

    FLOOD, a 6’1 180 pound-defenceman from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, played this past season with the Peterborough Petes of the Ontario Hockey League. In 68 games played, the 19-year-old Flood led all Peterborough defencemen in scoring with 44 points (15-29-44) and added 30 penalty minutes. Flood has played in 193 games in the past three seasons with Peterborough, earning 78 points (21-57-78) and 69 penalty minutes. Flood was the Montreal Canadiens 7th pick, 188th overall in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.”

  3. skandelousHABSfan says:

    Its a good move by Gainey, but i think that you are getting overexited when you say he is a top 10 pick. He is a good goaltender, but Montoya will definatly be the highest pick in this years draft. I dont even think he was on the Canadian Junior team, so you cant say that he is the best goaltender this year. But still, he adds some good assests to our farm, and maybe wil be valuable in the future (though there is no need for another start as long as we haev Theo)

  4. Just-Checking-In says:

    I think you may have gotten a few of your facts mixed up. As a soon to be 23 year old Danis appears to be more of an undrafted free-agent signing than of a drafted player opting out of the draft.

    As for the top goalies Central Scouting Bureau Ranks the North Americans like this:

    1. Al Montoya, Univ. of Michigan (CCHA);

    2. David Shantz, Mississauga (OHL);

    3. Devan Dubnyk, Kamloops (WHL);

    4. Justin Peters, Toronto St. Michael’s (OHL);

    5. Dan Lacosta, Owen Sound (OHL);

    6. Julien Ellis-Plante, Shawinigan (QMJHL);

    7. Cory Schneider, Phillips-Andover Academy, Mass. (U.S. high school);

    8. Jeff Glass, Kootenay (WHL);

    9. Philippe Roberge, Rouyn Noranda (QMJHL);

    10. Daniel Taylor, Guelph (OHL).

    11. Joseph Fallon, Cedar Rapids (USHL);

    12. Jakub Cech, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL);

    13. Kyle Moir, Swift Current (WHL);

    14. James Spratt, Sioux City (USHL);

    15. Gabriel Bouthillette, Gatineau (QMJHL).

  5. movingfire says:

    at 20 years old, he would have been to old to play for the Juniors…..(pretty sure anyways)

  6. HabsNick says:

    Not a bad move, Danis seems to be an undrafted late bloomer, might be a real gem in the rough. Flood and Robinson should provide some nice depth on the farm next year.

    The Danis signing does seem to send one message though: expect one of either Garon, Fichaud, Damphousse or Michaud to be moved this summer or early in the season next year. I seriously doubt they’d want to keep such a crowded bench in Hamilton.

    I think i’d see either Garon or Michaud (esp. him) ending up in Edmonton. Garon could easily wrestle for a starter spot with Conks and Markannen (and probably win it), or Michaud could provide them with a good pair of young goalies with JDD.

    As for Danis being drafted before Shwartz and Montoya and in the top ten? not bloody likely. He probably would’ve been picked sometimes after the 3rd round if at all. NHL teams don’t make an habit of drafting 22 years old players with their limited number of picks.

    Just a closing note, the Habs do have two young goalies in their system, Jaroslav Halak and Christopher Heino-Lindberg.

  7. tmeyers says:

    He’s in Colleg not juniors.

    Danis is among the 10 finalists for the Hobey Baker Award (given annually to the top college player) and was named the ECAC’s Player of the Year. He also won the Ken Dryden Award, given to the ECAC’s Best Goaltender.

  8. tmeyers says:

    Why not likely? he’s already been chosen as top collegiate goalie.

  9. Kyleton says:

    It’s a decent pick up which may turn out well for the Habs. I would not get too excited. He is 22 years of age now and this year is the first year that he’s really posted above average numbers. You may have to credit some of that to the fact that he is a 22 year old playing against 18-20 year olds. Decent pick up for the Habs, does not hurt them at all and could work out very well for them. But I would not get too hyped up about it.

  10. Just-Checking-In says:

    Where did I say he was in Juniors? I said he was a 22 year old (almost 23 year old) that appears to be an undrafted free agent signing instead of a draft eligible player.

  11. bubbakazoo says:

    He wasn’t a junior because he is 22 years old. He’s ready to replace Fichaud in Hamilton. I see Damphousse moving too, and then Michaud and Danis will be behind Theodore and Garon.

  12. tmeyers says:

    18-20 year olds have a tough time making varsity, let alone the roster. he’s 22, a senior and graduating right on time.

  13. MAniac29 says:

    You find the last 22 almost 23 year old selected in the top 10 for us and get back to us!

  14. TC_4 says:

    Ruslan Salei picked 9th in 96 by Anaheim.

  15. bubbakazoo says:

    And he was also a late bloomer. With Danis this is all moot, as he’s with the habs now.

  16. CBrolund says:

    Actually he would NOT have been draft eligible. Hockey players do not have the option to waive draft rights.

    Salei was picked at that age, because he was a European… Europeans are exempt from draft age eligibility, be North Americans are not.

    Danis was a undrafted free agent.

  17. nelsog says:

    Danis played for Brown which is never an ECAC powerhouse and that is why his numbers are not too impressive. It’s too bad Brown didn’t make the ECAC championships last weekend because I’d know more about him then. In some of the interviews with players from other ECAC teams he is the toughest goalie too play against. Looks like a good pickup, just wondering whats going to happen to this derth of goalies the Habs have in the system in the next few years.

  18. rojoke says:

    The only significant goalie in Hamilton is Olivier Michaud, who is only 20 or 21 years old. He made a emergency appearance a couple of seasons ago and impressed many people within the organization. He could be a solid NHL goalie down the road. They also have J-F Damphousse, who was a Devils draft pick, but he’s probably no more than a minor league starter or a back-up.

    As for Denis, I hadn’t hearda whole lot about him either, and I don’t even remember him being ranked in the draft. If he was projected to be better than Montoya, then why didn’t anyone else take note of him? Maybe he is a late bloomer. I’ll hold off on the projections for him until after I see him play.

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