Habs need help

The season isn’t over yet but the Montreal Canadiens have come to accept that a playoffs spot is clearly out of reach. Now the Habs have to start planning for this summer entry draft and next season.

The top priority on the Habs list would be adding some offensive dept to their line-up as they are set in net and at the blue line, It sure looks like the habs have an under average d-core at the moment but they have an above average prospect d-core that should be moving up very soon, guys like Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis, Patteryn, Dietz and Nygren should all be in Hamilton next season, not to mention Benett and Didier who shouldn’t be far behind.

Its obvious that the habs are well stacked out back but what about offense??? Besides Leblanc, Kristoe and Gallagher the habs are pretty thin when it comes to talent up front, Which means that the Habs will probably use their picks at this years draft to aquire some offensive help comes draft day.

The habs are 3rd last and shouldn’t need to drop any lower in the standings to get what they need at this years NHL entry draft. It is clear that Columbus will speak 1st and they should pick Yakupov, If the Oilers draft 2nd they will most likely draft a D-man(Bumba or Murray) . So if the Habs go 3rd should they draft the best player available (Dumba or Murray) or should they go for what they need Grigorenko or Forsberg? I’ve been hearing that Grigorenko has drop in the ranking but it could be a big mistake to overlook a guy like him. I think that the habs should only draft forwards and maybe a goalie this summmer as its clear they don’t need any more young d-men!

They’re is a lot of work for the Habs GM this summer, Deal with Kaberle and Gomez, Price and Subban’s contracts. The things is that no one seems sure if Gauthier will be back, I guess will have to wait and see.

On an other note, I heard a rumor that Gomez refused being traded to the NY Islanders last Monday, I dont know if there is any truth to this, i just wanna know if any of you heard it?

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  1. JoelLeafs says:

    Do habs fans really wanna get rid of Kaberle already? He hasn't been terrible, but I can't really see them getting any return for him at this point. Thoughts?

    Also, do you really want the habs trading picks for forwards? Why not use them on forward prospects, try to dip into free agency, and accept that they will in all likelihood be out of the playoffs for at least another season or two?

    No offense to the current group, but I don't really think they have the pieces to be a playoff team within a season or two. There realistically isn't enough that they can get for their picks combined with FAs to turn them into a team that can go on a run. I know it's been said many times, but I think Price's play has really masked how bad this team has gotten.

  2. KingCanada says:

    Habs will finish at the very least bottom 5.  NEED to pick a forward with decent size.  Any of Grigorenko/Galchenyuk/Forsberg (who mind u are all 6'1+) will be available for you.

    During free agency go hard after guys like Parise, Semin (talented bum), Huselius, Doan, Penner, Stoll, Boyes, Jagr, Whitney, Jokinen..ect u get the picture.

    You guys have a good 25 million, a bunch of re-signs but only one raise really and thatll go to PK Subban so youll have space to add 2-3 forwards I bet.

    Lastly Gomez to NYI HAS to be BS, no way that can be true.  If it were tho…I bet there would be alot more than just Gomez going that way haha.  Maybe the Islanders just want to reach the cap floor??  That Wang guy has mucks of money…

  3. TimTheBone says:

    I don't feel they are as bad as you're stating…. obviously i would think that being a habs fan… but hear me out…

    Pacioretty, Cole, Desharnais are a great line right now and should be next year as well…. if not a true #1 line yet they could really break out next season and if they just stay the course they are a very solid #2…

    Bourque is what MTL needed and brings just as much offense as Cammalleri so you cannot say it was a step back…… Plekanec is a solid two wayb forward and great second line center…. if we can fill the other wing beside him with a FA or trade than we can have a solid one two punch capable of playoffs… also a third line of Eller Moen Gionta just brings even more offensive depth and another solid line … as a third…. Our PK is Tops,,, the loss of Gill could Hurt quite abit but a Healthy White along with Pleks and Subban and Gorges should be able to keep it in the tops in the league…. If we can bring our PP up to say 10th-15th that would be just enough to make the playoffs…. i mean its a tight race for 8th spot as it is so not alot of change is really needed to begin with…

    Also Kaberle is playing well and should play out his contract here i think.,.. he's a valuable piece as a depth D-man… #4 easy……

    A line-up of

    Cole Desharnais Pacioretty
    Bourque Plekanec __________
    Moen Eller Gionta
    Geoffrion White Staubitz/Darche

    Subban Markov
    Kaberle Gorges
    Emelin Diaz

    I think that has potential to make the playoffs….. Just get that PP to click and we should be alright….. will we win?.. hell no but its not out of the realm of possibility

  4. KingCanada says:

    Would you say that Cole Desharnais Pacioretty > MacArthur Grabo Kulemin (from last year)???

