Habs Lineup For 2007-2008

The Gazette has released what looks to be like the final lines for this upcoming season. Although they may change, these are the most likely lines.

Personally, I love the way these lines are looking. I admit, I predicted that Kovalev would play top line with Koivu and Ryder, but due to his recent chemistry with Kostitsyn, I’m very excited. Latendresse, IMO, is not a third line player. But where else can we put him. You have to agree that our first 2 lines can’t be changed unless a trade takes place. Another surprise is Kostopoulos playing on the third line. He does provide grit and speed, but I was nearly 100% sure that he would be playing with Begin and Lapierre this season. Oh well, atleast Chipchura has finally arrived. Pat Hickey didn’t specify the D lines, so these are purely my opinions. I have two different lineups.
And in nets, Huet will be strting the year. The real enigma is who will be #2 or perhaps #1b. Certainly Halak is the favorite for backup, but Carbonneau might also consider splitting time between Price and Huet. Another possibility is Huet and Danis starting off, Halak gets shipped, and Price dominates in the AHL. Worst comes to worst, the Habs don’t make the playoffs (knock on wood) but the Bulldogs win the Calder.
What do you guys think?

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  1. morrissey says:

    Price is the future of this team – he will not be the backup this or any other  season, he's either #1 in montreal (unlikely right now) or #1 in hamilton. At his age he needs to play and back up duty will not cut it. I would not be surprised if however he is the #1 in montreal at some point this season, if Huet is injured or terrible, Price will join the team as #1. Also note Huet will be a ufa I believe, another reason to bring up Price before the end of the year and trade away huet because he will not resigned with the Habs depth at the goalie position.

  2. habskovalev27 says:

    where's Dandenault ??

  3. habsrock99 says:

    Dandeneault's Montreal's 8th or 9th defenceman. They have just too many other defenceman better than him. I agree with an earlier comment, Price is #1, no back-up role for him in Montreal or Hamilton. And yes, Huet is a UFA at year's end and chances are he'll be out at the deadline if Montreal isn't in the play-off picture. Halak and Danis will probably battle it out all year for the back-up job in Montreal unless one of them is traded at some point in time. I don't really agree with Chipchura on the 4th line, I think he should be given a chance at the 3rd line RW spot, where he can learn from Smolinski. I'd also like to see Latendresse with Chipchura and with Latendresse seemingly not taking crap from anybody, I personally think he'll be a Top 6 forward by December. I really can't see Kostopolous being on the 3rd line but hey, whatever works.

  4. robinson19 says:

    In Suckland

  5. habsrock_19 says:

    i would put chipchura on the 3rd line with lats and smoke then that line would be a hard hitting and pretty good scoring line and then that would make the 4th line kostopolous begin and lapierre and thats a pretty pesty line.

  6. gohabsgo17 says:

    To me, I like the forward lines, Pat Hickey did a good job. Although I think that the defense needs a little tweaking, how about:


    The reason why I decided not to put Dandenault or Gorges is that, In my opinion, Dandenault will get traded and as for Gorges, he will be packeged with Mathieu or sent down to Hamilton. Now on the second line of defense, there will be a battle between Streit and O'Byrne, the reason is that if O'Byrne makes the team, Streit will be promoted to offense meaning one of the fourth liners gets moved down or traded. There are 2 ways of adding Streit so that no one is scratched:

    1) Chipchura doesn't make the team, freeing up a spot
    2) The Habs trade Bégin and Enforcer who doesn't have a spot on the team Garth Murray along with Dandenault, Gorges and a probable draft pick altogether to obtain a power forward.  Doing all this frees up a spot for Streit.

  7. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    As far away from the players bench as possible, where he belongs.

  8. habs_punk says:

    I have a hard time believing that Begin, Murray, Dandenault, Gorges, and a draft pick would garner a whole lot of interest from other teams.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    it's pretty much what i expected. #6 defense is still up in the air.  but i have to think brisebois ends up in the opening night lineup. 

  10. MR40 says:

    Too bad Dandenault is making almsot 2 million dollers, and isn't even considered a top 8 defensemen on a team with a defense that is at best slightly above average (probably near top 10 in the NHL, but I would probably rank them 11-14).

