Habs MIGHT be interested in Oilers Stoll

Canadiens GM Bob Gainey told the media in Montreal on Monday, he’s not happy with their faceoffs (they’re 26th in the NHL at 48.1-per-cent efficiency). Sources in Montreal say one of the guys he’s keeping an eye on is Oilers centre Jarret Stoll, who had one of his better games of the year (two points, only his fourth multiple-point game). He also won seven of 12 face-offs, and is winning 53.8 percent on the year, which puts him in the top 20 in the league.


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  1. darcysucker says:

    that actually makes a lot of sense, but who would the habs give for him? Ryder for Stoll 1-n-1?  Or maybe a d-man, but who would go?  I doubt anyone would want brisebois, and he's only signed for a year, he'll retire at the end of the summer.  Bouillon or Gorges?  They've both been playing decent hockey of late and fill in the 5th and 6th D spots pretty well.  Maybe a defenseman from the minors, or maybe just send off Ryder and Locke, I don't see Locke in the long term plans of the team.  I'd love to get rid of smolinski, but he has a no-trade clause, would someone take him if he was waived?  Well the canes took samsonov, so anything is possible.  One thing is for sure the habs have a lot of depth right now, and the top 3 lines are looking pretty balanced, as for the 4th line, Dandenault will come in handy in the playoffs, he makes a great 4th liner, Streit is your powerplay guy, Begin is the energy guy and fans love him, Kostopolous is ok.  I' curious to see what Bob is gonna do.  I think for now he's going to be patient.

  2. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    I read somewhere that Stoll broke his leg.  Can anyone confirm this.  If that is the case, this rumour will fizzle like an open bottle of New Year's champagne.

  3. Gretzkin says:

    Stoll is fine. 

    Raffi Torres injured his ACL and had season ending surgery this week.
  4. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    My bad, I had the wrong player.  Thanks for the clarification.

  5. Benstheman says:

    Stop it.

    No way gainey deals for another 3rd or 4th liner. I dont give a damn if he wins faceoffs (53,4% i was told, is it really that much better than 46,7%??).

    Gainey's putting all his energy on getting a first class player. I doubt he will make it but if he does, Habs are going directly to conference final.

    As far as Ryder is concern, Gainey knows thats better keeping him and hope he'll get back on track instead of trading him for nothing. And i agree.

  6. habsrock99 says:

    The only way I'd do it is if it was a 1-for-1 swap, Ryder for Stoll, straight up, no picks, no prospects, just 2 under-achieving players that need a change in scenery.

    Stoll has the potential to be a Top 6 forward and he'd definitely help our face-off situation. However he does have the "Michael Ryder" downside, where he disappears for 15-20 number of games then shows up for 5-10.

  7. habsrock99 says:

    The only way I'd do it is if it was a 1-for-1 swap, Ryder for Stoll, straight up, no picks, no prospects, just 2 under-achieving players that need a change in scenery.

    Stoll has the potential to be a Top 6 forward and he'd definitely help our face-off situation. However he does have the "Michael Ryder" downside, where he disappears for 15-20 number of games then shows up for 5-10.

  8. lafleur10 says:

    if we did this i don't know where we would play him right now!!………but it would be a nice problem to have more depth!!and another forward that can score and win face offs and young!!i hope we actually do this!!i'd hate to part with ryder but if we can do it and get stoll then i'd do it!!

  9. darcysucker says:

    did anyone of you listen to Gainey's presse conference?  He said one of the biggest problems are faceoffs, and if you'd been watching the games you'd notice that as well, and he said if the problem doesn't get solved he'd have to make a move, Stoll is good at faceoffs, so that makes a lot of sense

  10. habsoverserver says:

    stoll is not going to take montreal deeper into the playoffs.  a second line center or wing might.  koivu should be on the third line and special teams. 

    plekenec centers the defacto first line.  koivu, with all three of his even strength goals is the second line center.  he belongs on the third line where winning faceoffs makes more of an impact.  if montreal had a skilled center to play ahead of koivu they could go further. 

    the irony is that montreal had a legit first line center top 20 scorer but he got traded for a guy who couldn't even crack the roster. 

  11. darcysucker says:

    I'm assuming you're referring to Ribs, but who's to say he would've been doing that well in mtl right now, I think he needed to get out of town, and he's matured while in dalas.  I don't think it was a mistake to trade him, but the mistake was the player we got in return, Gainey was trying to fill out a spot where they needed help at the time, unfortunately it didn't work out.  The other thing with Ribs is that he's not sound defensively, I'd take Plekanec over Ribs.  As for Koivu, I think he can play a lot better, his game isn't looking too great lately, he was part of that 3-1 in the third last night, and just shot at the net instead of passing and making the scoring chance better, he also took a penalty with 10 minutes left and boston buzzing, by the way was it me or were the Bruins horrible last night?