    I would say its pretty close…and look at where the Leafs are now.  And we have Kessel/Lupul lmao.

    You must accept…Habs arent going anywere for a few years….

    Give in to your anger…Let the hate flow through you…Turn to the dark side lol

  5. TimTheBone says:

    well for me the dark side is TML…. sosoooooo nahhhhhh… hahaha…

    difference with your comparison is I believe Macarthur's season was an abberation….. I don't think that was what his potential is….

    Kulimen is having a tough year!…. he should be playing alot better than he is….

    Grabo is grabo… hes fine….

    My point is Cole = Kulimen (in point production terms)
    Desharnais slightly > than grabo (point production potential)
    Pacioretty has better potential than Mac…..

    I don't see the line having a set back production wise…. only unless Cole suffers an injury next season and shortens it for him…… Pacioretty is progressing and i dont think he'll regress next season… same for desharnais…. I truly believe desharnais is the real deal and not just over achieving…..

    All this being said it very well could be a whole new world for them nextg season and they could be Shite and be split up… who knows…. but i don't see it being as bad as the grabo kuli mac lines problems they have had from last year to this season…

    Im just trying to be optimistic!! hahaha

    Stay positive!

  6. HABSSTAR says:

    Yup.  He's soft as soft can be.  Hopefully they can find a Czech team to loan him too. Too much money fro what he does.

    I don't want picks going anywhere.  Habs should use them (even as uselessly as they are likely to use them) before shipping them off.  

    This current Habs team was/is a decent power play percentage away from finishg 8th. That's less of an endorsement for the Habs as it's an indictment of the East.   

  7. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    I think, if not equal, the Mac-Grabo-Kule line from last year is a bit better than the Cole-Desharnais-Pacioretty line from this year.

  8. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think as Habs fans you will learn quickly how your team is going to do and what they will do, depending on the GM. A new GM, one who has hockey control, as it is rumoured molson not believes he is a hockey man, will help your team, any other type will hurt it. I think you have a good hard working coach who your players respect, however a new GM may change that. I think you are right that the picks should be used wisely and you can look forward to picking up a great piece with your first pick. I also believe you could be a playoff team next year, not because you are good as Tim thinks you are but because Price can be. That alone with only decent play could punch a playoff card for your team.

  9. KingCanada says:

    I really think its a wash, the Grabo line of last year scored 80 goals and then your MTL line (if on pace for a 82 game schedule) is on pace for 80 goals as well, slight point advantage to your MTL line but they play 1st line minutes and the Grabo line played a lil less so its pretty much a wash if you ask me.

    I think your wrong with MacArthur, hes got a surprisingly good shot and some decent puck skills.  IMO hes just bounced around too much on different lines this year.

    But yea Grabo is playing great and creating most of the offence on his own.  One can only imagine where he would be points wize now if Kulemin was playing well?  Easily an extra dozen pts.

    But yea point is those guys are not a 1st line on almost any other team in the league…your in for a rebuild face it lol.  (something I wish the Leafs did).

  10. mtl_prince says:

    Hopefully tonight the Oilers overtake the Habs in the standings. 95% chance Columbus stays last. Then we have to wait and see what happens in April at the draft lottery. If the ghosts come back and we get the 1st pick then hey, we've got Yakupov. Well see in a month!

    I know the common thing is for fans to overate there own players, so hey, I'll try and be realistic!….even though its still a pipe dream….where's my pipe?

    Make some draft day deals simultaneously to hit everyone out of the water.

    Kaberle, Bourque, Gallagher, Webber, 1st in 2014, 2nd in 2012(picks) to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan

    Desharnais, 1st in 2013, 1st in 2015, 2nd in 2013(picks) to Florida for Jonathan Huberdeau

    Rob Winnipeg for Byfuglien

    Yakupov – Eller – Ryan
    Pacioretty – Huberdeau – Cole
    Gionta – Plekanec – Moen/Darche
    White – Leblanc – Blunden/Geoffrion

    Byfuglien – Subban
    Markov – Emelin
    Georges – Diaz

    Sign Lyle Odelein as 7th D-man

    Tinordi – Beaulieu – Ellis in the minors getting some seasoning, and for injury replacement


    The team would be set for the next 5 years, if not the next 10

    Lastly, hire a coach or get Cunneyworth to implement a style that protects the goalie a little more. If the other team can't score….you get my point

  11. KingCanada says:

    Lyle Odelin???  Why not sign Chris Chelios instead? 😉 hahaha

  12. THENOTORIOUS says:

     Kaberle sucks, I watch every games again this year and I never knew how bad he was, now i know!

