Habs may be sellers at trade deadline

The Canadiens were prepared for more personnel changes following the decision to trade left winger Michael Cammalleri to Calgary for Rene Bourque.

“At a certain point, you can’t keep firing coaches,” veteran Mathieu Darche said, referring to the firing of head coach Jacques Martin and assistant coach Perry Pearn earlier this season. “It goes down to players. We felt things might happen if we didn’t get better. We have a new player and we move on.”

Bourque’s offensive numbers are similar to Cammalleri’s over the past two seasons but he offers two advantages. He’s five inches taller and 15 pounds heavier, and his cap hit of $3.3 million is less than Cammalleri’s $6 million.

The arrival of Bourque signals a recognition that the Canadiens are too small and too timid up front, but long-term contracts for players such as Scott Gomez, Brian Guinta and Tomas Plekanec mean there may not be any quick fixes available. But the Canadiens’ current plight — they have dropped to 12th place in the Eastern Conference and are eight points out of the eighth and final playoff spot after losing to Ottawa in a 3-2 shootout Saturday — would indicate they will be sellers leading up to next month’s trade deadline.

The Canadiens, who next are home against the Rangers on Sunday, have several disposable players who could help a team needing an extra piece to reach or maintain a playoff position.


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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    Who's this "Brian Guinta" guy? 

    It would not surprise me in the least if the Goat held on to everyone and lost them to free agency for nothing.  It's a bit of a tradition in Montreal which is why we find ourselves in the situation we currently are. 

    The Goat clearly said he's making a push for the playoffs after trading Camms, the game last night against the Rangers will, unfortunately, probably only push harder and hold on to everyone in a desperate bid to make the playoffs and get murdered in the first round.  This guy needs to be fired ASAP and a complete review of the entire organization needs to take place.  I'm not at all confident that even given a number of draft picks that trading these veterans away could bring in that we wouldn't toss them all in the garbage by drafting an infinite number of US Highschool defencemen who we will not see in the organization for 5-6 years.  


  2. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    If the Habs are more than 2 points out of 8th at the All Star Break I can see them selling this year, identifying the core as Pac, Eller, Pleks, Price, Subban, Gorges and Desharnais – the rest can be moved but some are unmovable (like Kaberle, Gionta and Gomez) – could the Canadiens grow the biggest set and put Kaberle on loan to a team in the Czech and Gomez in Hamilton next year? I think so.

    The one thing you Habs fans have to remember is that rebuilding is a time consuming process and if done properly could take between 3-5 years (Chicago, Toronto, LA) or if done carelessly 20+ seasons…..trust me I know.
  3. HABSSTAR says:

    I know it can take a number of years.  I'm willing to wait that long, not sure many other Habs fans are though.  What I'm most afraid of is a half-assed attempt to "be competitive and rebuild" not even possible unless your name is the Detroit Red Wings and you luck out drafting 2 all stars 150th overall. 


     Once again your exactly right about drafting american highschool kids that take for ever to make it to the pros, who knows what kind of players Kristo and Benett really are, they're not even allowed to go to training camp and when we finally draft ones thats decent(McDonagh) we trade him for the most overpaid player in all of the NHL! I think that the Habs will have to go a different way and get rid of Timmins, Timmins does well in the later rounds but usually shits to bed in the 1st round.

     The habs better do something about Gauthier soon, cause I wouldn't want him in charge as either a Seller or Buyer.

     the worst thing that could happened to the habs right now is if they start wining, they have to get a good draft pick this year(top5) . what would be the point of finishing in the 8th place with the team they have???? this team would never make it through ONE round of playoffs so why try?? It will only hurt the team comes draft day!

     The habs are in a better position than we actually think, moving all those vets this year would leave a lot of space to finally give major minutes to our young player comes next season, i'm thinking about Kristoe, Beaulieu, Gallagher, Tino,  Benett and Leblanc and maybe this year first rounder. the next couple years might be painful but it's the way to do it.


  5. Boston_Bruins says:

    So apparently Price turned down $49 million over 7 years?