  11. HabsRUs says:

    Wow, after the Islander game I thought about these lines; did anyone see the chemistry that Latendresse and D'Agostini had?

    Latendresse/Smolinski/D'Agostini or Chipchura

    Boullion/Brisebois or O'Byrne

  12. habskovalev27 says:

    and after comments like this about Dandenault, we expect to have our french guys back (like Brière and Lecavalier) ? they wont come that's for sure…but we keep Streit ?

  13. eron says:

    Mattieu Dandeneault (sp?) is a victim of a high contract and a cheaper player being able to do his job.  Mark Streit is simply the better defenceman for the job.  I won't be surprised if Matty D is being either sent to waivers or traded in the upcoming future.  With a guy like Kasparitis likely being available for a similar price, expect the waivers.

    For guys to survive the second last cuts, I see Price, D'Agnosti, O'Byrne, A. Kostitsyn, Gorges, Chipchura and Grabovski.  This leaves the Canadiens putting the pressure on Plekanec to play his best between Kostitsyn and Kovalev, or else Grabovski, who showed amazing chemistry with the two, or else hes getting knocked to the third line. 

    I love love LOVE the checking line.  Lapierre, Begin and Chipchura?  So nice.  I'm guessing Glen Murray is the scratch.  Ew. 

    Price will be in the AHL.  It's best for him.

  14. juicer says:

    Price will be in Hamilton. If the Habs re-sign Huet it would be to a 1 year deal. I say 1 year deal because you need a goalie just to make sure Price does good or not. If you trade Huet at deadline or release him at UFA season and then Price dosn’t perform his 1st year then your in trouble. And all the rumors about the Habs trading a goalie isn’t true. If they do it would likely be Yann Danis instead of Halak or Huet.

  15. erkey3 says:

    What is being done with Sergei Kostitsyn?

  16. eron says:

    I can't see Begin being traded away, period.

    Murray will get a crappy draft pick from a team that needs a grinder.

    Dandenault has to deal with the fact he has a pricey contract, isn't the best defenceman on the market and is injury prone.  Someone will take him, but it won't be for much, and Montreal might have to take a contract back for him.

    Gorges will get serious interest.

    But altogether in a package?  No team is gonna do it unless they get to dump as well.

  17. habskovalev27 says:

    garth murray

  18. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Our French guys?  What does that mean?  Because they are Quebecers they are supposed to play for Montreal?  No, I want the best players available who WANT to play for the Habs no matter where he was born and raised.  For your information Streit is, head and shoulders, the better Dman/forward by a long shot.  Dandenault has speed, that's it.  He's weak defensively, and cannot be counted on to be physical.  I hope Dandy is traded for whatever we can get ASAP.

  19. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    He'll start the year in Hamilton.  If we run into injuries, or the flu, he'll certainly be called up.

  20. lynchmob540 says:

    The Habs are one of those real talented teams that have 4 or 5 #8 d-men. That is what you get when your GM is a lost soul.

  21. dog_farts says:

    What a bunch of clowns…who are these guys?
    And why are you all so excited about them?

  22. ferron says:

       The habs lineup might not be the same all year, it all depends on if they make the playoffs or not! If they don't, well i think that guys like Ryder and Huet would attrack a lot of attention on trade deadline so would Dandenault and Bouillon, established dmen are hard to find, even though Dandenault looks terrible at this year training camp, the Habs would have to package him along with Ryder or Huet. This IMO will be the habs regular roster till the deadline.



       And this is after cleaning house, trade Ryder and Dandenault to SJ for a 1st rounder or Prospect(s), next Huet ,Begin and Bouillon to LA for a 1st rounder or other younger players. Even guys like Kovalev, Smolinski, rivers, Brisebois and Danis(who's our best goalie during this training camp) could be expandable comes march 3rd. Will have to see who's doing what but these are my prediction nothing else!

    Line-up after march 3rch if the habs miss the Playoffs!

    Kostisyn-Plek-  ?     Kostitsyn/Grabs/ player aquired through a trade?

    Streit-  ?  the list is endless from Valentenko to Carle who knows?

  23. ferron says:

      crying in a dark corner!

