Habs need help

The season isn’t over yet but the Montreal Canadiens have come to accept that a playoffs spot is clearly out of reach. Now the Habs have to start planning for this summer entry draft and next season.

The top priority on the Habs list would be adding some offensive dept to their line-up as they are set in net and at the blue line, It sure looks like the habs have an under average d-core at the moment but they have an above average prospect d-core that should be moving up very soon, guys like Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis, Patteryn, Dietz and Nygren should all be in Hamilton next season, not to mention Benett and Didier who shouldn’t be far behind.

Its obvious that the habs are well stacked out back but what about offense??? Besides Leblanc, Kristoe and Gallagher the habs are pretty thin when it comes to talent up front, Which means that the Habs will probably use their picks at this years draft to aquire some offensive help comes draft day.

The habs are 3rd last and shouldn’t need to drop any lower in the standings to get what they need at this years NHL entry draft. It is clear that Columbus will speak 1st and they should pick Yakupov, If the Oilers draft 2nd they will most likely draft a D-man(Bumba or Murray) . So if the Habs go 3rd should they draft the best player available (Dumba or Murray) or should they go for what they need Grigorenko or Forsberg? I’ve been hearing that Grigorenko has drop in the ranking but it could be a big mistake to overlook a guy like him. I think that the habs should only draft forwards and maybe a goalie this summmer as its clear they don’t need any more young d-men!

They’re is a lot of work for the Habs GM this summer, Deal with Kaberle and Gomez, Price and Subban’s contracts. The things is that no one seems sure if Gauthier will be back, I guess will have to wait and see.

On an other note, I heard a rumor that Gomez refused being traded to the NY Islanders last Monday, I dont know if there is any truth to this, i just wanna know if any of you heard it?