Habs Rant

Canadiens GM Bob Gainey hasn’t given up on upgrading his team through free agency. Gainey confirming to CJAD’s Abe Hefter that although the Habs lost out on the Brendan Shanahan sweepstakes, he believes there’s talent remaining out there that could help the Canadiens, up front. Gainey, at the Martin Lapointe Arena to watch the prospects take to the ice, says it became pretty clear that unrestricted free agent economics would prevent the Canadiens from signing more than one player. And with plenty of wiggle room left within the salary cap, there’s money to spend — for the right player, added the GM.

Now that we know Bob is still shopping, I just wanna know for who and when he’ll drop the bomb. As each day goes by the Marquee free agency window closes and players of the likes of Samsonov, Sykora, GAGNE eventually sign on with other teams and the habs are left sitting an wondering why them and not us?

I’ll tell you why, lack of agression, both on and off the ice. We are not agressive in pursuing anyone of substancial caliber. How many all-stars do we have on our team???? Koivu, Kovalev, Souray’s bionic wrists.

I was almost certain Shanahan was gonna sign, but instead he elected to go with the Rangers stating that he was looking forward to a new “challenge”. New York a challenge??? There is nothing more challenging than playing right here in the media sespool of Montreal, where you can go from hero to zero back to hero in one hockey game, now if you ask me thats a challenge, but i digress from why I am leaving this post.

The Habs need to do something big and soon. Gagne wants out of Philly, the down side is that he is restricted, otherwise you know he would have signed elsewhere. I suggest a trade, Aeibischer, Bulis and a 2nd round draft pic for Gagne straight up, if Clarke doesn’t like that offer toss in Zednik and keep the draft pick.

Now if I am not mistaken Samsonov and Peca are UFA’s, Hello Bobby???? One thing to say,

Samsonov – Koivu – Kovalev = at least a 40- 50 goal scorer ( likely Kovy Or Sammy as Koivu is a set up man ) as for Peca, place him on a line with Perezhoginadn Pleanec.

Another thing I just noticed is on the Habs active roster there are 6 centermen, 5 Right wingers, 1 left winger and 7 defencemen??? Is it just me or do we need to do something about that.

Look I know I sound like i’m complaining but I just don’t want the habs to a) have the most cap room at the beginning of the season and have no proven goal scorer and b ) have one of our biggest rivals aquire a player we have been pursuing or mentioned wanting… i.e. Sykora, Gagne, Samsonov.

Thanks fro reading and remember THE DRIVE FOR 25 IS ALIVE!!!!!