Habs GM deserves boot, not well-respected coach

Pierre Gauthier proved Saturday he’ll do anything to save his own butt.

Rather than shoulder the responsibility for a season that’s gone terribly wrong and make deals, the Montreal Canadiens sent coach Jacques Martin packing and replaced him with former Senators captain Randy Cunneyworth.

With the Habs struggling as they prepared to face the New Jersey Devils Saturday night at the Bell Centre, Martin joined what’s become a long list of unemployed bench bosses when he was given his walking papers by Gauthier in the morning.

Though Gauthier is the architect of this mess, he continues to do just about anything to lay the blame elsewhere. First, it was assistant coach Perry Pearn. Now, it’s the well-respected Martin who has been left looking for work.

The question is: Will this help and get Montreal to the playoffs? If it doesn’t, you can be certain Gauthier will be the next one looking for work.

Nobody is thrilled with the job he’s done and sooner or later the buck will stop at his office.

The wrong man lost his job, but you have to think at some point or another they’ll come to their senses in Montreal and show Gauthier the door.


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  1. lafleur10 says:

    gauthier is on borrowed time and that time is running out really fast! i actually hope we don't make the playoffs this year (have a top ten pick) but fire him first hire a new g.m. i.e. julien brisebois,pierre macguire,jim nill,dave nonis,…….etc and let them make that selection and make the changes that the new g.m. feels or deems necessary,but he will have his work cut for him with some of those contracts! but if you hire the right guy it can be done.


     Why is Montreal stuck with a bunch of underacheiving Ottawa Senators???? Gauthier never did Shit anywhere else, Martin has Chocked time after time, if it didn't work elsewhere why would it work in Montreal???

     Even the medias are old guys who use to cover the Sens (Francois Gagnon and Michel Langevin) well those 2 are losers!

     Every night I watch L'Antichambre just to watch Francois Gagnon pretending he has all the answers, but the reality is none of those guys have a clue!

     I just find it very weird that ever since Gauthier made it to GM, everyone around or in the Habs organization had to come from Ottawa???

     Now the last move is just ridiculous, Gauthier fires his boyfriend JM and makes Randy C. our new coach, The 1st thing Randy tells us is that theyarent going to be many or any changes, that everything was allright??? Why in hell fire an experience Jaque Martin to hire an unexperience Jacque Martin???

     The more move Gauthier makes , the more he reminds me of Rejean Houle, they're both losers who suck at their jobs the only difference is Gauthier has less of an accent!

     Like Lafleur said I hope that this circus last until the end of the season, that way Price, Subban, Kostitsyn and Georges value can only drop and will help the Habs in the long run, plus we will have the chance of drafting in the top ten.

     What i would do is keep every one in place till the end of the season then fire Cunny, Gauthier, carriere and any other coache or manager in the organization, get rid of ALL overpaid player(s) in the line-up regardless of the consequences , wipe the slate clean and start from fresh! cause obviously their is no chance in hell that the Habs will ever win a cup with the team as is!

  3. senators_choke says:

    Add Seabrook to the list of players with head injuries. Like I said, hockey today is a total joke.

    So far, from all the opinions I've read or heard, the smartest ideas have come from Don Cherry!!!  The guy people say is an idiot.

    Cherry acknowledges that there is a REAL problem (not just better detection or media hype).

    His solution is to slow down the game by putting back the red line, allow the goalies to handle the puck behind the line, and allow small hooking and grabbing like pre-lockout.

    Couldn't agree more with grapes. Also, softer shoulder and elbow pads would help.

    And most important of all, a culture of respect for the head like the pre-helmet days must return. The CULTURE must change, but it's not going to happen overnight.

  4. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Maybe not hooking, but grabbing I'm perfectly okay with because I think the hockey stick should not be used or encourages as a weapon. I think Komisarek will become a great shutdown defencemen if that is added.

    I think they should also add some rule about icing…Maybe the player to cross the blue line first can have a 5 foot radius from him when he goes to touch the puck. Less dangerous collisions that way.

