Habs GM on Gomez: ‘I’m not buying him out’

A handful of hefty issues weighed on Marc Bergevin when he was named general manager of the Montreal Canadiens in early May.

Now that he’s hired a head coach, Michel Therrien, locked up star goaltender Carey Price to a six-year deal, drafted highly touted forward Alex Galchenyuk and signed some gritty free agents, one more big question looms.

Will Bergevin buyout Scott Gomez, the club’s overpaid 32-year-old centre?

According to a report from Arpon Brasu, managing editor of LNH.com (NHL.com’s French site), who spoke with Bergevin on Monday, the answer is no.

Gomez, who is slated to rake in $5.5 million in 2012-13 and $4.5 million in 2013-14, had a buyout date of June 15. His buyout ratio would be set at 2/3 and his total buyout cost would be $6.67 million spread over four years, according to CapGeek.com.

The Alaska native became an NHL punch line in 2011-12 due to his lack of offensive production; he did not score his first goal of the season until Feb. 9.


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  1. LN91 says:

    From what I’ve read…Burke is inquiring about Getzlaf, Marleau, and Colin Wilson.

  2. reinjosh says:

    All solid options. Getzlaf and Marleau are obviously players we’d do well to acquire.

    Wilson is intriguing. Big, strong on the puck, and he’s definitely learned the defensive game playing on NAshville. For whatever reason though, Trotz has never taken to him. He had a decently successful season last year, scoring at a 40 point pace.

    He’d be intriguing to try between Kessel/Lupul. However I’m not sure he is anything more than a 2nd line center at his best.

    • LN91 says:

      I don’t mind trading first round picks…But be smart and make them conditional like other teams do.

      For examplw, if trading for Marleau, I don’tmind dealing a future first…But for the 2014 draft…Make it top-10 protected.

      • Shoelesshobo says:

        That is one of the best things I have ever heard you say LN91. If we can protect the pick from being a top 10 pick I am all for it. Would pick Getzlaf over them all but I would try to get Pavelski over Marleau.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    I don’t know if they can pry Getzlaf.

    I just can’t see Anaheim spending money on Allen and Souray and likely bringing back Selanne after they re-signed Koivu, only to trade both Getzlaf and Ryan. They certainly won’t get as good a player as those two from Toronto, unless Kessel is involved.

    That reason alone, them trading Ryan, is enough reason for me for the Ducks to keep Getzlaf, and Perry for that matter.

    Marleau is a possibility. Its all about his NTC. would he waive it to come to Toronto? Well chances did improve once the Leafs canned Wilson. With Ron here, I doubt Marleau would have ever came. They did not get along.

    Colin Wilson I mentioned earlier. He is is definitely someone I picture Burke going after. He’s a young player which teams will have control over for several more years. He would be financially affordable. He’s a relative known commodity because he was a top 10 pick and has good bloodlines. He’s that “second lease on life” kind of player, like Dion, like Lupul, like MacArthur, like Grabo, like JVR, like Kessel that the Leafs have sort of built their team around.

    The Leafs seem to like giving people a fresh start. Not that he really failed in Nashville, but for a team that has struggled for offence, Wilson hasn’t been a real breakthrough player.

    • reinjosh says:

      Kessel doesn’t fit into that “second lease on life” group.

      But yeah Wilson sort of fits into that category and would make sense as a trade target. Sort of. He hasn’t lit it up offensively but then again who does on Nashville. He played at a pace that fits right into “top 6” forward for Preds palyers. He definitely needs a new place if he ever expects to reach higher offensively though.

      Although with Carlyle confirming that JVR will start out at center, I wonder if Burke has shifted his attention elsewhere and has pulled back on trading for a center.

  4. HABSdomination says:

    HELLOOOOOOOOO? PEOPLE???? This is about Gomez and the habs….

    From me to Marc:

    “No buyout on Gomez? Now i’m pissed… You better find a freakin’ way to eliminate this cancer from the team, either trade, buyout or burial in the minors but god damnit you better find a way or else…..”

    I sure told him, right fellas?

    • nordiques100 says:

      Is he really a cancer or a guy with a bad contract?

