Habs need an enforcer

Would like your opinions on this. I sincerely believe that Montreal needs a significant presence on the ice to stand up for, protect and be an intimidating factor. Need I remind anyone of the days of Ferguson, Bouchard, Robinson, Nilan…….

Montreal ruled back then because their speedy and talented players could concentrate on their game. Look at the Ottawa Senators a couple of years ago…. they used to be intimidated and bullied to bits by the Leafs resulting in an early golf season. That changed when they bolstered their line-up with players like Chara, Neil and McGratton.

If Montreal can get their hands on someone like Laracque or a younger Brashear (too bad…we had him at one time and let him go) or someone like DJ King who is currently with St. Louis……(check out his pugilistic skills at Hockeyfights.com. Hopefully that someone would be able to also play smart hockey and put the puck in the net. I am just looking for a way to bring back the Habs of old. We don’t deserve to be outplayed, outscored, beat up and laughed at. Any ideas?