  24. modk09 says:

    i look forward to a d lineup that includes komi, valentenko, o'byrne towering over everyone but if they do the trades you propose, you push us back AT LEAST 2 more years of rebuilding and that makes NO sense

  25. ferron says:

       Huet and Ryder are gone for sure regardless of the offer the habs will make them, Huet will leave due to depth at his position and Ryder isn't on good term with the management after his arbitration, so what your telling me is trading Dandenault, Begin and Bouillon would push us back two years????????? Those three guys cost us over 5 mil last year and combine they could not get us 25 pts? What doesn't make any sense is the fact that we keep on playing bums like Begin, Dandy, Bouillon, Brisebois, Kostopoulos over guys like Grabovski, D'Ago, Chip, O'Byrne, Valentenko ect who could develope more in the NHL that they could in the AHL. Don't tell me that we need the experience, where did that f—-n experience got us for the last 15 years. You can tell me whatever you want, but obviously you haven't watch any preseason games cause you would know that Dandenault, Begin., Kostopoulos, Bouillon have been praticaly invisible and do not have a spot on the habs roster anymore. Since everybody(including myself) thinks that we won't make the playoffs, why not let the rookies show what they can do. I think I speek for most habs fans when I say that we(Habs Fans) rather watch guys like O"Bs, Chipchura, Kostitsyn, Grabovski, D'Ago, Carle ect than watch lame ass muthaf_–as like Brisebois, Rivers, Dandy, Bouillon and  Begin. One thing is sure is that we have a lot of depth and it will be interesting to see who makes it?

  26. ferron says:

       What will happen with Emelin, will he ever join the Canadiens ? cause he is NHL ready!

  27. sanj91 says:

    You have got to be the absolute worst habs fan ever….get out of my city u piece of worthless shit….bouillon and begin work harder than any player ive ever seen…..begin has never taken a shift off…and bouillon trained all summer alone in quebec city for us…..he may not be the most talented guy out there….but every team needs some heart…how can u say we wont make the playoffs….we have one of the most balanced and deep team around…..we have heart (koivu, bouillon, begin) we have proven young talent (ryder, higgins, plekanec), weve got size on D (komi, hammer, obyrne, valentenko) weve got the most coveted prospect in price, weve got IMO the best captain in the NHL….i dnt thnks theres a better motivator than saku koivu, weve got tremendous depth at goaltender….yes our administration is rookie, but theyve got a bright future….in all fairness what we dnt have is a star….but look at buffalo a couple of years ago…..look at pittsburgh a couple of years ago….look at LA a couple of years ago….how are they doing now?? i agree that kostitsyn kostitsyn grabovski is fun to watch but theyre not gonna get us to the playoffs yet…..right now its huet, koivu, kovalev, markov and hemmer who are going to lead the team…i predict the habs make the playoffs in ship shape and then the real fun begins….dnt forget, we were 2nd in points in the eastern conference last december…and our team has only gotten better….we dropped one dimensional players like souray and let go of players that just ddnt fit lik bonk, johnson, niniimaa, samsonov, and rivet….OLE OLE OLE

  28. 68north says:

    amen brother…

  29. habs_punk says:

    Almost forgot about him. I guess he's still got another year on his contract in Russia. If he doesn't get his ass over here soon, he might lose his window of opportunity. Guys like O'Byrne and Valentenko are going to snap up all the potential available defense roster spots. But just imagine in a few years time, a defensive core of Markov, Komisarek, O'Byrne, Valentenko, and Emelin… That is exciting to think about! And that's not even mentioning Carle, Fisher, and McDonagh and any others that could make a push.

  30. modk09 says:

    youre an idiot!

    you suggested we not just trade dandy and boullion, you stated that ALL of the following players are expendable: Dandenault, Bouillon, Ryder, Huet, Begin, Kovalev, Smolinski, rivers, Brisebois and Danis.

    dont be an ass just cause i called you on your stupidity ok? I fully agree that dandy should be traded but if you dont know anything about hockey, i dont care how many preseason games youve watched. you try to speak a lot for habs fans as a whole but im pretty sure most habs fans dont agree with the majority of what you said on their behalf. im sure many do, but as far as the majority of habs fans is concerned, youre way off.

    you cannot ice an all-rookie lineup and expect to be competitive in any way and no one can expect people to pay $300 to go see a bulldogs game at the bell center

  31. habsalicious says:

    Streit is four times better than Dandeneault. Dandenault is done. And Bouillon might be next if he doesn't pick up his game. Gorges plays well so far.