      I think Gomez beats himself up trying to live up to the money.

      Ppl were going insane over what parise got but it’s still less cap hit than Gomez.

      He I think would be solid, if he made 2-3 mil less.

      I think they should talk to Edmonton about a Gomez for hemsky swap.

      • ZillyHoo says:

        Oh yes… Montreal will be made of glass next season even though they tried too fix everything.

        • lafleur10 says:

          think again man bergevin addressed alot of our


          what did burke do exactly for the leafs? get a

          goaltender? nope get a #1 center nope! he did nothing and at least we’ll be tougher to play

          against and will be much better

          to bad you can’t say that !

          • nordiques100 says:

            if the goal is to be better than Toronto, then maybe that was accomplished.

            if the goal is to compete with Pittsburgh, NY, New Jersey, Philly, Washington, Buffalo, Boston, Ottawa, Carolina, Florida, Winnipeg and Tampa? Well there’s work to do.

            All of those teams were either already better and still are than Montreal, or improved themselves during the off-season.

            Comparing to the forever middling franchise in Toronto is pointless.

            • frankinboltonleafs says:

              That hurt…true..but still hurt.

            • reinjosh says:

              Because teams can’t gather young talented players and slowly improve right? They have to go from bad to awesome in a predetermined amount of time without mistake?

              Give me a break. Toronto has one of the deepest prospect pools its ever seen. It has young core players on the roster that not only have legitimate talent but have draft pedigree as well.

              Sometimes plans don’t work perfectly. Burke made a mistake claiming playoffs and talking about a fast rebuild, but he isn’t running this team into the ground.

              Stop acting like the world is ending. It doesn’t become you.

          • ZillyHoo says:

            I was replying to the suggestion of them getting Hemsky…. Hey, you’ve almost got it with the paragraph thing. Now maybe some capitalization, fix some grammar errors, stop acting like an eight year old…. Subban generational talent… and we’ll be fine?

            • lafleur10 says:

              i think you should worry about your own team

              they need alot of work

              as for hemsky thanks but no thanks we don’t need hemsky

              maybe your leafs should get him they could use a winger with some skill like that

              • ZillyHoo says:

                I’m more of a Tampa fan then a Leaf’s fan, but not many people talk about them here.

                Anyway, someone else proposed Hemsky to Montreal, I commented on that. Hemsky on the Leafs is something we don’t need seeing as we’re pretty solid on wingers in with Lupul, Kessel, JVR, Kulemin

                • Ryrad8 says:

                  Hey man, But I like Hemsky to the Bolts… Not defending my insane fellow hab fan, But I think that would work for both teams.
                  I think a Malone – Hemsky swap might be good

        • nordiques100 says:

          There is just 1 reason why Montreal can’t yet be considered in the McKinnon sweepstakes and that’s Carey price.

          Honestly the team could use another top 3 pick. It serves no purpose to be middle ground.

          They have more harder working forwards but Armstrong, gionta, Gomez, markov are all key pieces with long injury histories.

          Plekanec has something to prove. Same with subban. Both had down years.

          What does kaberle or bourque have to give? 9 mil of waste.

          And will kids step up? Eller? Leblanc? Who? They’re no rnh’s ready to light it up.

          They’d be stupid to start galchenyuk. He needs a season to dominate in jr.

          And can their top line do it again? Who knows.

          There are millions of question marks here. Only price gives them a shot.

          Another year though of getting a top pick, seeing gal, beaulieu, tinordi, Gallagher develop as pros, maybe accumulate more high picks, and add depth to their organization would be best IMO.

          They are a bit more rugged, harder to play against and will work hard, but losing one more year benefits them, and I think they’re weak enough talent wise to stay near the bottom.

      • HABSdomination says:

        nordiques: you just asked AND answered your own question my man!

        If he’s a guy with a bad contract; i.e.: Wade Redden, then he’s ultimately a cancer for the team’s progress. His cap impact would prevent us from making a significant offer to anyone if the case presented itself. Plus, he can’t play for shit. No one can argue. I mean the guy’s a lost sailor in a room full or mermaids. He just can’t focus anymore. I bet he can’t even get a hard on in front of his girlfriend. Just ask her: Hey Leafs_wallace………;)

        • nordiques100 says:

          That’s not being a cancer though. that’s a terribly harsh word to use.

