Habs in desperate need of GOALS !!!!

Ok so we have one of the best powerplays and one of the best penalty killing, but 5 on 5 we SUCK. Gainey can’t wait no longer he has to make a move. Samsonov is a big bust, he works hard but nothing to show for it. Ryder, a proven 30 goal scorer isin’t playing well. Plekanec is a hard worker but he’s no 2nd line center.
We have alot of assets we can move. Too many players that all do the same thing. Plekanec, Samsonov, Perezoghin, Kostisyn, Grabovski. That’s 5 players who do the same thing, and they are all very small.
I like are defence, but we won’t be able to sign are 3 ufa’s. Everyone says that they think we should move Souray, but I think we should move Rivet. He makes to much money for what he gives. There are plenty of teams out there that are looking for a solid stay at home D-man.

Plekanec-Rivet-2nd & 4th round pick
to Edmonton

to Pilladelphia
Eager, 3rd round pick

Abeisher-Ryder-3rd round pick
to Phoenix




Looks sexy to me, what do you think ???

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  1. teezer6969 says:

    ok first off finally someone who see's the light C.RIVET get rid of him i still can't take the image of us loosing to carolina on the last shot from the blue line deflection off RIVET'S stick trade him try to sign souray if not trade him..ok ur edmonton trade honestly i'm looking to become a gm and honestly that trade is laughable but ur trade with phoenix they would accept ok but i dont like S.DOAN and plus hates french ppl he wont come here nagy would..and samsonov poor guy but trade him to chicago thats a team that wants him try and pick upp seabrook or duncan take on aucoin's contract almost same as samsonov and will replace souray's shot..if souray goes try and get a future centre star for him like r.schremp..if u want offence jm.liles l.a's vishevski…..datsyuk availible..if u want real trades that might work i have a couple..

    ok colorada.jm.liles and o.vannan for montreal m.ryder,j.ninimaa,j.ferland and dallas draft pick…

    try chicago b.seabrook,b.smolinski,a.aucoin there trying to get rid of some cap space but will accept for offense montreal s.samsonov,o.vannan,m.streit give them a young player that will never play for montreal like  jp.cote and a 4th round draft pick
    now this is the hardest trade to accept montreal s.souray, t.pleckanec, a.aucoin because souray wont sign soo they'll have someone with offensive def next year g.murray, Y.danis and 2nd round draft pick in 2007 for edmonton s.horcoff he's xpensive and not producing so edmonton could let him go r.torres,r.schremp and m.greene if still noo montreal throw a first round pick in 2008 it sould be a low pick..
    now phoenix l.nagy,rent a golie c.joseph they'll be glad to let him go for a cup free agent plus phoenix could use the space to swing other deals incase huet gets hurt for montreal d.aeibischer,r.toress 5th round draft pick and aeibishcear will sign and be number 1 golie..

    heres another hard trade but possible vancouver l.bordon,b.morrison for montreal s.horcoff,b.smolinski, m.greene..

    then detroit p.datsyuk for montreal b.morrison,2nd round pick in 2008, f.boullion and future consideration like a player in the minors that wont play ever in montreal like c.locke..
    if these trades work montreal has some good young d.men in seabrook, l.bourdon, jm.liles still 26, and everyone forgets s.emeline plus d.fischear..
    plus montreal saves about 5million in cap space could actually sign datsyuk and nagy to 3 or 4 year contract

    line up looks like this in order of line Centers: S.koivu, p.datsyuk, r.bonk, m.lapierre, r.schremp, k.chipchura

    Leftwing: C.higgins, l.nagy, a.perezhogn, s.begin, a.kostitsyn

    RIGHTWING: G.latendress, A.kovalev, m.johnson, a.downey, m.grabrovsky, s.kostitsyn
    DEFENSE:A.markov, c.rivet,  j.m.liles, m.komisarek, b.seabrook, m.dandenault, l.bourdon, s.emeline, d.fischear

    GOALTENDERS:C.huet, C.joseph, C.price

    in every position montreal has a young star waiting and i mean stars like c.price, r.schremp, s.kostitsyn a.kostitsyn i would draft left wing is still a lil weak….


