Habs looling for Samsonov

TheFourthPeriod report that the Habs are looking for Samsonov along with the Red Wings.

Why? No idea! Samsonov is not a huge guy like Bertuzzi or Shanahan.

Take it for what it worth…

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  1. blarneylad says:

    wouldn’t surprise me, another small european forward, just wat montreal needs….koivu, plekanecs, zednik(plays small), perezoghin,

  2. FlyersfanKyle says:

    another guy on his way to montreal guess he’ll have his locker in between Elias and Shanahan

  3. Les-Habitants says:

    Straight up, I don’t think this is true. If we wanted a guy like Samsonov, we have plenty of that style of player in the minors…not to say they are as developped as Samsonov, but his addition makes no sense.

    I really can’t see Gainey adding Sykora or Samsonov. If anything, it’ll be a gritty defenceman or a power forward/center.

  4. EasternHockey says:

    Shanahan and Elias were both made offers, and both chose different teams, doesn’t make the rumors false. Quit being a douchebag, if you don’t like it, quit commenting on Habs threads.

  5. SensDude says:

    According to Le journal de Montreal, Bob Gainey is happy with his roster and he wont attempt to sign free agents. He will give a chance to his youth to make the team.

  6. Les-Habitants says:

    I agree, although if the Habs add Kostitsyn to the line-up (which is what I predict will happen), we are going to be a REALLY young team. All this bodes well for the future, and I mean Higgings, Komisarek, and even Streit all improved a lot this year, but I wonder how deep into the playoffs one can go with such a young team?

  7. huet391 says:

    wont happen

  8. HCN_Alex says:

    lol, everyone said it wouldnt happen and guesse what, it did! loll

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