          He’s not a bad person. He’s having a tough stretch here.

          Now someone like Subban, fighting with teammates, saying stupid stuff, that’s a dressing room problem. A cancer if you will, but i loath using that word.

          And after Koivu, I would hope hab fans don’t like using that either.

          • HABSdomination says:

            What are you kidding me, mom??? Is cancer a nuissance? Yes sir i think it is.

            Give me a break with that whole koivu thing, i never liked him, never respected the fans or the city he played in. Sure he was sensationnal in the beginning and it sucks what happened to him but i never cared much for him.Plus, he was a real baby the last few years.

            Why the hell would you even bring him up in a post regarding Gomez???

            Do you even follow the habs or do you only watch vintage dvds?

            • HABSdomination says:

              And by the way Patch adams, i could not care less that he’s a great guy. He could be mother freakin’ Theresa for all i care: HE COSTS 7.5 A YEAR AND HE CAN’T SCORE OR MAKE A PLAY. What’s your goal, hire a team of volunteers, nurses and caregivers to win our 25th cup next year?

              You have got to be kidding me. Still can’t believe you brought up Koivu over an expression.

              • nordiques100 says:

                Cancer isnot an expression. It’s serious. Especially for those who have experienced it.

                So stop being an insensitive dick

                • HABSdomination says:


                  3. an evil influence that spreads dangerously Related prefix carcino-
                  cancerous  adj
                  cancerously  adv

                  That’s from goggle dictionnary. If it ain’t an expression, i don’t know what is.

                  I reply to a post on Gomez and express an opinion, and you reply by bringing out Saku Koivu and his medical history into the mix? And then you call me an insensitive prick over it?

                  Well, allow me to retort, you little douchy prick:

                  My Gomez opinion was from a hockey standpoint, not a medical one. The fact that his deteriorating skills, immense contract, and therefore cap impact have NOTHING to do with Koivu and his health problem, ok Dr. Doogie?

                  Now go suck an egg, while waiting for the freakin’ nordiques, you dingbat.

                  • reinjosh says:

                    How is Gomez evil? He’s not in any manner an evil influence that spreads.

                    At worst, he’s an anchor on the cap. He’s not a bad player in the locker room, he doesn’t have issues with his coach, he doesn’t ruin young players.

                    How you can call him a “cancer” is beyond me.

                    • TimTheBone says:

                      To me he’s a big nuisance…. His cap hit holds us back from acquiring a strong piece… He takes up roster space and he’s clearly trying to play above and beyond his ability as to try and justify his cap hit and presence on the team….

                      He doesn’t hurt the team… He’s still a capable player.. last season was just horrible even for him… He should be a 15-30 kinda guy…. But he tries too hard…..if had even a 5 mil cap hit it would be slightly more tolerable…

                      I will say though that cancer is a strong word to me based purely on the fact that he doesn’t bring team morale down…. Just isn’t top 6 quality anymore right now

                    • HABSdomination says:


                      Tim, come one, don’t give in to these ladies.

                      Since the first game he played as a Ranger, he’s been a rock in Sather’s foot as well as Rangers fans. Now, since the first game he played has a Hab, he’s been a rock in Gainey’s foot, then Gauthier’s foot, now Bergevin’s foot, the fan’s foot, Lars Eller’s foot, Desharnais’s Foot, Plekanec’s foot, Nokelainen’s foot, Louis Leblanc’s foot, soon to be Brandon Prust’s foot every possible center for this organization’s foot, my foot, your foot, nordiques’s sister’s foot, etc….

                      I mean, the guy is probably cool in real life, but WHO GIVES A CRAP. Being cool doesn’t win cups.

                      Anyone who feels sorry for a guy that betrayed the team that drafted him for more $$$$ and since landing that cashload plays like a freakin’ goofball(like Komisarek) , deserves to be called a whatever-i-want-to, why? Because I am the one who pays 8,200$ a year for season tickets, that’s freakin’ why. I ain’t being pretentious by putting figures out there, it’s just that softies like nordiques and reinjosh piss me off.