     I think Montreal should make a trade to get another top 10 pick if its possible, Maybe trade Weber and Diaz along with a or some picks for their 1st?

  13. JoelLeafs says:

    I know it's just naval gazing, but neither of those trades would ever happen. I suppose the any lottery pick could potentially land Yakupov, but I really wouldn't get my hopes up.

    Isn't Odelein like 50, and been out of the league for 6-7 years?

    Just rob the Peg of Byfuglien? Like show up in a van, throw a bag over his head and nab him up? If that's your plan maybe try a smaller guy, I have a feeling he would put up a fight.

    … Oh, I get it, it was a joke. Funny stuff.

  14. Steven_Leafs says:

    the rumor they are talking about cannot be true. I just can't see why the Islanders would take on his contract for the rest of this year and the next 2. Maybe if the Islanders have cap floor issues during the off-season and Montreal was willing to considerably sweeten the deal by giving up a decent asset then I can see it, but no chance NYI asked for Gomez.

  15. Steven_Leafs says:

    lol good one. To break down the possible deals though:

    If you drop the picks from the Anaheim deal and swap Kaberle for Subban then you can land Bobby Ryan, problem with that though is Montreal wont do it and Anaheim would want nothing less (and rightfully so).

    And I feel the only way you get Huberdeau is to give up your 1st round pick in 2012. If it is 1st overall Montreal wont do it, and if it is 2nd to 4th overall Florida wont do it unless Montreal adds Desharnais or Leblanc, which means Montreal wont do it.

    Also, just no to Byfuglien. lol.

  16. TimTheBone says:

    "not a 1st line on almost any other teamn in the league"

    thats just being mean! haha…

    seriously though they are easily a number one line on half the teams in the league… people think that if you fall in the standings it automatically means rebuild… not the case all the time… I think MTL needs a rebuild of management and then the on ice product only needs tweaking to be a playioff team=… no heavy rebuild necessary… i've had this conversation with Josh a little while back.,..

  17. TimTheBone says:

    hahah… Hey it's not like i believe we should be a cup contender… but I know whats been shown on ice this year isn't indicative of what this team could be as is…. don't get me wrong.. changes are needed but nothing drastic…

  18. KingCanada says:

    Lol hometeam bias?  I dono man I cant think of too many other teams with equal or lesser 1st lines…Only a few come to mind…and half of these you could easily argue to be on par with the Habs first line.

    Winnipeg maybe?
    Carolina as far as lines are concerned, but Id pick Eric Staal over those 3 lol.
    Minnesota kinda comparible since Heatley has gone cold lol.
    Colorado only because they are rebuilding but Id say they have much better potential.

    Thats it after that everyone else has a better 1st line lol face the music!

  19. TimTheBone says:

    yeah its probably a little hometeam bias…. everyone has it… but out of all teams in the league MTL and TML get criticized more than any whether it be for good or bad… they are under such microscopes that people tend to be at either end of the spectrum… its either great or Shite……

    Witht that in mind MTL's first line consists of two rookies …. both with lots of potential… Pacioretty should be a consistent 30 goal guy… SHOULD… doesnt mean he will… and he should be able to hit the 40 mark once or twice….. Desharnais in my opinion is a special player…. not special on the level of a Crosby or Stamkos or datsyuk…. but just special in the sense that he will end up surprising most and become a very solid 70-80 point center….. now this is just my opinion and im by no means shoving this down anyones throat… odds are he doesnt reach that potential but i believe he will…. next season will be a real sign of whats to come… one way or another

  20. dumbassdoorman says:

    lol, oh I know you didn't say you were a cup contender, outloud…kidding man. Seriously though, even though I am a Leaf fan and it is my job to rip your team, they have some good pieces. Price being the best one, IMO. The crash this year is at a good time for the players avail. will set your team up long term, IMO. That is why i am actually hoping for a Leafs crash and burn. The right player will help leaps and bounds. I would rather draft high, then miss the playoffs by a whole 2-5pts yet again…lol.

  21. KingCanada says:

    Well I can agree with Pacioretty's potential, anyone would want to have him. But Id wait until he scores consistentily 30 goal season before expecting 40 lol.  Not too many 40 goal scorers around afterall.  Even Kessel hasnt yet and hes had four 30 goal seasons (should hit 40 this year).

    Desharnais Im not convinced yet.  I probably havent watched him enough to have a proper opinion but small guys have it much harder.  Same goes to PA Parenteau.  Two small relative unknowns having a decent 60-70 pts season.  Well see how consistent they are next season.