  6. HABSSTAR says:

    There's a rumour that his agent countered a Montreal offer of 7 years 49 million with one of 10 years 70 million.  Not sure how reliable the rumour is.

  7. reinjosh says:

    What!? That's nuts. Does he really think he's worth more than Rinne? Maybe its too long for him though?

  8. HABSSTAR says:

    To be honest not many guys thought much of McDonagh once he was traded to NY.  I remember that part clearly.  Still one would have to imagine that NY would have been eager to get rid of Gomez for a bag of pucks, let alone what they got for him.

    If, and that's a big IF, they made it to the playoffs they'd likely get destroyed in the first round.  But with Price there's always a chance he could play out of his mind and they could do some damage.  It's just not likely. 

  9. HABSSTAR says:

    See my above post.  Also this was reported on Hockey Buzz soooooo….. lol

  10. MystifoLeafs says:

    Honestly I would not value Rinne as high as Price but I get where is agent is coming from. I mean if Montreal makes the playoffs then Price instantly becomes a candidate for the Hart. Not to mention Montreal has traded away most of their future goalies to make room for Price so ideally Price can say "Pay me what I want or I can walk." Again sad but true. 

  11. mojo19 says:

    Oh man, as a Leafs fan I would love for that big contract to happen.

  12. HABSSTAR says:

    He's also 24. 

    IF this rumour has any truth to it it appears to denote that they've obviously settled on the value and are just going after term.  The Habs offered 7 bringing him to 31 and his agent is obviously looking at it in a way of "well if he's going to be there for most of his career he's going to be there for all of it". 

    Again, the only place I've heard this from is off of Hockey Buzz so I'm not putting a lot of faith in it. 

  13. HABSSTAR says:

    Yeah historically big contracts for "franchise" goalies haven't worked out as planned….so of course Gauthier will proceed while whistling through the graveyard. 

  14. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    When Gautier is fired – not if but when the guy to replace Gautier should be Doug Riseborough I really believe that the Canadiens need a guy who has former management experience who knows what it means to wear the crest of the Canadiens.

    Maybe bring in Tom Kurvers as his assistant and I think that the recently retired Chris Chelios could be a plus to have on your staff somewhere.
    Retain Cunneyworth as an assistant – he's done nothing wrong other than being the guy who got tossed under the bus, bring in Roy as the coach, Savard as an assistant and you've got good hockey guys who all know what it means to be a Canadien and know the business side of the game as well.
    Trust me I've been calling for this in Long Island for years but will never ever see it 🙁

  15. HABSSTAR says:

    Why would Cunneyworth accept that?  If I'm him I take the first job offer out of town, and there will be plenty.  He's doing some good work with what he's been given in Montreal.  The guy has been nothing but class while having the legs cut out from under him by his own GM.

    I would LOVE to see Chelios as the D coach in Montreal.  I believe he and Mr Subban could have a very good conversation in a locked room.  If Subban makes it out alive he'll no doubt become a FORCE on D. 

  16. reinjosh says:

    I don't think the issue is prospects or young players. They aren't terrible. YOu have had some pretty decent drafting/trades to get some young players in recent years. 

    You have Eller, Pacioretty, Subban, Price (and to a lesser extent Diaz, Emelin even they are older rookies) on the big team with Gallagher, Leblanc, Beaulieu, Bournival and Kristo (although I'm not a fan personally) at varying levels of closeness to making the big leagues. 

    Add in the older veteran players that are actually playing well (or were just acquired) Cole, Bourque and Plekanec and you actually have a decent place to build around that has a nice mix of youth and veteran leadership It's not exactly small and it definitely has a good mix of talent and work ethic. 