                      Scott Gomez is a continuous disease that affects every player around him because they all have to overplay and overwork to make up for his lack or deterioration of skill. Once again, i can’t care less how much of a nice guy he is. As far as i’m concerned, he’s a wonderfull human being that STRONGLY contributed to an overall bottom 3 finish all the while taking his 7.357 million dollars to the bank laughing along the way. Oh yeah, and he score a goal too….



                      2: a quality or disposition that adversely affects a person or group: the British disease of self-deprecation

                    • TimTheBone says:

                      Look I’m an adult am allowed to formulate my own god Damn opinions…

                      Gomez is wholly capable over the course of a full season to get 40-50 points still… He acomplished that in two of his four seasons so far with the habbys…. Keep in mind that he only played 38 games in 2011-2012…. And it was 2 goals not 1 .. hahaha..

                      Either way whatever your opinion on the guy is it would be the most foolish fucking move to buy him out right now…. There’s no free agents to overpay for out there anyway….

                      With the new CBA currently being negotiated and not knowing exactly what’s to come… Buying him out would be just plain fucking dumb….. Dumb move…. Dumbest thing Bergevin could do and he sure as hell knows that…. Maybe the negotiations do nothing for that situation…. But what if it would bring in the glorious amnesty clause and gomez had been bought out….. People like you who were crying and stamping your feet to buy this guy out now would be crucifying Bergevin for not seeing that coming…..

                      Fuck a buyout… Its not going to happen… It shouldn’t happen …. Montreal isn’t truly playoff bound for AT LEAST one more season… Get comfortable with that… And get comfortable with gomez for another season too… Unless amnesty comes a-callin’

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      for a team making a lot of profits there is no point buying out a contract unless you need the cap space. If you buy him out and don’t fill the roster spot it only looks bad and may deter other players from signing with Montreal.

      They do need to get rid of Gomez but if they have no one to replace his cap hit then what is the point paying Gomez for the next 4 years when you can be done with him in 2?

      • HABSdomination says:

        Well, you know what, being bought out could be the best thing that could happen to him. Maybe take off that pressure and allow him to play in a different market, one that would be perfect for his needs. Like a pond in Alaska. Near the bears. Very hungry bears.

        But seriously, there are some days when i just feel bad for him, but then i look at the team, the franchise and the big picture and the only scenario that makes sense is a buyout. You can’t compare the Gomez situation with ANY other situation IMO, the guy pulls 7,5M per and scores 1 goal a year? You just can’t do that in this league, no matter what team you play for. In his current situation, i don’t think Scott Gomez being bought out would send a wave of fear throughout the league and prevent a player from signing here, it would just show the players, and more importantly the fans that this franchise will do anything to succeed. I bet every player on this team and their mom would feel just so much better if Bergevin dispensed with this 11,000 pound elephant in the locker room.

        And for a different scenario, let’s say you bury him in the minors, this guy will just mope around and discourage the entire crew, a crew by the way, that just happens to be the future of this franchise.

        I think it sucks to have to pay him 6,5 over 4 years in the event of a buyout instead of 10M over 2 if we keep him, yes your are absolutely right on that one, but if you CAN’T freakin’ trade him even for a 7th round conditionnal pick in 2059, well, IMO there’s only one option left that makes sense and it’s to buy him the fuck out.

        What do you do with a dying dog on the side of a prairie road? You put it out of it’s misery. And by god if Gomez doesn’t look miserable at the Bell Centre, then my name ain’t Homer J. Simpson!! 😉

        • Steven_Leafs0 says:

          it is a decent argument but you still can’t buy him out if you do not have a way to replace his contract under the cap. They have 7.7M space right now, buying out Gomez make it over 10M, if you do not have anything else to spend the money on then why not keep him around this year and buy him out next year when the cap hit only lasts 2 seasons?

          Plus he could realistically be moved, his cap is 7.3M but his cash payout is 5.5M then 4.5M. I’m not saying someone would still take on the contract but if a team still has 22M in cap space looking for a 2nd line center, they may give him a shot. (If you didn’t get it, I was talking about Anaheim, lol).

