Habs Hunting Tough Guy And Other Rumours

With Gino Odjick is on an indefinite leave of absence, the Montreal Canadiens are in need of an enforcer. According to the LA Times, the Montreal Canadiens are interested in acquiring Anaheim left-winger Denny Lambert.

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!~!Trade~Dude!~!San Jose News

In San Jose, there has been no progress reported in negotiations involving holdouts Alexander Korolyuk, Brad Stuart and Evgeni Nabokov.

Colorado Avalanche News

(Oct. 19th) Kroenke Arena Co., owner of the Pepsi Center, has sued the architect that designed the arena, saying the company reneged on an agreement to replace defective materials, reports the Denver Post. Exterior finish panels are peeling away from polystyrene insulation board, and the Missouri-based architectural firm, Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, has refused to fix the problem, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Denver. Also accused of breach of contract in the suit is Tec Specialty Products of Minnesota, the firm that manufactured the material. Repairs could cost more than $1.5 million.

Anders Eriksson

(Oct. 19th) Maple Leafs defenseman Anders Eriksson, who is currently playing for Toronto’s AHL affiliate in St.John’s, is being shopped around. Although this is insane to see teams actually interested in this no-name player.

Stephen Guolla News

(Oct. 19th) For the third straight game, New Jersey’s Stephen Guolla and Andrei Zyuzin were scratched, adding to speculation that the two will soon find there way on route to another team. The two are said to be involved in a package deal for an offensive minded winger – notably Florida’s Valeri Bure and San Jose holdout Alexander Korolyuk.

Dino Odjick News

(Oct. 19th) With Gino Odjick is on an indefinite leave of absence, the Montreal Canadiens are in need of an enforcer. According to the LA Times, the Montreal Canadiens are interested in acquiring Anaheim left-winger Denny Lambert, who was designated for assignment by the Ducks before the season. However, the Canadiens are likely to wait to see if Lambert accepts a buyout offer from the Ducks on his contract, which would pay him $550,000 this season and $600,000 next season.

Boston “Uh Oh” Bruins News

(Oct. 19th) The Bruins are in trouble. Martin Lapointe, suffered a broken left foot against Calgary on Thursday, likely faces surgery Monday morning in Boston and will miss up to six weeks; Sergei Samsonov is feeling the pain of a jammed wrist; while John Grahame, who was hurt in Vancouver on Wednesday night and has a second-degree right shoulder separation, will likely be out 2-3 weeks. As GM Mike O’Connell continues to entertain offers for holdout Kyle McLaren, he may be forced to weigh-in the posibility of acquiring a forward, rather than a defenseman in return (if the B’s begin to fall drastically in the rankings).

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8 Responses to Habs Hunting Tough Guy And Other Rumours

  1. Tradedude says:

    hey is odjick a defence or forward, just wondering, other than that i think this tade could help the both of ’em, montreal is needs tougher players than mckay and othr players, too lazy 2 think of 1

  2. mikster says:

    Acquiring just a 4th line goon isn’t the best way to go. The Canadiens should try to grab a more skilled goon. Sandman McCarthy could be a possibility….

    One problem with Naby and the Sharks: number of years regarding the contract.

    Eriksson: Atlanta is possibly interested in him. That team is totally lost.

    Guolla: 29 year old bust, a total nobody, a career minor leaguer, why would the Devils even bring him up rather than Berglund? Guolla couldn’t even crack the Thrasher’s line up.

    Zyuzin: Another bust. Face it, he couldn’t do anything in Tampa and just didn’t do anything on the Devils. A number 1,2 AHL defenseman at best. Maybe a 35 game 5th d-man NHLer.

    Devils: Trading Guolla and Zyuzin won’t get Val Bure, and they don’t need Valerie Bure. He is injury prone and only had one pretty good season with the Flames. He is only popular because of his last name and relation to Pavel. The Devils do need offense, however. Watching all three games of the Devils, their offense is very unimpressive, worst than last season, and they haven’t dominated any games, in fact…they almost lost the chances to win every one of those 3 games.

    But, they have some solid forwards. I say wait for until the 15 game mark before pulling a trade. Chemistry has yet to build, so no trade is necessary for the Devils offense yet. They’re defense is the best in the NHL this season. Not only do you have to watch out for Rafalski, Tverdovsky, and Neidermeyer, but you have to get by Stevens, Daneyko, and White……and worst of all…Brodeur. Defense has given this team the 3-0-0-0 record they currently have.

    Bruins in Ruins: This team will not last long, or even be close to being a ‘tough team to beat’.

  3. titans says:

    I volunteer for the Tough Gouy position with the Habs. I’m 6’1” 185 lbs. and in good shape. I can kick a pretty good amount of ass. Although I can’t skate worth a damn, but hey what goons in the NHL can? So I’ll be waiting by the phone for the call Canadiens management.

  4. mikster says:

    Petrov could kick your butt!

  5. tgray says:

    I think that Tradedude is getting way too full of himself with that logo thing going on, on a completely unrelated topic visit my brand new website. pennsylvaniagazette.blogspot.com

  6. tgray says:

    Yeah and I’m 5’11 155, and I got the same shot

  7. titans says:

    Just because I haven’t been in a fist fight since high school, and I’m an artist doesn’t mean I can’t go the distance. Well…o.k the artist thing doesn’t help my case, but I bet I could kick the hell outa Mathew Barnaby!

  8. Tradedude says:

    uhhh! logo thing?

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