    Cherry even suggested the Brian Burke bear hug rule would be an effective tool in reducing headshots. I agree.  It allows you to not hit people in the head or slam them into the boards dangerously. A great example is Phaneuf on Friday…Instead of him slamming Kassian face first in the boards his rule would have allowed him to hold him there. Bear hug him along the boards…Instead, Kassian is now missing 2 teeth.

    Though, some concussions as of late have been from freak accidents. Giroux, Michalek, and I think Crosby all came from collisions with their own teammates.

  5. senators_choke says:

    Sure some of the head injuries are accidents. But why the accidents? Why so many more accidents now than before?

    In other words, something must have changed that is causing more of these accidents. This is why Cherry's comments about slowing down the game make sense.

    Like Chery said, you can't have guys flying 100 miles an hour out there and not expect injuries.

  6. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah Cherry has a point, I would love to see the small hooking and holding back as well as the trapezoid deleted. I can live without red line coming back, but bringing it back wont be such a bad thing.

    Personally the NHL should at least try to eliminate the trapezoid and not call penalties on the minor hooks and holds that do not lead to the player getting knocked on his ass or that do not prevent him from scoring a goal or making a play with the puck. I get so annoyed when someone gets called for hooking and the player that was hooked didn't even notice that it happened.

    Heck if the NHL doesn't want to bring those hooks and hold back then eliminating the trapezoid and bringing back the red line will do the trick. Pick one and do it.

  7. blaze says:

    Not saying I disagree completely, but tell me what is the difference this year, from last year? Or the year previous, or any post lock-out year? What significant changes to the play of the game occurred this off-season?

  8. blaze says:

    I think the bear hug rule would be a good start, suprised not to hear much support for it. It doesn't effect the speed of the game any and would drastically reduce the Phaneuf/Kassian type of hits.

  9. JoelLeafs says:

    Make McGuire the GM and Roy the coach. Cement the Habs in the bottom of the league for a decade. If this happens and I'm Price, I'm looking to bounce ASAP.

  10. lafleur10 says:

    macguire will/ would be a very good g.m. he's the most connected guy in the league with contacts in very organization! he couldn't do worse than gauthier .infact i think he'd do great he learned from bowman 1 of the smartest minds in the game,plus macguire knows every prospect on the planet and the strenghts and weakness of every player in the league,as for roy he's firey and with all the b.s. that the refs do to the habs (with martin)and him standing there like a statue allowing them to do it would stop roy would blow a gasket and i think would intimidate the refs

  11. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Macguire thought Forsberg was drafted by Quebec. 

    Macguire thought Price would be a bust..
    Macguire… well, need I go on?
  12. Steven_Leafs says:

    that Quebec/Forsberg thing is easy to get wrong. Quebec finished last in the league and drafted Lindros, he didn't want to sign in Quebec so he was traded to Philadelphia for their 1st round pick in the same draft (Forsberg) among others.

    Macguire is an idiot though. lol.

  13. senators_choke says:

    Since the lockout, concussions are way up, as everyone knows. Cherry gives some of the reasons and he's right.

  14. senators_choke says:

    Totally agreed. The rule changes they brought in have been a disaster from a safety standpoint.

    Glad to see Cherry speak up, and we know he's the last guy to be calling for the game to be soft. Marcel Dionne said the same thing. The people who know the game for years know exactly what's going on.

  15. blaze says:

    Well ok yes concussions are up post-lockout, and for a variety of reasons but why the increase specifically this year over last year then?

  16. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yeah concussions we have heard of are up. As for if concussions are up I am not 100% on that I mean something has to be done but I am not sold on this whole "It's only now concussions are happening so often. I mean it is possible players played through these conditions in the past. Sure Armstrong played through and not one person knew. It was only known when he said something. 

  17. Tachmo says:

    Not to make any excuses for Gauthier but I'm not sure he was left a lot to work with after Bob Gainey exited the GM job. Gainey hogtied this team bigtime by trading for Scott Gomez. You can't have a dud making 7.3 million in cap space and be a contender in today's NHL scheme. Gainey overpaid for Cammalleri and Gionta. Gionta not so much, but Gainey was the one that acquired all three of these small forwards. I'm not sure that is the footprint to success in the post season these days.

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