          I understand wanting to buyout a guy that is not preforming at all but why pay for him 4 years from now when Montreal is in a playoff race when you can be rid of his contract when Montreal is ready for that push.

          • reinjosh says:

            This is a perfect comment for the Gomez situation. Just perfect. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

            He’s not a cancer in the room, he’s just an anchor on the cap. But really does Montreal expect to spend that 7.7 million on somethign else that it thinks will help it compete? I doubt it. So why add 2 extra years of an unnecessary cap hit when you can just let him play on the team.

            Even if you wait one year and buy him out next summer, then you’ve saved yourself an extra year. Or even better, he plays decently enough and makes himself somewhat attractive for his final year.

            Or best of all? The new CBA allows teams to trade cap hits, but still eat some of the actual cash. That would be beautiful for Montreal. Unless they buy out Gomez this year. THen they just look dumb.

            • JoelLeafs says:

              Uhh, they could have bought him out and over paid for Jagr, like Dallas just did. He said himself he wanted to go there but they wouldn’t get it done. I know they don’t fill the same spot on the roster but it shores up the cap situation and brings in some talent.

              Do you know who also scored two goals in a similar number of games last year? Mike brown, at the league minimum salary.

              I used to ascribe to the argument that burying or buying him out would be bad for attracting potential FAs, but it has gotten ludicrous these last two years. You can’t make that kind of money and play like a fringe fourth liner that barley belongs in the league on a terrible team. Unless they plan on tanking again this year I don’t really see the point.

              • HABSdomination says:

                Exactly. I think that so far, he’s like a bad attraction across the league, and it’s safe to say that everyone would expect a buyout, a trade or a burial in the minors. And in that optic, since no trade can be made, and his bad influence would negatively impact the young guns in Hamilton, then a buyout would be the only real option.

                Letting this guy ruin every single shift or powerplay he plays on for another 2 years would be a non-sense, no matter how much money he makes.

                Team comes first. Hard decisions have to be made. His cap impact with a buyout is very minimal on a 70.2M limit, and next year it’ll go up to around 74-75M.

                In the words of Starsky, i say: “Do it. Do it now”

              • reinjosh says:

                It’s not like they didn’t have the cap space to do it though. They could have signed him no problem. More likely there just wasn’t an interest in Jagr at all from Montreal’s perspective.

                It’s just an unnecessary move. Why hurt yourself in the future when keeping him isn’t really going to hurt them all that much now. They aren’t going to win this year so who cares.

                If they need the cap space later in the season for some unforseen reason, then they can just bury him and be done with it.

                • reinjosh says:

                  Hmm nevermind. Cap hit is only 1.667 million a year for two years (after these next two). Buy him out. Why not

                  • JoelLeafs says:

                    heh, good to see you have an open mind.

                    I’m usually not a fan of buyouts, but at least it lets him possibly try another team, or Europe, or another sport. Maybe he retires or maybe he has a small rejuvenation at the end of his career. Clearly he’s a non starter in Montreal, he has to be suffering with that contract and those numbers.

                    • reinjosh says:

                      Haha yeah, I can see when I’m wrong sometimes.

                    • TimTheBone says:

                      Josh just for shots and giggles…. Go check out what the cap hit would be after they burn one more year on his contract….. More freaking attractive than a 3.5-4.5-1.66-1.66 cap hit over 4 years….. A buy out is just stupid… I outlined my thoughts above

                  • HABSdomination says:

                    GOD DAMNIT I KNEW IT JOSH. take back all your posts before this one. And apologize for arguing with me.

                    Obey your master now 😉

                    • JoelLeafs says:

                      The point of a discussion is to present both points of view and hopefully derive consensus. Most people are just to stubborn to ever change their mind, even when presented with convincing argument. Good on him.

                      Now bow to me and suck my… oh wait, censorship… just bow.

                    • HABSdomination says:

                      Yes TimTheBone, we saw your opinion. Outlined above. But the majority of us disagree with you. Who cares about the money. All that matters is the cap hit. Let Molson pay, he has the funds. The money does not come out of the fans pocket so your argument doesn’t really hold here. The cap would be about 4M less for two years and almost 6M less for the 2 following years.

