Habs roster looking good for '07-'08

Ok…I’m bored and I felt like doing a little analysis on the Habs for a 2007-2008 roster analysis.

I took a quick look at the RFA’s they have to re-sign and who they have signed currently.

Right now it looks like they are able to resign anyone already on the roster…unless that player refuses a deal. So given that everyone they need resigns, the roster could look like this next season and even with Kovalev and Samsonov benched we’d still have cap room to sign the star center. Hopefully we could get rid of them and bulk up our Defense.

A. Kostitsyn – N/A – S. Kostitsyn
Higgins – Koivu – Ryder
Plekanec – Lapierre – Latendresse
Milroy – Begin – Chipchura

Souray – Markov
Dandenault – Komisarek
Boullion – Gorges


I’m not saying the roster is going to look like this…it’s really just to show how much talent we have in the organization and with some smart shuffling….we should be able to have a cup contender this year. I put the Kostitsyn brothers on a line together for the same reason the Sedin’s are on a line together. They know each other’s styles and it would help them develop quicker on the first line with a star center.

P.S. I realize we are letting go of Bonk and Johnson..but they aren’t all that consistent despite their defensive talent they aren’t needed enough to resign.

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  1. Sedin23 says:

    The problem is none of the stars want to play for Montreal. Don't say Briere will because he's from Quebec. Unless he's getting offered 0.5 mil. more from Montreal then anybody else he's not going to Montreal, and do you really want to spend close to 8.0 million on Briere?

    P.S. once you resign Souray, Markov, and keep Kovy and Sammy's contracts you don't have 6.0 million to spend. You might have 3.0 mil.

  2. habsgod says:

    your totally wrong the habs will have more money to spend this year !!the cap is going up to $50.00 million dollars this year!! they are also going to save 1.9 million that they were paying to that funnel aebischer!! plus the money from bonk,2.4 million and the 2 million from johnson!! even when and if the resign souray and markov!! the will either trade samsonov or buy him out at 2/3Rrd's of his current contract which is at 3.5 miilion dollars! so the buy will likely be at 1.9 million or just over!! and yes i think they will sign briere in the off season!!he's the best player available (talent wise)and i think gainey and company know that the pressure is on them!! they have to do something big!!!!either a major trade or a free agent signing!! also they are 1 year from the centennial season of the franchise!! so they have to make a major this coming season and next to go for broke(LORD STANLEY'S MUG!!!!

  3. Milohabs says:

    I think this is a more realistic look at the potential roster (IF they sign Briere or another big name)

    Ryder        Briere      Latendresse
    Kostitsyn   Koivu       Kovalev
    Higgins     PLekanec  Johnson (or another F/A)
    Lapierre    Begin        Chipchura

           Markov        Komisarek
           Streit           Souray (IF he re-signs)
           Boullion      Dandenault    #7 = Gorges


    With Samsonov traded or bought out, this roster would come to aprox 45-47 million, so it depends on the cap

    Looks pretty solid to me. excellent depth, speed, scoring, goaltending, D, PP, PK. Should make them more competative than last year.

    Also, they still have some good prospects to bring up in case of injuries.

  4. marcan79 says:

    The Kostitsyn brothers on the first line???We're not sure that Sergei will make the team…I think we should keep Johnson and in the defense, don't forget Mark Streit, the most valuable player for the Habs last year. If there's a spot on offense we could put Streit.


    This is something to look forward to

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