Habs pursuing UFA Martin Rucinsky and Yanic Perrault

Montreal is believed to be interested in signing Yanic Perrault or Martin Rucinsky if trading for RFAs who are having a difficult time resigning with their clubs are not an option for the habs

If perrault is willing to come at a reasonably cheap price considering the points he put up last season Gainey believes that he can still contribute at his age offensively…i believe he can be had for around ($750,000-$1mil) his salary last year was around $500,000, I think this will be a good pickup not only for his offense 20G+ 50pts+ last year but also for his faceoff winning percentage 65%+ and can play on the pp along play center on the 3rd or 4th lines

Rucinsky on the other hand had a great season (55gp 16g 39a 52pts )for the Rangers but is injury prone, if Gainey can get him at the right price(1mil-1.5mil) he is willing to take the risk after failing to land a 1st line winger (shanahan more below) this summer so far Rucinsky is considered to be his back up plan if he fails to get a proven RFA (Gomez/Gionta?)

Out of the two who would you think will make a better addition to the habs?

On the abeschier front there are 3 teams that are considering to trade for him if the other options do not work out for the respective teams which are: FL/Stl and Det