  22. THENOTORIOUS says:

     AK46 has 4 pts in 3 games with Nashville, here we go again!

  23. THENOTORIOUS says:

     We lost Ribiero, Lapierre, Higgins, Latendresse, Grabovski, AK46, SK for nothing and what do we have to show for it…. Scott Gomez, Gregg Patteryn and a 2nd rounder WOW!

  24. THENOTORIOUS says:

     Tonite Battle for 2nd last, I hope the Oilers win!!!

  25. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Granted, I don't think Montreal ever thought those players would ever amount to anything.

    I think the worst is Riberio and Grabovski…They are pretty decent NHLers.

    But the very worst, if ever healthy again, is Latendresse…Saw some of his games in Minny and he's been impressive.

  26. TimTheBone says:

    Its hard to really expect alot from rookies not named crosby overchkin or stamkos…..

    i never expected desharnais to amount to much… but you can see it in his play… his talent is definitely there… he's a very hard worker… fast, plays bigger than he is, has a hell of a hockey sense out there… and he looks like he has some leadership qualities… I've been saying it alot but he reminds me of St-louis… not just because of his size though… its the way they play the game,,, the type of small guys they are….

    It's not pre-mature to say Pac should be able to hit the 40 mark once or twice in his career …. he's definitely got that potential… but potential means nothing if he cant put it together

  27. TimTheBone says:

    Well Price being the best piece isn't just your opinion,… it's fact! hahah…. Price is a great goaltender and a guy any team would love to have…. Mtl needs depth at center… our wings look good for the future and D looks great too…. That big center man will help alot this draft year…. and i'm glad we are as low as wqe are right now…. could even get that #2 overall… edmonton is inching so close… Plekanec should be traded perhaps at next years deadline for some good young pieces/picks and we can really start the minor/quick rebuild for a good playoff push in 2-3 years hopfully if Forsberg/Grigorenko can play and make an impact right outta the gate

  28. TimTheBone says:

    Woohooo….Grigorenko shall be a hab!

  29. TimTheBone says:

    Latendresse was rushed too soon…. had a sick goal as an 18 eyar old in pre-season and habs kept him on… then would play him 3rd 4th line minutes…. terrible development plan

  30. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Which is why the Habs traded most of these players.

    A few years back, the Habs had 1 of the best prospect pools. But poor development and a large amount of busts (Fischer) really destroyed that.

    They were ranked 24th on hockey futures in November, they have around 5 solid prospects, but then the list literally died after that.

    And one thing with prospects that Montreal brags about, not all of them, if any will be superstars like they are hyped. Same thing with the Leafs. Many hyped prospects, but right now a fair amount will most likely be depth players or AHLers. So depth is very key at this moment.

  31. THENOTORIOUS says:

     Why does Habs fan would want to trade our 1st rounder for Huberdeau??? Some of you guys would make terrible GM, Huberdeau isn't that good, so what hes french who gives a fack?? I'm french myself and would be p!ssed off if Montreal made that trade, I'd take Grigorenko, Forsberg, Galyenchuck evem Dumba before Huberdeau.

     Come on guys some of you are more interested of the language a player speaks than his actual talent.

     Huberdeau was 3rd overall and  I think that the Habs got a better player in Nathan Beaulieu.

  32. TimTheBone says:

    yup!…. even mcdonagh which i have no clue why he was included in that gomez trade… it just makes me wonder what they were thinking… truly…..

    Mcdonagh has been impressive but the hype in Montreal made this guy sound like he should have been like doughty,,,,… over hyped for what he was/is…. still a good solid d-man that i would love to have though

  33. TimTheBone says:

    word son…..

    agreement all around

  34. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Actually, I've heard tremendous things about McDonagh from NYR.

    Like, the next Brian Leetch of American defencemen.

  35. TimTheBone says:

    well if thats what he becomes good for him and gosh darn gainey…..

  36. Steven_Leafs says:

    still though, if Pacioretty isn't hitting 30 goals yet then it is way to early to talk about 40. In fact, considering that only 2 guys in the NHL are guaranteed to hit 40 goals this year (one of which isn't Ovechkin) and maybe 2-4 others that could hit 40 goals if they keep scoring (again, one of which is not Ovechkin) I'm willing to say Pacioretty will not hit 40 goals ever unless Montreal gets a franchise level playmaker to set him up.

  37. Steven_Leafs says:

    everything but that last sentence is 100% correct.

    Their 1st is the only way they could pry Huberdeau off of Florida but it would be a dumb move, Grigorenko should be the far better player.