  12. ferron says:

      You are right Plek has been our 1st line center since day 1 of the season, Plek has more point than Koivu and double the goals Koivu has! Like you said Koivu should be on the third line.

      A Big 2nd line center is what we need and nothing else!

  13. careyprice31 says:

    I think that koivu can be that good second liner.We just need someone good to play with. But i dont mind if we do get an impact center or winger.It's going to make the habs that much better and toronto that much crapier(just felt like saying that)

  14. ferron says:

      Could Toronto actually do worst?

  15. careyprice31 says:

    I think so maybe they should trade toskala and raycrtoft and make joseph their evryday goaler what do u think and y not just for fun sign eric lindros out of retiernment oh and give jason allisson another shot  because u know those torontonians toronto is a stanley cup contender what do u think?

  16. ovechkin8 says:

    Stoll is struggling in edmonton but he is a huge part of the powerplay and in faceoffs. Hes worth more than what you montreal fans think he is.Kevin Lowe wouldnt send him to montreal id think. Ive heard rumors that Lowe is interested in eric staal and marian hossa. Maybe send him to carolina along with torres and a prospect and one of our NHL ready D-man.
    Jarret Stoll          
    Raffi Torres
    Ryan Omarra         Then just sighn Hossa if Atlanta cant get a deal
    Denis Grebeshkov   with him
    to Carolina for
    Eric Staal              Ive heard Dion Phaneuf is rejecting offers from 
    Tim Gleason                          Calgary. He was born in edmonton and 
    Joni Pitkanen                                            played hockey here.
    Dick Tarnstrom
    Dwayne Roloson
    to calgary for
    Dion Phaneuf

        I might be crazy but our line would look like this:

         Marian Hossa-Eric Staal-Ales Hemsky
         Dustin Penner-Shawn Horcoff-Sam Gagner
         Ethan Moreau-Andrew Cogliano-Fernando Pisani
         Marty Reasoner-Rob Shremp-Zach Stortini
             Dion Phaneuf-Steve Staios
             Sheldon Souray-Matt Greene
             Tom Gilber-Tim Gleason
                   Mathieu Garon
                   Curtis Joseph

    Marian Hossa-7.5                                   Dion Phaneuf-6.2
    Eric Staal- 4.25                                         Steve Staios-2.7
    Ales Hemsky- 4.2                                   Sheldon Souray-5.6
    Dustin Penner- 4.25                                 Matt Greene-1.4
    Shawn Horcoff- 3.6                                 Tom Gilbert-1.2
    Sam Gagner-0.55                                    Tim Gleason-0.7
    Ethan Moreau-2.0                                   Mathieu Garon-1.3
    Andrew Cogliano- 0.6                              Curtis Joseph-0.6
    Fernando Pisani-2.5
    Marty Reasoner-0.95                    Total =50.1
    Rob Shremp-0.5
    Zach Stortini-0.42                

  17. habsoverserver says:

    yes, gainey did a poor job of getting value for ribs.  the reason he needed to "get out of town" was that gainey, koivu and carbo didn't know how to get him to mature.  meanwhile, habs management was happy to sign players like samsonov, kovalev and brisebois.  given ribs' huge upside, they should have figured out a way to help him mature. 

    until now, montreal has had a habbit of ruiing their most talented players.  roy, theodore, turgeon, ribs, malakov, pretty much every skill player has been thrown to the wolves and kicked out of town. 

    ribeiro is mature enough to be married with four kids, takeover the first line from the greatest US born nhler of all time and sign a 5 year contract. 
    i don't mind that montreal traded him.. i agree that plekanec is the best forward on the roster, i've thought that for over a year now.  i have said all along, he is much more deserving of the A than Higgins.

    but i think koivu geeting paid $5.5 million for 3 even strength goals on the first line is pretty much a joke.  he has a better chance playing on the third line and becoming a Selke candidate.  i don't get why he was given a no trade clause.  he's been one of the  worst first line centers in the NHL for a few years.

  18. tknez16 says:

    Yes you are crazy. In their entire history the Flames and Oilers have never traded between them. It will never happen. Also Calgary will never let Dion go. They will sign him no matter what. He is the newest face of the franchise. Nice daydream for Oilers fans though. Bad trade for Calgary.

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