Habs lining up to acquire help

Habs lining up to acquire help Of the 16 teams holding playoff seeds as of yesterday morning, only the Wild (135) had scored fewer goals than the Canadiens (136). Look for the Habs to try to fortify their forward lines leading up to the trade deadline. A prime target would be pending unrestricted free agent Brad Richards in Dallas, but the Stars remain for sale, and a strong playoff run with Richards aboard is likely worth more to an owner (Tom Hicks) who these days covets a sales receipt over a Stanley Cup. Another obvious Montreal target would be Blues winger David Perron, proud son of Sherbrooke, Quebec, but Perron hasn’t played since being smacked across the head by Joe Thornton one month into the season. Perron, yet to get back on skates, hasn’t been able to increase his dry-land training, which means he cannot target a return date.


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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    God I hope not, I'll end up spending every game waiting for him to trip over nothing behind our net and/or hammer home the overtime winner…into our own net. 

  2. Kramer says:

    The Leafs and Habs should make a trade.

  3. lafleur10 says:

    that's so true HABSSTAR i actually think since we re-called pacioretty gomez's play has picked up as well that line of gomez,gionta,pacioretty is very good!

  4. hockey_lover says:

    So … exactly how boned are the Pens right now? lol

    Crosby is still out indefinitely. Malkin is done for the season. Letestu is out 4 – 6 weeks.  Who would have ever thought that Pittsburgh would have a shortage of centers?

    Malkin, despite his poor play, is a huge asset to the Pens. His presence forces teams to NOT focus on Sid all the time. With him gone, shutting down Sid is the only "priority" and while it would still be difficult, it could happen much easier than with Malkin in the lineup.

    The Pens will make the playoffs, this much is certain. But what they do in the playoffs is another story. Lets assume that Sid comes back for the playoffs .. will he be 100% or will he "pull a Savard" and come back early and risk his career?   When Letetsu comes back, will HE be the same player?

    Do the Pens make some big moves at the deadline? Give up some draft picks for some wingers that are UFA's? They have a bunch of cap space now.  Or do they stand pat, do what they can, and wait for next year?


     The problem with the leafs isn't the players its the coaches??? If you guys look at the leafs line-up I can't believe they are doing so poorly? Kessell, Kaberle versteeg, Beauchemin, Jiguere,Komi, Grabovski,Bozak,Schenn that line-up is better right now than Atlanta, NYI,Buff,Florida,NJ and Ottawa. If Wilson had some sort of clue he would have that team playin better by now but i don't see much improvement?

     The Leafs will also have to get some draft picks at this years draft, but my OPINION is that Wilson is a big part of the problem.


     Matt Cooke and Sean Every are tools and a disgrace to any sports and they both look like they got abused as kids?


     Malkin and a 2nd rounder for Gomez, Leblanc ,Kostitsyn and a 1st


     We say the same thing every year but the Habs never move at the deadline not in a major way anyway still a lot of hockey to be played from now to the deadline, the habs could be in a worst or better position so Gauthier will have to wait at the last minute for a deal but by then all the best players available will be gone, if Gauthier want to help his team he's gonna have to make a move pretty soon this would also help the new player(s) adapt to their new team.

     But "I" don't think that we will see any major deals as usual and it also looks like we are stuck with Gomez till his contract ends, Gomez has 28 pts and makes 8millions this year so right now thats 285 000 dollars a point.

     Life is good for Scott Gomez

  9. reinjosh says:

    No kidding. How unlucky can one team get. At least you have some sick cap space now so that could be a nice periphery benefit. I just don't know how many assets they can give up. They are getting very slim in the prospect department.

  10. DannyLeafs says:

    It's really an unfortunate situation for the pens. Personally, I think they only bring in guys they would consider re-signing if things work out. They have a great core, and their depth guys are showing everyone this is a good team, not just Sid and company. They may not be stars, but they know how to play a team game that makes them competitive even without the leagues deepest trio of centres.

    It sucks, but they shouldn't sacrifice too much for this season. They are going to have a little harder time competing in the playoffs without Malkin, and if Crosby isn't 100%, I think he should just not play, it isn't worth the risk. They really should just try with what they have, only make additions that are very cost effective, or, could be retained and provide long term help, and worry about keeping their dominate team together for the long run. Realistically, they will have a hard go of it as it is, even with a healthy Sid, so why gamble for the sake of one year? when they can just stand pat and try and make sure they dont' give up on the next 5 years where they could win multiple cups.

  11. DannyLeafs says:

    Personally, it's not even about what Toronto would be giving up in the deal, it's about how little San Jose really would be giving up.

    Pavelski and Versteeg are similar, but Pavelski is a step up, and is more capable of playing center. He is an upgrade that is equal to his extra cap hit, and could give Toronto a guy that could fill in and play the number one center role. The idea makes sense, Versteeg plus something to get the upgrade.

    However, San Jose is not using Pavelski the way he could be used because of the emergence of Couture, and frankly, not longer need him as much. So Versteeg just offers them cap space without really taking a step back. Then they get Beachemin as a throw in, so this deal is easily a win for San Jose.

