Habs have to shake things up !!!

Where has all the heart gone from this team? One of the best leaders in all the N.H.L. Saku Koivu has done little of late, Michael Ryder less than nothing he’s actually been a detriment to this team, Francis bouillion once the hardest working, hardest hitting player on this team and rewarded for it with a nice contract no longer hits or plays with any heart should be back in Hamilton the way he’s been playing, Sergei Samsonov well there’s nothing here I can say that hasn’t been said already, Chris Higgins where are you?
And Craig Rivet upset at being a healthy scratch, what are you kidding me? you’ve stunk of late. When I watched the game against the Leafs the other night I anticipated a great game between two great rivals. But what do we get ? Maybe the worst performance and lack of heart the Habs have shown all season. If fans of the Habs can see the obvious need to wake these guys up, why does it always seem to take so long for management. Wake up Bob, before you know it you may no longer be in a position to make the playoffs !!!