                      What the hell is 1.6M on a probably-then 80M plus cap?

                      But hey, you’re an adult, you can formulate your own god damned opinion, right?

                      By the way, take a chill pill there cranky timmy.

                    • mojo19 says:

                      Haha Joel…

                    • TimTheBone says:

                      Where the fuck did I say its a money issue …. It’s not…. It’s a four year cap hit issue over two…. There is no reason to buy him out right now unless you’re offer sheeting weber for a 10 mil cap hit …. Ya know what i mean … Buying him outr for the sake of buying him out is stupid…. With no one significant left to sign a buy out is useless….. We have cap room to make moves throughout the season and worst case you just sit gomez in the press box all season….. He doesn’t affect morale… So keep him for the year… It’s that simple

  5. JoelLeafs says:

    Anyone know why the Habs passed on Jagr? I mean, I know they’re not going to win this season, but are they thinking tank? I know that Dallas over paid, but Montreal has the space and sure as hell has the money to do it.

    A chance to have an NHL great play possibly his last season in a great hockey market and likely make the team better.

    As I see it it would have been good from a fan perspective. Unless he really can’t do sh!t without Giroux and totally bombs (possible, I suppose) he’d be fun to watch and see in a Habs jersey.

    From the team perspective it lets some young guys play with a Legend and future hall of famer. Everyone’s always saying a young team needs some veteran experience to help the youth and they don’t come more veteran than Jagr.

    From an organizational perspective, he could be that extra push that gets them into the playoffs. Even if they got swept and only played 2 games in Montreal the revenue from those two alone would easily pay for his 1-year 4-5 mil contract.

    I’d even be happy to see him play against the Leafs. Not like he’s likely to kill us, it would just give us a chance to see a true NHL legend playing a few more times.

    I don’t get it. He said himself that he wanted to sign in a Canadian city, Montreal specifically.

    • TimTheBone says:

      Apparently Bergevin was in on both Jagr and Semin, but he said they weren’t the right fit for the team…..

      I would have loved to see Jagr play alongside Plekanec for a year…. I think he coulda scored a good 20 with pleks…

      A top six next season of

      Cole desharnais Pacioretty
      Jagr Plekanec Gionta

      Would have been interesting, only two small guys with one average 5’10 guy… Then the three big boys….. Def an upgrade over the previous 6

      Pleks, Gionta, cammalleri, gomez, kostitsyn, pacioretty….

      • JoelLeafs says:

        Yeah, like it just seemed like such a nice fit. I suppose Bergevin knows hockey and his team better than any of us, so who are we to criticize, but when I heard Jagr say he explicitly wanted to go to MTL but couldn’t get it done I was a bit shocked.

        • lafleur10 says:

          i also heard he wanted a 2 year deal from us and we wanted only 1yr and then he had a huge offer(dallas0 and was trying to squeeze more out of us so bergevin said thanks but no thanks,also bergevin didn’t want to him 4 million he offered 3-3.5 he needed the extra money for subban,ellar because once those guys are signed we won’t have much if any cap space left

          • JoelLeafs says:

            Yeah, no way I’d give him a two year deal. If only there was a way to sign him to a deal that guaranteed the first year and an automatic extension if he fulfilled certain criteria, such as points and games played.

        • HABSdomination says:

          Well, i wasn’t. As much as a part of me would’ve liked to see him in a Canadiens uniform, he really is just a prostitute since coming back.

          He tried coming here last year but ended up going to Philly, thus turning is back on us, even the Pens who drafted him about 47 years ago and gave him his start. All that for more $$$. Now this year, he pulls the same shit and wins the lottery at 4.5M with…Dallas. Nice finish for a hockey career….NOT.

          I’m glad Bergevin had the balls to say no. Good for you Marc!

  6. Ryrad8 says:

    Okay Everybody, I must apologize for my fellow hab fans, that are cleary insane (only two really), i assure you we are all not like that, just as not all leafs fans think Kadri, Gunnerson, and McArthur will Getzlaf, Webber, and Bobby Ryan. Again, sorry for my people.

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