Habs need an enforcer

Would like your opinions on this. I sincerely believe that Montreal needs a significant presence on the ice to stand up for, protect and be an intimidating factor. Need I remind anyone of the days of Ferguson, Bouchard, Robinson, Nilan…….

Montreal ruled back then because their speedy and talented players could concentrate on their game. Look at the Ottawa Senators a couple of years ago…. they used to be intimidated and bullied to bits by the Leafs resulting in an early golf season. That changed when they bolstered their line-up with players like Chara, Neil and McGratton.

If Montreal can get their hands on someone like Laracque or a younger Brashear (too bad…we had him at one time and let him go) or someone like DJ King who is currently with St. Louis……(check out his pugilistic skills at Hockeyfights.com. Hopefully that someone would be able to also play smart hockey and put the puck in the net. I am just looking for a way to bring back the Habs of old. We don’t deserve to be outplayed, outscored, beat up and laughed at. Any ideas?

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    cart before the horse.  enforcers protect the stars.  ferguson protected beliveau, bouchard and nilan protected lafleur, lemaire and shutt.  who on the Habs has earned the right to a personal on ice bodygaurd?

    gainey brought in several enforcers but none stuck with the team.  if they get one, he should be a defenseman. 

  2. Habman77 says:

    I agree with habsobserver. We should worry about getting someone that needs protection first. Personally i don't think the Habs got pushed around too much last year,they held their own when things got rough. They just need to quit passing the puck around so much and aim for getting about 30 shots on net per game. They had far too many games with 15 or less shots on net,hard to win games like that.

  3. habsrock99 says:

    I love the idea of an enforcer but, realistically, the "New" NHL doesn't call for it. You can't utilize an enforcer without drastically hurting another part of your game. Example, Aaron Downey last year. Garth Murray is Montreal's unnofficial enforcer now but he's going to play in the minors. I love fighting in the NHL but, the NHL no longer calls for it. If you look at NHL teams, and i mean GOOD NHL teams, they don't have an enforcer playing every single game. McGratton plays roughly 35 games a year. Neil isn't an "enforcer" because he doesn't fight as much as he used to. He has become more of a grinder. Matthew Barnaby was forced to change his game in Dallas. If the Habs were to try and bring back an old style of play, they'd look like Philly did last year. Forced to use huge players with no speed. They'd be outplayed more then they are now. But, on the otherhand, if Montreal were to sort of make their top prospects (Kostitsyn's, Chipchura, Grabovski, etc.) change their playing style to that of a more physical (take it, Sergei Kostitsyn already is more physical then half the Habs roster, and trust me, he is, i've seen almost 30 London Knights games and every game he bumps and grinds without sacrificing his playmaking skills), the Habs could potentially look like a Western Conference team, which isn't totally a bad thing.

    Now, as for your assessment of Laraque and Brashear, they are too big and slow to fit in the NHL, the only reason they played so much was to entertain the fans in Phoenix and Washington respectively. That, and they are 2 really dirty and cheap players.

    What I would like to see in Montreal, is a more physical game, one that would match the Western Conference because, let's face it, they seem, on paper, to be better then anyone from the East. Their physical play allows a more open style of game. When I watched the Habs play the likes of Calgary, Vancouver, etc. they were hit every single time they went near the puck. It was frustrating for me, as a fan, to watch this, but when watching from the other teams perspective, it's entertaining hockey.

    But saying that, i agree with the first post, none of Montreal's stars have truely earned an enforcer to protect them. Crosby has in Pittsburgh, but take it, whatever Crosby wants, Crosby gets (9 mill a season, have fun re-signing Malkin and Staal and anyone else for that matter). If you look at any of the Top NHL players, they have all earned some sort of protection.

  4. sanj91 says:

    I agree with the first post as well in respect that if we do get someone it should be a defenseman.I must have posted atleast 10 times saying that our defence is fantastic, but it would be the best in the East if we could sign someone like Sutton or Souray. Don't jump on me all you Souray-haters, I know he sucks 1 on 1, but I just don't feel comfortable letting 26 goals walk out the door. If we signed him and traded Dandenault, we'd have the same team we have now, but with more size and offensive output.

    Markov – Souray
    Hamrlik – Komisarek
    Streit – Bouillon
    Souray and Markov on the first PP.
    Hamrlik and Komisarek on teh second PP. That way, Komisarek can develop into a PP specialist as was suggested in the "Give Komisarek a shot on the PP" post or whatever the name was. 
  5. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    I agree with the previous posters.  Montreal has to, first and foremost, become competitive.  This is a team on the bubble that may, or may not, make it to the playoffs this year.  The Habs do have some skill, but not top-flight talent.  There is more skill on the farm, but, there again, other than Price, we're talking about very good players, not elite.
    For the most part, it used to be that, 20-30 years ago an enforcer was able to earn a spot on the team because he was able to play some as well as fight.  Guys like Kordic and Nilan did not hurt their team much when they were on the ice mainly because the opposition knew that they had to have one of their tough guys on the ice to counter Montreal's.  Generally, these policemen were able to keep up with the pace of the game, even chipping in some goals occasionally.  But those guys are a dying breed.  Today's players are much faster and bigger than they ever were and the tough guys are not able to keep up.  Some teams can ice four lines that can skate.  That's the reason players like McGratton only play 35-40 games a year.  They tend to hurt their team's chances when their toughness is matched by the opposition's skill guys.  In Montreal's case, what we need are players with skills who can help you win games.  They will get roughed up, but, at this point, we don't yet have the kind of team that can sacrifice a roster spot for a tough guy, so Montreal will get pushed around until we have enough skill on the team to bring up, or sign, a player who will stand up for his teammates.

