Habs Going Shark Fishing?? Petrov Traded

I know, I know, nothing like flogging a dead horse. But hey, it’s Trade Deadline season – anything goes.

My Take on this Situation

The standings Friday morning will dictate whether or not Savard does any dealing. At that point the Habs will have only one game in hand on the Rangers and the Bruins one on the Habs. 4 points in sunny CA on Wednesday and Thursday and I think a deal of some sorts will be made on Friday. Makes sense to deal with the Sharks after playing them on Thursday. But the magnitude of the trade…that is the burning question. I’d personally love to see a blockbuster between these two teams.

C’mon let’s face it, these teams each need a shake up of huge proportions! Lets take a look at the bait to see what we can come up with.


First, I would nail down those players NOT potentially on the block (it’s a short list).

Koivu – obviously

Markov – future leader of the defence corps

Bulis – I really like what he’s been doing since Christmas

Theodore – although inconsistent, not tradeable (at this point in time)

Hossa – needs time on top 2 lines to come out of his shell a la his brother Marian

Komisarek – future co-leader of the defence corps

Quintal – solid stay at home veteran D-man

There are others I would hate to lose (Zednik, Hainsey, most of the prospects but you dont get nuthin’ for nuthin’)

San Jose

Notwithstanding No-Trade clauses, is anybody really exempt from the block on this team. Maybe Nabhokov….I’m admittedly not current on their prospects.

Option 1: Would be Sweet but lopsided to Habs

Czerkawski, Petrov, Brisebois, Ribeiro, 1st rounder for

Nolan, Rathje, 2nd rounder

Option 2: I think a little more even

Zednik, Ribeiro, Perreault, Brisebois for

Nolan and Marchement

Option 3: The Grand-Daddy

Zednik, Audette, Brisebois, Hainsey(doh) and Ward plus 1st rounder (about 10 million) for

Nolan, Selanne and 2nd rounder (about 12 million)

Let the naysaying begin!!!