Habs need a shake-up

After that embarassing loss against the Sens on saturday, Montreal needs to shake something up. It seems that alot of players aren’t playing with much heart. Give Samsonov one more chance and put him on a line with Koivu and Latendresse. If that doesn’t work after 2-3 games I say put him on waivers and hope someone picks him and his contract up. Try Bonk with Kovalev and Ryder. Dandenault seems to be in a daze. Rivet is giving the puck up too much and Bouillon isin’t playing physical anymore. Somethings gotta give.

2 Responses to Habs need a shake-up

  1. brightside says:

    you dont need to hit the panic button yet however maybe a change is needed. I agree with u that samsonov does need to try being on the first line again but with koivu and higgins. Tho its a small line i think it wil produce tons of points. I also agree with u that rivet gives the puck up alot. I really hope mtl trades him. Hes overpaid for what he does. He sucks on the ice he may have a lot of leadership but we need him to be a big presence on the ice as a player not jus ta leader. I want mtl to make a trade within the near future but still not right away.

  2. habs111 says:

    KOVALEV – he is the guy that needs to get out of town. even if he has 6 points in his last 6 games or whatever, his intensity level is nearly 0, the guy never tries or gives extra effort.  trade his ass!

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