Habs problems begin and end with Carbo

It’s become apparent that Gainey made a terrible mistake when he hired a person with absolutely “zero” coaching experience. The issues with Kovalev, Laraque, Price and now Dandenault have more to do with Carbonneau’s inability to manage certain personalities and bring out the best of some players, than any real performance issues. Adversity and set backs are part of every day life, and for whatever reason, this Habs coaching staff is not qualified or capable to turn things around.

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  1. Habfan17 says:

    It wasn't a fluke that Carbo and the Habs did well last year. Carbo does have assistant coaching experience and there are guys coaching in the NHL that are doing well without previous NHL experience, DeBoer for one!

    Kovalev has been this way before Carbo was here and with other teams. Price may have allowed himself to stray a bit as many young players have done, remember Pronger!! Everyone thought he was going to be a bust! Laraque and Dandenault want more playing time, but Carbo is right, there are times when other players are a better fit. Remember Bowman, how many guys had the same problem with him. Guys like Chartraw and Lupien played when they were playing teams like Philly, then sat for 3 or 4 games. There was nothing wrong with it then and there is nothing wrong with it now!

  2. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    Who is micky?

  3. micky says:

    i wasn't referring to NHL experince, so don't compare Deboer to Carbo….Deboer is a proven coach who developed his craft through the minor and junior ranks.  Carbo was spoon fed into this role…remember when Gainey held his hand for his first 40 games as coach??? how embarassing???  the Habs need a tougher more disciplined approached to coaching.

  4. Habfan17 says:

    I guess we will agree to disagree. Carbo spent years playing for coaches in the NHL, did DeBoer? Carbo was an assistant in Dallas. The fact that the players you mentioned are unhappy is because Carbo is tough, tough enough to make decisions based on what is best for the team, not individual players. Laraque is valuable, in his role, which isn't always needed, especially against fast skill teams with no enforcer. I am happy they signed him, but like it or not, he has a role. Dandenault has played very well this season, and he did get lot's of ice time before his injury While the vets were injured, the young guys proved their worth. Kovalev was given every opportunity to produce. He wasn't doing the job and Gainey asked him to sit after he said that the 100h anniversary was a distraction and causing the problems. That is not a message you want one of your leasders to pass to the young players who look to him for leadership! It certainly worked…didn't it! The one thing I will give you is that I feel Carbo did too much line juggling for a while. The team needs to tighten up defensively. Allowing 30+ shots/game will sink them in the playoffs!. By the way, I like your comments regarding Pierre McGuire, he adds too many names and stuff when he is on the radio. He also contradicts himself. There are times I enjoy his comments and insights, but I wish he would just get to the point!

  5. micky says:

    very good post.

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