    I wouldn't mind giving up Versteeg +, but it shouldn't be much. A mid level prospect or mid round pick. Or maybe if it was something like Versteeg, Beachemin and a 3rd for Pavelski and a 1st. Then it would be interesting. I really like Pavelski, and would prefer to get him without giving up Versteeg.

    To me there is the problem. The Leafs would be the team left with holes afteward. San Jose wouldn't feel any loss, and only expereince the gains. That makes it a bad deal. Even though I don't think the Leafs lose out that badly, you just have to get extra value where you can.

    On a side note, I bet that is the one big factor in the lower amount of trades going on. Even when you get a deal your team is ok with, I bet a lot of GM's put the breaks on when they realize the other team wins out too easily.

  12. hockey_lover says:

    You have GOT to be kidding lol

  13. Boston_Bruins says:

    Eh, Avery is a tool but his most controversial play (in terms of injuring someone) is probably that cucker punch early this year that wasn't even that bad.

    It's as clear as day what Cooke does and it's like he has a neverending supply of get out of jail free cards. It's like he doesn't even have a conscience. I mean he just continually attempts to injure people. You'd think he'd settle down after seeing that he *****ed Savard's career/health up, but on the same day it's announced that Savard is out for the season, he tries to take out Ovechkin's leg. I *****ing hate this asshole with a passion.

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    yes life is awesome for him. Funny you say that as mnay Habs fans I have talked to tell me the Leafs need to acuire Gomez, as he is still a number one centre. I see you do not feel the same way.

  15. THENOTORIOUS says:

     Yes didn't you read my next post, gomez isn't going anywhere.

  16. THENOTORIOUS says:

    About Gomez, couldn't the Habs buy him out or put him on waivers? I would rather pay half his salary "IF" someone would pick him up than have him in the lineup! But even a 3.7 million it's still overpaying so I doubt anyone would pick him up so the Habs could send him in Hamilton?

  17. THENOTORIOUS says:

     Unmovable, unless Gauthier talks to Garth Snow,lol!

  18. THENOTORIOUS says:

     Gomez' contract is bad but only a few years left to it, the habs could move it along with good prospect(s) or 1st rounder(s), or you could trade him for just as bad of a contract.

     Lecavalier's contract is just as bad and it's for 10 years, Kovalchuk, Dipietro, Horcoff, Komisarek ect… The thing about Gomez's contract is that the Habs always honored the contract they take on or give away, it's almost as if they are scared of buying out or demoting a player, which minimizes their chances of becoming a contender. The Habs would be in a pretty good position if they could move Gomez's contract.

  19. dumbassdoorman says:

    What would you be willing to give up with him for a team to eat that contract?

  20. THENOTORIOUS says:

     just a few ideas………….

    1. Perron, Jackman for Kostitsyn, hamrlik and a 2nd.

    2. Cam Barker for Kostitsyn and Pyatt

    3. Kostitsyn, markov and 2nd for Voracek and tyutin

     or try to get VanRiemsdyk from Philly as they want to trade him not sure the Flyers would trade with the Habs but JVR would look good with the habs as they have a lot of american born players plus he would bring size.

     VRD for Leblanc and 2nd.

  21. THENOTORIOUS says:

     how about Gomez, Leblanc, Kristoe, 1st rounder for Mario Tremblay's enema water.

     seriously, if the lightning are ready to trade Lecavalier, i would offer Gomez, a 1st and either Eller, Leblanc or Tinordi

  22. HABSSTAR says:

    Yup, but to be fair, and this isn't an excuse for Cooke who I firmly feel is a douchebag, Ovechkin had a few "missed checks" that resulted in him kneeing people last year.  So maybe it's karma.

  23. HABSSTAR says:

    I'd sooner they ride out the contract then buy it out and still have almost 4 million a year against the cap for double the number of years.  Just get it all over with as soon as possible. 

    The other way to get rid of it is to trade him.  But as you stated earlier it would take a combination of picks and prospects with Gomez to get another team to even contemplate that trade.  Here's the kicker, as over priced and brutal as Gomez's contract is when he was out the Habs couldn't carry the puck.  It was like there was a brick wall at the opposition's blue line that no player could carry the puck over.  The Habs played like sh*t as a result.  This is why I'm against moving picks and prospects for the only purpose of moving Gomez.  It's counter productive as you're simply not going to get a quality center in return and apparently without him the team's already limited offence dwindles even further.  That's a road map to handing over a lottery pick to another team. 

    I've made my peace with the fact that Gomez is a Hab until his contract expires. 

    Just for laughs what do you think he should be making?  I figure somewhere around 3 million a year would be a good contract for what he brings to the table.  So we're only 5 million over that… LOL  

  24. coyotes_bettman says:

    I think most Canadiens GM's are a little gunshy at dealing with Philly since that whole Eric Desjardins, John Leclair thing kinda blew up in the face of the Canadiens.

  25. THENOTORIOUS says:

     If Philly would of traded JVR for Halak last year they would of probably won the cup, but………..

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