  2. mjames says:

    Frank , my head is still spinning . Can you write in english?

  3. habsoverserver says:

    do you read the papers? phoenix already acquired a back up goalie.  Tellqvist is 7-2 for them and has helped turn their season around.  doan isn't going to be traded unless the yotes tank. 

    i don't know why the Oilers would give up Stoll who has a few years before free agency for Rivet who can bolt at the end of the season.

    getting Eager for the fourth line is a waste of time – it won't change the number of goals montreal scores.

    in short, none of this makse a shred of sense to me.

    montreal is first in the NHL in shots given up – it would be easier to get a defensive second line forward who can reduce the shots against.  i think it makes sense to get someone with a little playoff experience who won't break the bank and plays for a team that would consider trading key players.

    i would suggest bryan smolinski from the Hawks.  He is a smart, responsible center who has a solid +/-, scores at even strength, isn't expensive and has played 93 playoff games.  Samsonov for Smolinski makes sense.  The Habs get a veteran and the Hawks get a creative scorer.  if chicago wants to dump salary then the trade would be smolniski for plekanec. 

  4. habsoverserver says:

    Where are you going to become a GM?

  5. Les-Habitants says:

    A couple of things…

    Rivet, for all you lovers and haters out there, will most likely retire in a Habs uniform. Why? Cause he is still a guy, despite his mistakes, who goes out everynight and gives it his all, is willing to grind or drop the gloves, and provides solid leadership…that and he is like Koivu's best friend or something. He loves it here, and while he sometimes makes the worst mistakes, I really don't see us getting anything of value in return. Hopefully, though, he'll re-sign for less or equal to what he is making now so we can re-sign Souray and Markov.

    There is no point in trading Samsonov, especially not for what we would get in return. As Habs fans, we have watched him score before as a Bruin and during the Oilers' playoff run. After being scoreless for so long, we aren't going to get anything worthwhile in return. Besides, maybe Lapierre will figure something out that Plekanec couldn't.
    Oh, and Plekanec is hardly like Samsonov, Perezoghin, Kostisyn, Grabovski who are all offensive minded players whereas, Plekanec is more of a defensive player.

    As for my own 2 cents, since i know you are all dying to know, I still believe a legit 2nd line center is needed. Kovalev has to start using that wicked wrist shot more, and Samsonov has do something. We'll see how Lapierre works out tho…

  6. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    The problem he as everyone knows it is that 3 of our best players arent producing. Kovy, samy and ryder need to start scoring on a consistent basis, becuase its letting our team down. Becuase of this problem we really cant afford to give up Souray (which i think we really should trade, he aint gonna stay here), becuase he is scoring enough on the power play that its making up for these guys shortcomings.

    Therefore I think we need to trade one or two of these guys, along with souray, and get a defensive defensmen and a couple of good players in. I dont know who, but lets face it, we arent gonna sign souray, markov, and rivet back next season, and be able to improve on the team that we have now. IMO if the habs do sign rivet back than it has to be at a reduced salary, because he makes to many mistakes to be making that kind of money. I dont see him as any better than Komasarek. As with Markov, i think we need to sign him at all costs. What ever he wants give it to him, because he is the best D we have had for a long time in Montreal.

    As well trading Abby is obviously a hot topic which most people want to do, and i think is essential to boasting the scoring. We have Denis, Halek, and Cary Price who played great at the world Juniors so we are covered in the backstopping position for years to come.

    I think that we need to trade some of these guys to make the team better. Alot of people say, if it aint broken dont fix it, but i personally think that we are over-accheiving this season thus far. Alot of things are clicking for us at the current moment, which cant last forever. We (as always) aloow to many shots, and to expect huety to stand on his head every night is to much to ask for. Some of these problems need to be addressesd, because we have to many mis-firing snipers and not enough defensive minds.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    habs need abby and souray for the playoffs. 