  32. robinson19 says:

    naked with a bottle of wine

  33. robinson19 says:

    It's not because we keep around a bad, old, supposed-to-be-a-forward defenseman, who HAPPENS to be francophone, that Briere and Lecavalier are going to come.

  34. robinson19 says:

    I'm excited about dog farts.

  35. the_word says:

    Comparing Montreal's prospects to Pittsburg (you don't have a Malkin, Crosby or Stall, they're top five picks, you may have a Fleury in Price, but Fleury isn't exactly a franchise player now is he) and look at LA now, they're still a bottom feeder. Koivu the best captain in the LNH? Yeah, because Koivu has lead this team to years of over achieving huh. Habs are making the playoffs in the East? Bold prediction.

    Typical Montreal cheerleading, but I guess insanity flows, reality blows.

  36. ferron says:

    and a bottle of pills

  37. ferron says:

        Relax! little *****, don't blow your f—en load! I though i clearly stated and showed two sets of lines, one set for BEFORE the deadline and one set for AFTER the deadline.Next, at NO time did I say or claimed that the Canadiens would not make the Playoffs but "IF" the Habs didn't the Playoffs, you know what the word "IF" means now, do ya? You Should look it up. Next your telling me that we have NHL's best captain, not Sakic, not Marleau, not Niedermayer, not Iginla but SAKU KOIVU, you got to be fu–en kidding me! Do you actually think that if the Habs where to keep Ryder for a long time that they would of signed him for "1" year!
    If we have so much depth in net, why in hell would the Habs sign Huet back? You also got all jacked-up at the fact that I said that we should get rid of Dandenault's 1.775000M/Year and Bouillon's almost 2Million a Year? "I" IMO' are you getting this "IMO"( IMO witch means= in my opinion) i would rather have O'Byrne and Streit at 600.000/year than Dandy and Bouillon at 1.8 a year. Do you even watch the Habs we didn't drop Souray we lost him and for nothing! And when you say get out of my city, do you mean Montreal,should  we start calling you Mr.Mayor. You may not be the Habs worst fan but your the Dumbest by a long shot, Hockey's a business first and farmost regardless of what your boyfriend told you, get a Fuc–ng clue, you Fuc–n douche bag!

  38. ferron says:

       Listen Point Dexter! Do you know what expandable means, it means that these players are more likely to get traded than guys like Higgins, Plek, Komo ect, Expandable doesn't mean that they going to be traded for sure, that's why I Clearly showed TWO,(2) ,DEUX Line-ups one for before the upcoming trade deadline and one for after the deadline "IF" the habs and just "IF" the Habs miss the playoffs. I strongly suggest that you look up the word "IF" cause it seams like your having some difficulty with terminologie! Then you call me an idiot for suggesting to trade Bouillon 7pts, -15, 1.875 000mil/year Dandenault 4 pts, – 12,  1.750 000 mil/year so guys like Streit, OByrne, Gorges even Cote(all making around 650 000/ year) would get some ice time instead of bums like Breezer, Bouillon, Dandenault, Rivers,but  that was pretty stupid of myself? Do you think Gainey will keep Dandy and Bouillons inflated salaries just cause they are from Quebec or they have experience, get a clue. Man you just sound dumber and dumber every time you say or write something! As for how much people are ready to pay to watch the habs, well I got news for you the Habs have been sold out ever since Joseph was a Carpenter and right now the Bulldogs would be a more exiting team to watch than the Habs! One more thing what does that mean=dont be an ass just cause i called you on your stupidity, what does that mean? How was i an ass , to be an ass wouldn' t I have to replied to one of your previous comment  first, witch i didn't. All the shit that you wrote in the past that "I" ve read never made any sense, it's always very out of context and topic, it never relate to the previous post , here's a tip, next time you want to share somethings with the rest of us make sure that you have a point, this will make your so call comments much more interesting and knowing a little bit about hockey would also help a great deal.

    ps; Can't wait to hear another retarded but yet entertaining reply from your sorry ass!

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