Habs' Jaroslav Halak at centre of trade rumour

Dave Stubble, The Gazette

As seen by Allan Walsh, the agent of Canadiens goaltender Jaroslav Halak, Bob Gainey doesn’t have a problem in nets. Montreal’s general manager, Walsh says, has an issue.

And it’s a good issue, he suggests, that many NHL general managers would love to have.

No matter how the situation is defined, Gainey has two young goaltenders who both wish to be designated No. 1. They’ll tell you their common enemy is the puck, not each other, even as both crave the lion’s share of work while they skate toward restricted free agency at season’s end.

Since he was the Canadiens’ first pick in the 2005 entry draft, No. 5 overall, British Columbian Carey Price has been pegged the team’s goaltender of the future. At age 22, there’s nothing to suggest that has changed.

Two years earlier, Montreal used its 11th pick (ninth round, 271st overall) to claim Halak. Now 24, the Slovakian has played 73 games for the Canadiens since his first in 2006-07. That’s 38 fewer than the 121 of Price, who debuted with the Habs in 2007-08.

Walsh, a Montreal native based in Los Angeles with Octagon Hockey, has represented Halak since the goalie was 15. And how the young netminder has proven his mettle in recent days.

Yesterday, Halak was presented the Molson Cup as the Canadiens’ player of the month for December. That came within days of his being named to the Slovakian Olympic team and awarded the NHL’s first star of last week for a stunning .959 save percentage and 1.97 average in three consecutive road victories.


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     Halak's value is at an all time high but could the habs gets something in return that would help them? Pouliot seems like a good fit with Gionta and Gomez and the Plekanec/Cammellari and Kostitsyn line are the habs best line so we're pretty much set on the 1st two lines and the habs CAN'T afford an upgrade as they are so close to the cap and haven't signed Plekanec or Price yet?

     So would it be worth to trade Halak for draft picks or 3rd and 4th line players? I don't think so, so unless the habs package him with other players to find a top 6 foreward, I don't see them trading Halak before the deadline as they will wait and see where they stand at that time. But one thing is sure Halak is capable of being a #1 goalie on most NHL team.

  2. broc says:

    Who will be the better pick-up:

    – Josh Harding
    – Jaroslav Halak


    Who would you want?

  3. dumbassdoorman says:

    I would take Harding in a heartbeat. Being the bigger goalie, he should not wear down as quckly. This seems to happen more to smaller goalies.

  4. pezzz123 says:

    Harding has better potential and is not as streaky as Halak. He also has the body to be a #1. Not Halak.

  5. honestabe says:

    The question is really all about how confident you feel about Price being not only a #1 goaltender, but a future all-star goaltender.  If you believe he is all-star caliber, then there is no room for Halak.  I'm just not so sure, the trading deadline presents the best return for a #1 goaltender.  That said Plekanec's value is very high right now, and considering he is a free agent this summer, a package deal with him and Halak might just be able to bring in a #1 caliber center in return.  

    If you believe Price is anything less than an all-star goaltender, then Gainey should serious consider trading Price.  He would definately command a higher price than Halak.

  6. Kramer says:

    The remains of an ancient hockey stick used by the Babylonians.


  7. HABSSTAR says:

    Must be a slow news day in Montreal to report basically the same thing that was reported a month ago… YAWN! 

  8. number15 says:

    Halaks value is at a all time high….. Montreal can get a couple of 2nd rounders, probably not much more

    Goalies dont have the same value as players just as good these days…. two 2nd rounders is actully a good return.

    or something like 2nd rounder and a role player etc….

    Carey Price could easily get more in a trade but i guess Montreal is gonna go with potential and keep him

  9. jonnygf40 says:

    What about Schneider from Vancouver.  I wrote a post a while back about all of the star prospects in net: Bernier, Harding, Schneider, Rask, Montoya, and others.  Crazy to see how all of them have developed differently.  As a Canucks fan I sometimes regret taking a tender in the 1st round, passing up on Mike Green, David Booth, David Kejci, Johan Franzen and other positional players.  It especially stings when you see the Halak's of the world turn into stars after they were drafted in the 9th round.  Although I still believe Schneider will be a hell of a good goalie (albeit no in Vancouver) it suck we passed on so many positional players.

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