  8. habsfan09 says:

    Thats where I wonder. Danis stepped into the lineup last year and provided a good 6 games or so, then theres Jaroslav Halak who is absolutely ripping the AHL. However, if Montreal can't get immediate help or a deal they can't refuse then I agree it would be more helpful to keep a guy like Aeby in the lineup just incase.

  9. pizzler22 says:

    Here is the only thing we have to do, try these lines on for size!


    Bonk goes back in when he's better

    If I would have to make one trade it would be Souray.  I say this fro two reasons, one cause he will probably leave mtl to try and be closer to his daughter in California, and two cause we never trade guys when they are hot, we always wait until they are in the worst slump and then we don't get @#$ in return.  Let's get some real blue chips for Souray while he's hot!  I love Souray and would hate to see him go, but the sad truth is that he will most likely go anyways.

  10. Les-Habitants says:

    In removing Souary, you are removing one of the most important pieces in our clubs success.  No one wants to admit it, but that's the truth.  We need Souray.  While he might move out West, he has been a strong leader in the lockeroom and while Markov is out best D overall, Souray is up there. 
    By trading Souray, not only are you messing with the chemistry of the team, your also probabley not going to get anything worth-while in return.

    Final point: look how loyal some players have become to their team, city and GM, with the Devils being a good example.  Teams that are developping their youth, demonstrating loyalty get that in return, not all the time, but enough to be significant.  If he Habs offer Souray a good deal, he will stay, and as we have no one to fill his shoes, in the lockeroom or on the PP, we shouldn't trade him.

  11. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    For Abby, I think trading him would get something in return, but what would the risks be if we did?, If huet went down and Abby was traded away than Denis or Halek would be a guy and that doesnt cut it. The problem is is that Denis is good enough to be in the NHL, and that means that Abyy has to go, because I cant see Abby being any better than an up and coming Denis. As for Souray, I would love for him to stay a Hab, but at the expense of Markov…….absoultly not!!!!!. Souray is not going to be a hab next season, we cant aford to keep him, and not screw up the rest of the team. He will make to much and ther's other players we need more. Having him for the play-offs would be great but Souray does nothing that other players on the team cant do. He mans the point on the powerplay which markov and streit can do, and he scores alot of goals, which is our famous "three", would start producing on a regular basis, we would make up for. I think we need to trade him, and thats a concern well before trading Abby.

  12. pizzler22 says:

    I see your point, I hope he does stay, but if we could get a Lecavalier in his place that would more than cover the loss of souray

  13. christos says:

    ummm, well thats 8 goals in two games… umm how abotu a smart post. like "HABS IN DESPERATE NEED OF STOPPING THE BOMBARDMENT OF SHOTS THEY FACE EVERY GAME OTHER WISE IT WILL SHOOT THEM IN THE ASS BECAUSE EVENTUALLY IT WILL CATHC UP TO THEM, oh by the way,i love them…to death actually, die hard fan… but this has got to stop. Rydey and Kovy are starting to heat up. And to all the kovalev haters out there, get passed your hatred because this guy is on, big time… even though he dosnt score a million goals, wich he has never done, he controls the game, and is the only reason our PP is that good. Yes there is souray, but who opens the point up? who gets a ton of attenion down in the corner, so please, ifd you love your team, backoff, our team is doign great, well beyond anyones anticipations… in bob we trust.


  14. Garny says:

    Yes we need to score more on 5 on 5 but we are winning and getting things done…yes we are getting lots of shots against but look where they are comig from…the outside and when they aren't from the outisdethe goalie can see the shots clearly so hes stopping them….no worries about that our forwards and D are keeping the  pucks away from dangerous palyers….
    BTW i love the new set-up on the PP with the box and the left or right winger depending on where the puck is on the point lurks into the centre jsut above hashmarks and gets a pass there from Souray or Markov or Streit and jsut rips it…very nice and opens the sid eof the net up for wingers and for the rebounds because D are getting sucked to this guy….wel ldone carboneau

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