  38. TimTheBone says:

    yeah sure 40 doesnt happen to alot of players in one year… but its interesting to see how many different guys reach 40 …

    why is it early… why does it only have to be when the kid is on pace for it that i can talk about it….. screw that… the kid has the ability to do it… that's unrefutable… so why can't i say that he should be able to at some point in his career hit 40 goals… if he can reach 30+ with a rookie centerman … wait until they've both had some time and gained some more experience… he most definitely could…. the evidence is out on the table…

    and to hit on that last note…. that franchise guy may just be ours in this draft… or more likely just under the "franchise" level….. I'm really pulling for forsberg …. Filip in the bleu blanc rouge

  39. Steven_Leafs says:

    This below was going to be my argument to that:

    you can say it, it doesn't make it true. I don't mean to attack you but very, very few players that got 30 goals will ever get to 40. It would be like if I said Lupul, Grabovski, Kulemin, MacArthur all have a good chance to hit 40 goals a couple times in their careers, it would be nice but it isn't going to happen.

    Heck even Kessel could fail to ever hit 40 goals, more would probably have to go wrong than is usual but it is a fact in the current NHL, 40 goal players are very, very rare even if they come from unlikely sources.

    But then I remembered that MacArthur got more than 40 goals last year (you'll notice I Italicized him. lol). I think my point is still valid and I still think that Pacioretty will not hit 40 goals unless he gets that crazy good playmaker, but I guess it isn't impossible.

  40. Steven_Leafs says:

    ok never mind I'm very annoyed with a particular statistic site that mixed up MacArthur's goals and assists totals. Funny thing is I don't even use that site, I was actually trying to see who got 40+ goals in the last 5 years to see how likely Pacioretty would be to hit 40 goals.

    Google failed me it seems. lol.

    I give up on this argument do to my epic fail in not double checking something I should have known off the top of my head although looking back (and ignoring MacArthur's place there…. damn site…) the only guys to hit 40 goals were all-star level players.

    And on that note, time for bed. My brain hurts. 😛

  41. TimTheBone says:

    hahah …. stupid google…

    Look,…. im not trying to argue for Pacioretty saying that he will reach 40!…

    I'm sayiung that with his talent and skills he SHOULD be able to hit the 40 mark once or twice… not even many times… just once… maybe twice….

    Macarthur in my mind i feel is lucky to hit 20… 20 is a solid season for him,…. he's just not that type of consistent goal scorer…

    Kessel will hit 40… at some point he will…. he's only 24 and is a consistent 30 goal scorer… you can bank 30 goals from a healthy kessel… Kessel will hit the 40 mark eventually at this rate (unless his career turns and he loses his talents)

    If kulimen had of put up another 30+ this year I'd be inclined to say he also has the ability…. but this season has shown some major inconsistency… hopefully for him and leaf fans this season was a flash in the sh!tter… if he can turn it back around and show this season was just an off moment for him… he may have the cajones to flirt with the 40 mark

    its not asinine to say that at all… sure odds are against them… but its possible… and not it that "anythings possible" way but in a true we could see it way

  42. TimTheBone says:

    so pacioretty now has 30 goals… and is on pace for 36 by seasons end… theres 14 games left…. he needs 10 in 14 to reach forty….. won't happen but it kinda shows you that he is fully capable of gettign to the mark…. it is his first full season in the NHL….

  43. reinjosh says:

    Uh few things. 

    First – Huberdeau is a pretty good player. You know, being one of only two players in the entire CHL to have better than 2.0 PPG pace is pretty damn impressive. He's exceptionally talented, and I mean there was a reason he went 3rd overall last year. And I'm not even sure I'd take Grigorenko or Galchenyuk over him (I wouldn't take Forsberg or Dumba over him). 
    But yeah I agree it wouldn't make much sense to trade that 2nd overall pick. Most importantly I doubt Florida even takes that offer. Why trade the 3rd overall last year, a guy that tore it up last, is doing more this year and has a year of development on any of the guys you mentioned?
  44. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I thought he was Team Canada's best forward this year…

  45. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, he was pretty good for them. I mean yeah he was last year's pick and I get the whole "new player" thing but come on saying he's not a great player is ridiculous. 

  46. THENOTORIOUS says:

     Landeskog or Huberdeau? Landeskog, now Landeskog or Grigorenko??? And yes he isn't great yet, Lets wait until he has one good NHL season, remember Daigle? Myself i would rather take a chance on Grigorenko than Huberdeau and so would most NHL GM.

  47. reinjosh says:

    Why? What are your reasons for wanting to take a chance on Grigorenko over Huberdeau? I know he hasn't made the NHL yet, but that's hardly reason to say he might be the next Daigle. Florida had no reason to rush him. 

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