    The issue is the overpaid veterans. Gomez, Gionta, Kaberle, Markov aren't helping things. At all. They just don't fit into the team. The Kaberle trade was just moronic. On the level of the Jokinen trade Sutter made two and a half seasons ago where he traded him away for a guy that was not only worse but signed past the end of the season. Gauthier added salary for no reason? It just didn't make sense.
    Maybe Gauthier is betting on a buy out clause this upcoming CBA like the last one had? Where he won't be burned for buying out Gomez or Kaberle.
    Sometime in the next couple months, he has to get rid of one of Kaberle/Markov and one of Gionta/Gomez.
    Burt Gomez. It really needs to happen. He's not playing well. Just get it over with. The Rangers proved that burying a star isn't detrimental to signing free agents so just do it.
    Maybe the improved play of Kaberle on Montreal makes him more attractive to teams. Use Calgary's pick next year to get a team to take him. Doing both of those things would free up almost 12 million dollars in cap space, something Montreal is desperately going to need with Subban, Price and Subban. Go for a top ten pick and make some pick adds by trading Kostitsyn, Moen, Gill and Campoli. Things can be done to significantly make this team better. 

    Gauthier might be the guy to drop Gomez. He seems to not exactly care about thsoe types of things lol. So have him drop Gomez and then fire him. 

  17. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    There's nothing wrong with Subban.

    He's generational talent, after all.
  18. reinjosh says:

    Haha rumors start of giving Price a 7million dollar contract and Palindrom posts on HFBoards that the Habs should trade him. 

  19. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Some of their worst trades that no one talks about:

    – Grabovski for Robert Lang
    – Kostitsyn for Ellis and Boyd
    – Riberio for Ninnima

    They also:

    – Let Komisarek (at the time was decent) go for free
    – Let Souray (at the time) go for free
    – Let Streit (at the time, still pretty good) go for free

    Not the greatest team with first rounders:

    – 2000: Marcel Hossa
    – 2001: Komisarek, Perezhogin
    – 2002: Higgins
    – 2003: Kostitsyn
    – 2004: Chipchura
    – 2005: Price
    – 2006: Fischer

    Besides Price, a lot of those guys are barely in the league.

    In all honesty, this mess reminds me of the Leafs pre-Burke…They need a better manager running the team.

    As well, its going to be hard to drop in the standings for one reason…PRICE. Most of these teams cannot stop a beach ball (TAMPA), but Price will be able to win the team some games and would not be suprised if they climb a little bit.

    Not to mention if Markov comes back…Then this team will for sure not be in the top-5.

  20. reinjosh says:

    Yeah there were some bad trades in there.

    Komisarek, Higgins, Kostitsyn, Chipchura and Price. 5 out 8 are NHLers. Only one is an all-star. Chippy and Higgins are role players. I do think Kostitsyn doesn't get enough credit. He's a big body that has consistently scored 20-25 goals. He's a top 6 forward on most teams IMO.
    But yeah I get your overall point.
    I'm not sure if its a perfect pre-Burke fit. Bad manager yes, but they have a lot more pieces to work with in my opinion. If they can get a manager to get rid of the old/overpaid guys they would be in a really, really good spot. 

    They have more hope than we did 3 years ago I think. 

  21. TheLeafNation91 says:

    For sure, but the issues they have is finding first-line talent and just like the Leafs…FInding a number one center.

    It's really hard to find true number-one centers..I've seen a lot of 5-10 picks become second-line centers, busts or transformed into wingers.

    It's still pretty hard…Just like the Leafs they have tons of complimentary talent. But do they have bona-fide elite forwards? That is harder to find then complimentary talent (as proven by TO) IMO.

  22. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    Not to sound like a prick but isn't Subban and Jake Gardiner quite a bit a like?

    I've heard a lot of Leafs fan spewing on and on about Jake Gardiner all season long I can see a lot of similarities between the two, and not sure i've ever heard anyone call Subban a "generational talent?"
  23. HABSSTAR says:

    A big first line centre has been the Holy Grail in Montreal for the last 20 years.  But we draft high school D-men…

  24. HABSSTAR says:

    It's become a bit of a running gag on here calling Subban a "genrational talent"  since Lafleur did it (the poster on HTR, not the former player).  I like Subban and all but he has some lessons to learn quickly before he becomes an all out douchebag.  I think Chelios would be an excellent teacher.

  25. HABSSTAR says:

    You can see the chick with the giant hammers long before that…

  26. TheLeafNation91 says:

    From the USA

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