  6. habswinthecup-again says:

     They held their own last year because of Souray, that ain't happening this year so Montreal does in fact need someone to police the ice even if we do not have any Superstars.

  7. paluchis says:

    I totally disagree that the Habs don't need an enforcer. I find that's a big part of old style hockey. The superstars of the past could do their job cause they knew that they had Ferguson SR(his son's a retard), Nilan, Bouchard, Kordic etc…the list goes on-protecting them if anybody dared.

    It's insulting to say the Habs don't need a tough guy because the current roster isn't good enough; so therefore NO PROTECTION????

    I mean all stats around the NHL are down for players. the days of 150 or so pts are gone. Ya Crosby got 120 and might get more which I hope-when's the last time we had a 60 goal scorer?

    We need a Laracques, Brashear, Boogard…top names who bring fear to the opposition. Ya the players are bigger all around-not just the enforcers.

    No more bullying if we get a big feared figher!

  8. peihabs says:

    D.J King would be great or another guy I would like is Zach Stortini who helped lead the Baby Habs to the AHL Championship. Trade Ryder to Edmonton throw in Garth Murray and ask for F. Pasani and Stortini. Then we would look like this up front Latendresse/Koivu/Kovalev, Higgins/Plecanek/Kostitsyn, Pasani/Smolinski/Kostopolous, Begin/Lapierre/Stortini depth Lahti & Streit.

  9. Roadrunner12 says:

    I agree, you don't need superstars to protect, you need someone to stick-up for your teammates and put a little fear into the oppostion.  I have been saying that Montreal has to get bigger and tougher for years.  Look how small and soft their lineup is, especially after losing Rivet and Souray.  Smolinski and Hamrlik are not abrasive players either.  I said they should have gone after Eric Boulton from Atlanta, he was unrestricted but just resigned with the Thrashers.  He would have added toughness and could have played on the fourth line.  It seems like the Canadiens shy away from the enforcer types.  At least when they had the Nilan and Kordics in the lineup other teams weren't taking liberties with the rest of the team.

  10. paluchis says:

    exactly what I was saying. I would rather have had Chris Simon who just re-signed with the Islanders.
    He can also play hockey-remember the 29 goals he scored with Washington in 1999-00.

  11. Ariel1 says:

    Montreal might not have any pugilists, but they do have a few players that are quite physical. They all play different physical roles.

    Komisarek (6'4'' 242 lbs.) was one of the leagues biggest hitters this year.
    Ryan O Byrne (6'5'' 234 lbs.) will probably be called up to play a similar role as Komisarek.
    Maxime Lapierre (6'2'' 205 lbs.) plays the little pest role to perfection ( à la Avery, Kasparitis and Tucker).
    Latendresse (6'2'' 229lbs.) has enough size, talent and youth to become a strong power forward in the next few years.
    Bégin, despite his size (6'0'' around 195lbs), is a good forward checker and energy player.
    Bouillon, (5'8'' 205 lbs.) (has the same weight and six inches less than Hamrlik…) used to be one of the leagues top hitters two years ago. Last year he his knee injury prevented him from playing his game well but is a small pitbull.

    For defencemen, there is also Mathieu Biron (6'6'' 230 lbs.) who would be my personal favorite to replace Dandenault. There is also Fisher who, at 19 years old is already 6'4'' but still needs to put on some weight.

    So I don't think the Canadiens will be cowed with physical play such as checking and fights along the boards. However, they did lose their last big enforcer, fight wise. It's up to the younger guys ( Komi, Latendresse, O,Byrne ) to fill in the void.

  12. the_purolator_guy says:

    Isn't chris simon still available?  I know this guy is a little haywire but  he is tough, can fight and can score you anywwhere between 10-20 goals a season inclucing a 29 goal season with the caps. He is also constantly a plus player so he is defensively responsible as well.  Just a thought.

    It wouldn't hurt to have a player on  the ice that would put the fear of god in opposing players, i would say sign him or try to pry zack stortini out of edmonton, he played most of last season will the hamilton bulldogs.

  13. paluchis says:

    I wrote about Chris Simon before, but I guess no one reads the replies.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I have a trade proposal

    To Toronto: Habs 7th round pick in 08
    To Montreal: Leafs 3rd round pick in 08, Belak

  15. ferron says:

       What we need is for Gainey to wake up and sign DANNY MARKOV, he is still available, that's unbelievable, Markov is a very aggressive DMan who skates very very well, hits hard and play impecable defense. This guy(D.Markov) is what we need, we only have one hard hitting defenseman(Komisarek), the rest of them play better ofensively than defensively. and this would look more like a Playoffs team than without D.Markov




      Am i the only one who thinks we will make a trade regardless, some players want to play more than 30 games a year and are NHL ready and might ask for a trade?

  16. canucklehead_101 says:

    ahhh, no
    To Habs:
    Matt Cooke 
    2nd Rd Pick 08

    To Nucks:

  17. canucklehead_101 says:

    Grabovski & 1st to Van for Cooke, Edler

  18. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    look, i like matt Cooke a lot, and might do it if i were the habs GM. but Gainey hasn't traded a young player EVER. not very likely

  19. nightmare_49 says:

      On the passing of John Ferguson sr. and his leadership in his day the habs must find an enforcer  anybody half as good as Fergie would do. What do you think of Reed Low , any domment.

  20. paluchis says:

    he traded Jarome Iginla before he ever suited up for the NHL

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