Habs pursuing UFA Martin Rucinsky and Yanic Perrault

Montreal is believed to be interested in signing Yanic Perrault or Martin Rucinsky if trading for RFAs who are having a difficult time resigning with their clubs are not an option for the habs

If perrault is willing to come at a reasonably cheap price considering the points he put up last season Gainey believes that he can still contribute at his age offensively…i believe he can be had for around ($750,000-$1mil) his salary last year was around $500,000, I think this will be a good pickup not only for his offense 20G+ 50pts+ last year but also for his faceoff winning percentage 65%+ and can play on the pp along play center on the 3rd or 4th lines

Rucinsky on the other hand had a great season (55gp 16g 39a 52pts )for the Rangers but is injury prone, if Gainey can get him at the right price(1mil-1.5mil) he is willing to take the risk after failing to land a 1st line winger (shanahan more below) this summer so far Rucinsky is considered to be his back up plan if he fails to get a proven RFA (Gomez/Gionta?)

Out of the two who would you think will make a better addition to the habs?

On the abeschier front there are 3 teams that are considering to trade for him if the other options do not work out for the respective teams which are: FL/Stl and Det

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  1. Breese1 says:

    1 word: LOL

    Man wtf is this? It’s a Joke? Those guys are not in the plans of our team! Rucinsky and Perrault did not very well in MTL! Perrault was okey but we don’t need him now. Our lines, offensively are all right.

  2. EasternHockey says:

    Umm.. no.

    How could these guys make better additions? They’ve both played for the Habs before. Gainey will NOT sign either. In my opinion, he’s done with UFAs, which is also what he’s said. There is no backup plan if he can’t get any RFA, and he definately, DEFINATELY does not need any more 50 point players.

    Habs have too many signed players, and not enough room for rookies. I’m sure we’re going to see some overpriced hacks being sent down to the Bulldogs in lieu of a good rookie.

  3. seb_benny says:

    That’s the dumbest thing i ever heard.

    The HABS don’t kneed anything else. The club is full. Actually the most probable outcome is that we trade a player for a draft pick to make room for a rookie (Kostitsyn, Chipchura, Latendress, Locke, Ferland etc).

    Ouviosly you know squat about hockey. Ruscinsky and perreault don’t fit at all with Gainey style as they are both defensive liabilities. Perreault is too slow and Ruscinski won’t go in the corners cause his afraid to get hurt.

    Mtl is all set for the regular season and cap space is starting to be limited. (Ryder not signed yet). The only problem is that Souray wants out and he is oone of our PP specialiste (slap shot) so Gayney is trying to land him somewhere for another PP defenceman, its taking some time cause he’s oubviously trying to dump another player with him (Bonk, Aebischer or Rivet)

  4. EasternHockey says:

    I don’t care what Gabriel Morenzie has said, until Souray or Gainey tell us themselves that Souray wants out, I won’t believe it. It’s a rumour, that’s all. He was asked by the media last season if he wanted time off to go see his daughter, etc etc.. and he always said no.

  5. Braidan says:

    Rucinsky and Perreault are nowhere close to being even a thought to Gainey or at least I hope not.

    I am still hoping he packages one of our forwards with Abby for a D. Danis is ready to be a back-up and we need to make room for the kids, we have to stop letting them rot in the minors, it just makes them want to go somewhere else where they can play and they stop putting in the effort here.

    Look at Hainsey, I’m sure he will do well in Columbus as he will not have to worry about bouncing back and forth with the minors.

    We can’t afford to let that happen again.

    So package Abby, Souray (even if he says he doesn’t want to go, that shot is great but he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat)and a forward for an above average Dman and then sign D Markov as well.

    The youth is what will carry this team forward, just look at how the Sens built that powerhouse, by letting their kids play, not by going out and getting UFAs every year.

    I am glad we signed some players but we have been drafting really well and I’d like to see some of them play before they go somewhere else.

  6. Lerxst says:

    Are you joking! What is the source for this? Why would Gainey have our young players sit and have these two retreads play. Makes no sense. If your going to make stuff up you can do alot better than this. Other than moving Abesicher Gainey is done making moves for now. Period.

  7. neiltaylor11 says:

    hahahaha man wheres your source? Thats all BS until you have a reliable source…until then….hahaha.

  8. passionch says:

    I’ll jump in the wagon and say that this is definitely not going to happen. I do like Perreault and he could play on the 3rd line with a Perezhogin and Plekanek but aside from that, I don’t think he’ll come back. 500k is cheap though so it’s not that bad. As for Rucinsky, no way in hell are we bringing him back…

  9. allStar says:

    If Gainey has Perrealt in his plan… dont’t you think he threw him away last year? About Rucinsky… They just sign Samsonov so I don’t think there is room for Rucinsky, Carbonneau said that he’ll let a place for a propects…

    The habs now needs are a strong top 5 defenceman and probably a 6 feet and higher center who shoots right…

  10. Les-Habitants says:

    Is there a source behind this or simply your opinion??

    First, there is no way either of these two former Habs are coming back. They are depth players, and to be perfectly honest, wouldn’t add anything to the team. The prospects that we have are more talented, and using them would simply eat up cap space and take away ice time from those who could do more with it.

    I’m calling this rumor out and saying it is complete and utter Bullshiat.

    It doesn’t even make sense. Please people, we don’t need stupid rumors about the Habs popping up every five minutes…at least let there be something to them.

    As for Gainey’s plan to get RFAs…well, that’s if any team is willing to trade them. While the Devils are pretty screwed right now, I mean 44 mil with 2 of your top players not signed, Gainey may be done with trades. However, Gomez and Gionta are going to be coveted by about 20 other teams so don’t bank on Gainey landing them…plus, we don’t really have what they want, unless Souray is up for grabs and then we’ll really need to go fishing for our blue line.

    Abby is going to be the subject of trade rumors till he is traded (yes, I believe Huet will repeat). Same goes for Biron, and the same situation exists both in SJ and Anahiem. All these teams have 2 number one goalies, so one will be moved…that being said, most teams already have an ‘established’ number one, so there aren’t that many takers. Plus, there is something to be said to having such a good goaltending tandem.

    I find it hard to believe that Gainey seriously mentioned either player…source please?

  11. Les-Habitants says:

    THANK YOU!! Man, I always thought that Souray did want to stay but these rumors kept on coming and coming that I started to think they may be true. I like our D-corp, I like the players, I like their characters.

  12. SmileZ says:

    Seriously, only the last two lines of the post make sense. This post makes me wonder if you had a Leafs jersey on and its brainpower reducing effects were the reason for this article. I don’t mean to poop on your article, but seriously those two guys have no place on the roster. If anything I would think Gainey is trying to peddle abby and ribs to someone for a center and a late round pick. To be honest though, I would be more than happy if we traded Abby, ribs and a pick to Fla. for Bowmeester and a pick or depth center. What do you guys think?

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